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Combustion Engineering Solutions - Boiler Applications

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JEPL, an engineering arm of Jasubhai Group, today, has pioneered the fields of instrumentation, equipment and engineering for process industries. Driven with an utmost desire to 'make a difference' in customers' lives with the best possible solutions, the company steadily developed its operations and established different divisions, including Combustion Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Material Handling, Process Equipment, Process Automation, Oil & Gas Service and Water Technology.

Focused on providing Combustion Technology and Turnkey Solutions to OEMs and end users, Jasubhai Engineering specialise in:
Handling all types of fuels - such as Light Fuel Oils, Heavy Fuel Oils, Gases - LPG, Refinery Gas, Bio-gas, Lean Waste - Gases, etc.
Multi-fuel fired burners for flexibility and operational economy.
Robust and high efficiency burners operating at low excess air and optimise fuel consumption.
Supplies to major OEMs of Boilers & Process heating systems to all Industry Segments like Power, Paper, Sugar, Minerals, Cement, Refinery, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Metals to name a few.
Backward and forward integration to suit existing systems.

Feel free to contact me (benjaminkyalo@dewarlos.co.ke / +254735211022) we discuss more on your application.

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Combustion Engineering Solutions - Boiler Applications

  1. 1. JB 400 Boiler Applications JB 400 Boiler Burners series are typically used in oil/gas/dual fired boiler applications. They are designed and built in rugged construction to supply an intensely mixed air fuel mixture into a furnace for maximum combustion effectiveness. This thorough mixing is achieved by the adjustable rotational air momentum & fuel injection pattern. This burners are suitable for different type of atomizers and gas. Salient Features: • Customised oil fired burners in dual block construction complete with instrumentation & automation. • Burners Mounting arrangement as per different design of various boiler OEM's. • Burners designed for combustion air control through common wind box, or individual damper control. • Burner mounting on boiler for uniform heat distribution through out the furnace so as to facilitate heat transfer in convection zone. • Selection of flame length and flame diameter based on furnace length and width so as to avoid flame impingement on furnace walls. • Oil Gun can be removed while burner is in operation. • Gas/Air High Tension, High Energy Arc ignition systems are available for hazardous applications. • Can provide solutions to improve efficiency and reduced emissions. Fuel Handling Systems Optimally designed auxiliary equipments are essential to guarantee optimal performance of the burners. The right Instruments, piping material selection and process valves are selected as per the requirement for the application. Our fuel valve trains are designed for burner start/stop operation in compliance with International standards such as NFPA 85. Combustion Engineering solutions Electric Oil Heaters Fuel Oil Valve Trains For the satisfactory Burner operations the fuel flow to the burner should have pressure, flow, temperature & viscosity calibrated as per the design. We design, manufacture & supply the Fuel Valve trains to suit the requirement of the application. The Fuel Oil Trains are designed for almost all liquid fuels such as Furnace Oil. LDO, LSHS, HSD, Coal Tar, Naphtha spent & Sludge Oil. We use best of the instruments from internationally acknowledged suppliers for the measurement & control of temperature, pressure, flow & shut off applications. The Valve Trains are used for optimum pressure drops. These trains are assembled on free standing structures for easy installation. Gas Valve Trains Jasubhai manufacture Gas Trains for burner applications. The Gas Trains include:
  2. 2. Oil Valve Train mounted at site Inspection of oil valve Train at our works Panel for Zone 1 Area Classification PLC based BMS Panel Burner Management System Our extensive experience and expertise in combustion Engineering and Burner systems has enabled us to develop superior BMS incorporating sophisticated fault tolerant system architecture. The BMS integrate the operational requirement, provide innovative solution to various constraints. Salient Features: • PLC/Relay based Burner Management System (BMS) • BMS for safe Start/Stop of burners • BMS covers the interlocks for Burner Start/Stop and Furnace Purge Cycles • Memory module and cable to interface with PC • PLC communicates with DCS through modbus 485/Ethernet • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with function key or touch screen • Local annunciation on BMS Panel • Also offered with redundant - hot standby mode with processor, input/output, communication & power supply redundancy • Customised Programmes and PID control loop for automation control • Pressure reducing & regulating Valves. • Pressure Control Valve. • Flow Control Valve. • Flow measuring device. • Pressure & Temperature measurement. • Safety shut off device. To ensure reliable operations, best components from internationally acknowledged companies are used. Selection of the instrument are done as per the area clasiification of the installation considering safety aspects (Zone 1, Zone 2). Gas valves trains are designed for various gases listed: • Natural Gas. • LPG. • LNG. • Producer Gas • Refinery Gas. • Coke Oven Gas. • Blast Furnace Gas. • Hydrogen Gas.
