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So you are giving a big speech

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So you are giving a big speech

  1. 1. So, you have been asked to give a big speech… Top tips for a memorable performance Pitch, present & persuade Presentation experts
  2. 2. Ten common mistakes when giving a speech A good speech is a wonderful mix of words and performance. Done right, you can change the world. Done badly, well… These are the usual mistakes others make: Mist a k e s 1. No clear message Too many people ‘talk about’ a subject. Instead, decide what you want to achieve with your speech.  2. Badly written text If it is important, use a good speech writer. Or learn how to do it yourself.  3. Not focusing on the audience Every word should be about the audience and things that matter to them.  4. Too complicated Simplify. Make it memorable. Make it easy. Think “I have a dream.”  5. Too long and unstructured Short, sharp and easy to follow is what the audience wants.  6. No story – all facts Facts get forgotten, stories get repeated. What stories will get told about you?  7 Not memorable . Great speeches are carefully crafted. Work out which bits will resonate.  8. Head, not heart Logical, yes. But make it emotional too. Use the same techniques that great speakers adopt.  9. No passion Get trained to sound exciting – it’s not hard. All the best speakers take external advice.  10. Under-rehearsed Like an athlete, do all the hard work before the big day. Use outsiders to coach and perfect your performance. 
  3. 3. Speech preparation – step by step Over the years of preparing people for speeches, we have refined a simple, rigorous method for making sure you are fully prepared for a confident and compelling performance. Be st Pra ctice 1. Is your purpose clear ? If you are an expert, it’s not how much you say, but how much you take out. Focus on your objective and getting the change you want.  2. Have you thought hard about the audience? What is important to them? How can you help them? What do you want them to do or think?  3. How do you grab attention? What can you say or do so they are with you from the start.  4. Do you have a strong theme? Have a clear idea throughout. Edit, edit, edit until your story is tight and interesting.  5. Do you have a transparent structure? Make it easy to understand. Powerful intro, a few key points, interactive from the beginning. Simple clear structure.  6. How do you get your ideas across? Speechwriters use tried and tested techniques to engage and influence audiences. You can too.  7 How do you end? . Avoid your audience saying “So What?”. Be clear how you want them to think and feel afterwards and make sure you get that result.  8. Have you rehearsed properly? Only with practice can you know you have got it right. Practise with experts and use video feedback. Be the best.  0845 676 9766 • info@benjaminball.com
  4. 4. How to improve your speech Talk to us. We help people create and deliver memorable and effective speeches. If you want experts to review your ideas, give you inspiration, write your speech, and coach your performance so that you wow your audience, then we can help. Our expertise is demonstrated by our work with leaders of companies, law firms, governments and the top financial PR agencies. See our client list at www.benjaminball.com/clients We help you prepare, write your speech, and rehearse you fully so you are confident and compelling. Call uS Today Contact Louise Angus or Benjamin Ball 0845 676 9766 or +44 20 7193 0130 www.benjaminball.com • info@benjaminball.com