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Why did Nicky die?
Metaplastic Breast Cancer
Breast feeding can give you
cancer – don’t ignor...
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Metaplastic Breast Cancer - why did Nicky die?

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Metaplastic breast cancer is a killer. But, only if mistakes occur. We can beat these mistakes by evaluating case studies such as these on why Nicky died from metaplastic breast cancer matrix sub-type with BRAC1 and HPV Virus. Act on lumps immediately.

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Metaplastic Breast Cancer - why did Nicky die?

  1. 1. http://youtu.be/6f1Md18 H6DE Why did Nicky die? Metaplastic Breast Cancer Breast feeding can give you cancer – don’t ignore the lump The HPV Virus is not good for cancer – you must check if you have it Your body must heal – don’t have reconstruction too soon after chemo Nicky died in 2014 after 2 year battle with breast cancer. Her lump was ignored by doctors for a long time as she was breast feeding. After her initial diagnosis and chemo her doctor didn’t give her any advice apart from “lose some weight”. No blood tests were taken. Less than one year after chemo Nicky had reconstruction surgery which was very tough and hammered her body. On feeling weak she paid for a private blood test and fount 75% circulating cancer cells. Her doctors still didn’t do anything. A few months later the cancer appeared in the lungs. Nicky also discovered she had the HPV virus. The virus caused fluid to fill up into her lungs. The doctors kept on draining the fluid instead of finding the cause of the problem – which was another huge tumour. When Nicky died four moths after her wedding, her tumour was 5.5kg and so large it was pressing against her heart which was pushed up to her shoulder. Her death could have been avoided. Mistakes 3.5 months later at removal it would double the size and an aggressive cancer. BRCA 1 Positive “The bacteria from the mastitis caused the BRCA 1 gene to go hay wire and spread the cancer”: this is a direct quote from Nicky in an email to me. You can breastfeed and get cancer – never ignore a lump Breast cancer can hurt and hide behind cysts Remove the cancer quickly – don’t take chances. Metaplastic is a new explosion of cancer. It is man-made cancer and can’t be treated as other cancers. Metaplastic Sub Breast Cancer Type Must be explored together Nicky had MBC - Matrix, BRAC 1, HPV and no chemotherapy that would have really helped her. WHY? The genostics test (left) shows which drugs would work on Nicky and which wouldn’t. But until the end she was still given drugs that had less than 60% viability including platinum drug Carboplatin . METAPLASTIC SUB-TYPES: Squamous, Chondroid, Spindle Cell, Matrix, Carcinsarcoma Targeted Therapies for Nicky Gazis Based on the evaluation of the Circulating Tumor Cells the following targeted therapies maybe considered Erlotinib Everolimus Temsirolimus Thalidomide. To the left are chemo treatments that would have helped Nicky. To the right are herbal therapies that would have helped Nicky specifically. Why didn’t she get these? Why did doctors ignore the genetic tests? Tumour specific Inhibition of Angiogenisis + Growth Factors Curcumin (Tumeric) 20 Quercetin 15 Naltrexone 20 Indole-3-carbinol (Brocolli extract) 10 107 dear cancer friends and metaplastic breast cancer warriors have died from our facebook group since 2009 107 Deaths Twitter @benaroberts Facebook: https://www.faceboo k.com/groups/metap lasticbc/ Nicky had mastitis and a lump when breast feeding. Her doctor ignored it. When the cancer came back after reconstruction – Nicky thought she could cure it by starving sugar. After 6 weeks of very healthy eating, the cancer grew. At this point we realised that food was not an issue for this aggressive cancer – it was bacteria. The HPV virus was more aggressive in her body than anything else. The matrix-producing subtype mixed with bacteria started created exponential growing tumours. The tumours quadrupled in size in about six weeks and at death the growth could be seen. Nicky never gave up. Till the end she believed that she could cure this and she though of everyone else even in the last days. RIP Nicky Gazis.