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3. formal proposal game

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3. formal proposal game

  1. 1. Working Title: Coca-Cola Shoot What is it called? This can change if you think of something better later Target Gaming Platform: Online, as it will appear on sites such as YouTube What platform/platforms would you release the game on? Genre: Mini-game/shooting game What sort of a game is it? Game play/perspective/single or multiplayer etc Language / Territories: can be displayed anywhere as there isn’t any language barrier associated with the advert What countries would you release it in? Would it be suitable worldwide or is it targeted at a specific population? Is it unsuitable for any cultures or beliefs? Synopsis / Treatment / Story / How the game plays: the user shoots several cans of coke that fly around the sky, if they succeed then they win a free coke What is your game about? Discuss how it plays? What are the end goals? One Line SalesPitch: an interactive advert for Coca-Cola for the online market Sum up your game in one sentence Style (similar products and graphical style):my advergame is similar in style to a lot of other advergames/interactive adverts in that it uses basic art assets and a tried and tested way of advertising, I used adverts from the internet as my inspiration, many adverts are similar to mine and appear on sites including YouTube What games is yours similar to? Why have you used it for inspiration? Discuss this in relation to gameplay and art style Audience: My target audience is teenagersaged 15-24, of any gender race and sexuality, I am aiming for the needs driven and emulator psychographics because I think that these are the most likely to participate in the advergame because they seek the approval of the ir peers and act on impulse Who is your audience? Be very detailed; age, gender, social status, psychographic etc Why would your game appeal to this person?
  2. 2. Legal & Ethical Considerations: My advergame doesn’t include any offensive or derogitary language, however it does include guns so this may limit the younger people in the audience from playing it. The advergame will not offend any groups/religions/ethnicities because it does not include any imagery or language that is offensive to these groups, however the shooting aspect may offend some people e.g. pacifists. My advergame uses the existing Coca-Cola IP (logo). The advergame wil be different from other, similar products to avoid any suspicions of copying/copyright infringement Think about any offensive material you will include? Will you restrict younger gamers playing it? Will it offend any social groups/religions/ethnicities? How will you ensure you do not offend anyone? Is your game using characters/names/logos of existing games/IPs? Will you game be sufficiently different from existing games to not get sued for copyright infringement?