  3. 3. Ignition System Salient Features: • Different types of ignition systems like Gas/Air Electric, high Energy Arc and High Tension. • For ignition of oil or gas burners of all capacities in industrial plants and power stations • Available in an explosion-protected design • To prevent damage of ignition tip due to exposure to high temp of flame zone, the pneumatic retraction units are provided • Special design for tilting burner Applications are in Power Station. • Ignitors for burner applications for Chemical Industries, Refineries, Cement Plants, Waste Incinerators, Steam Generators and Heating Plants etc. • Certification: GOST-r, PTB (ATEX) Flame Monitoring System Salient Features: • IR, UV+ IR without self-check features types of flame monitoring system available • Latest semiconductor technology with highest sensitivity replaces UV tube for UV flame detection • Self-checking and fail-safe as per UL 372, FM 7610 as well as EN 230 and EN 298 standards • Enclosures meets NEMA 4x (IP 67 – Protection Class) • Relay output contact for direct control of the fuel valve and for status display • Programmable flame recognition threshold • Analog output for flame intensity 0/4 - 20 mA • ATEX approved ( Ex Class 1, div 1, Group B, C & D) • Applications are in Power Station, Chemical Industry, Refineries, Cement Plants, Waste Incinerators, Steam Generators, Heating Plants etc. • Certification: DVGW, DIN-CERTCO, APAVE, UL 372, FM Class 7610, AGA: AG 210, GOST-R, PTB (ATEX) Flame Scanner Flame Scanner High Energy Arc Ignitor
  4. 4. Nomenclature for JEPL Burners C Type of fuel Abbr./code Natural Gas NG LPG LPG Producer Gas PG Refinery Gas RG Coke Oven Gas CO Blast Furnace Gas BFG Corex gas CG Hydrogen gas H2 High Speed Diesel Oil HSDO Light Diesel Oil LDO Heavy Fuel oil  HFO Pulverised Coal PF A Heat Duty (M Kcal/hr) A20 2 to 20 A40 20 to 40 D Area Classifications D1 Hazardeous Zone 1 D2 Hazardeous Zone 2 D3 Non - hazardeous B No of fuels B1 Single fuel (Gas fired) B2 Single fuel (oil fired) B3 Dual fuel (both liquid fuels) B4 Dual fuel (both gaseous fuels) B5 Dual fuel (combination oil & gas) BZ Multi fuel E Combustion Air Temperature E1 Combustion air temperature < 50 °C E2 Combustion air temperature 50 °C < t < 100 °C E3 Combustion air temperature 100°C < t < 175°C F Secondary air swirl F1 Counter-clockwise F2 Clockwise G Type of ignitor G1 Retractable High Energy Arc G2 High Tension G3 Gas/Air H Pilot burner fuel (Ignitor) H1 LPG H2 NG I Flame Monitoring System I1 Self Check I2 Non Self Check HEAD OFFICE 110, Thacker Tower, Plot No 86, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 705, Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91-22-42136300 / 6400 Fax: +91-22-42136399 E-mail: sales_ces@jasubhai.com CORPORATE OFFICE 26, Maker Chamber VI, Floor II, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021 Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91-22-40373737 Fax: +91-22-22870502 INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Jasubhai International FZCO FZS2 AC01, P. O. Box: 18403, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. Tel: +97-148860704 / 8862991 Fax: +97-148860705 REGIONAL OFFICES New Delhi 803, Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110 019, India. Tel: +91-11-46745555 Fax: +91-11-26427404 REGISTERED OFFICE AND MANUFACTURING FACILITIES 64/a, GIDC Industrial Estate, Phase-1, Vatwa, Ahmedabad - 382445, Gujarat, India. Tel: +91-79-25831042 Fax: +91-79-25831825 Website: www.jasubhaiengineering.com Pune Suite No 210, White House, Sadashiv Peth, Tilak Road, Pune - 411 030, Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91-020-24494742 Vadodara 202, Concorde, R. C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara - 390 005, Gujarat, India. Tel: +91-265-2352647 Fax: +91-265-2337189 Chennai Jhaver Plaza, 1st floor, 1-A, Nungambakkam High Road Chennai - 600 034, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel: +91-44-42327728 Kolkata 44/B Creek Row, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700 014 Mob: + 91 90380 57380 Tel: +91-33-22317344 / 7346 Fxa: +91-33-24420176 Oman Jasubhai Engineering Muscat LLC. Shed No 4B, Building No 1176 Plot No 1156, Way No 5222 GHALA Industrial Area Muscat, Oman