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Training for Adaptability: The Human Skills AI Can't Automate

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It seems like a paradox: using technology to make work more human. Yet it's possible with today's AI technologies. In this session, Ben Eubanks (author of Artificial Intelligence for HR), looks at how to use the best that AI and technology bring to the table and combine it with the human capabilities of the workforce to create the best results.

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Artificial-Intelligence-HR-Successful-Workforce/dp/0749483814/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1543241002&sr=8-1&keywords=Artificial+intelligence+hr&linkCode=sl1&tag=ups0c-20&linkId=d9f172fb090024029dfa5542d03cc0d7&language=en_US

Website: http://LHRA.io

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Training for Adaptability: The Human Skills AI Can't Automate

  1. 1. Training for Adaptability: The Human Skills AI Can't Automate
  2. 2. • Internationally recognized research and advisory on technology, talent strategy, innovation, and more • Author: Artificial Intelligence for HR • Host: We’re Only Human podcast— focus on talent trends and technologies
  3. 3. Social Learning What is the most important aspect for success in the future of work? •Communication skills •Adaptability and agility •Technical skills and productivity •Other
  4. 4. What’s the Verdict?
  5. 5. Any job I can fully define, I can teach someone else to do it cheaper. Seth Godin
  6. 6. If you could replace part of your daily work with a bot or algorithm, what would you want to automate?
  7. 7. AI is best suited for repetitive tasks with a high incidence of human error.
  8. 8. Humans versus AI – Moravec’s Paradox
  9. 9. The 5 Core Human Skills Compassion Creativity Curiosity Collaboration Critical Thinking
  10. 10. Compassion & Empathy
  11. 11. Human Creativity > Automation High Scorer Results: • 34x profit • 70x revenue • 10x job creation Source: Stauffer, D.
  12. 12. Curiosity Leads to Less Bias and Preconceived Notions (Harvard)
  13. 13. Collaboration Firms with the best market performance are… more than 5x as likely to say that collaboration is prioritized.. –i4cp
  14. 14. Critical Thinking
  15. 15. What’s the best way for someone to learn and adopt these human skills? Top 3 methods, ranked: 1. Experiential 2. Coaching/mentoring 3. eLearning/courses
  16. 16. Questions? Email: research@LHRA.io Website: LHRA.io Twitter: @beneubanks 16