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How Bloggers Should Approach Brands : Gary Bembridge (MSC Cruises Traverse Roundtable)

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Tips on how bloggers should approach brands that they want to work with. Content provided for a roundtable on the topic hosted by MSC Cruises at Traverse Travel Bloggers Conference

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How Bloggers Should Approach Brands : Gary Bembridge (MSC Cruises Traverse Roundtable)

  1. 1. how bloggers should approach brands insights and tips based on experience of being both a client and a blogger @garybembridge tipsfortravellers.com
  2. 2. “look at the partnership through their eyes” brands respond best to pitches that show understanding of their business goals and promise programs focused on helping them achieve their specific brand objectives
  3. 3. tips find out what their specific brand-marketing objective is and pitch a plan that shows you understand it and how you can help them deliver it examples of objectives may be • • • recruit people to cruising who currently go on all-inclusive resort vacations recruit specific type of traveller to their brand (e.g. solo traveller women 50+) convert existing cruisers from a certain brand to their brand for cruising the mediterranean in 2014
  4. 4. “show you are audience centric” brands are interested in getting travellers to book travel with them - not in entertaining them. make sure your audience is really likely to be the right fit for them
  5. 5. tips show them that your audience is totally right for them, and acts on your advice prove to them that your audience is • • • • in the right territory (UK office of a brand only interested in UK travellers) the right mix & type (fits to the audience their objectives seeking, and have travel lifestyle likely to use the brand – e.g. backpackers will not cruise on a luxury line with formal nights) interested in what they are offering (insights drawn from audience surveys in addition to analytics) Influenced by your activities (survey data showing what your audience says about your influence on decisions + data on past activities click-through to brands sites, testimonials on leads converted to sales)
  6. 6. “stand out from the crowd” brands will have vast choice at who they can partner with. you are going to need to really stand out from everyone else
  7. 7. tips show what is unique and different about you (skills & blog) and why best placed to help them • • • how you are unique (“unlike others I ..” and “Only I ….” special skills you can provide proven ability to drive results
  8. 8. “inspire confidence to close the deal” your contact will have to sell partnering with you to management demanding a return on investment. Give them the tools they need to make the case for you
  9. 9. tips give your contact materials and tools to sell partnering with you internally • • • • detailed written pitch, including show understand objectives, content to be delivered, timing, estimated reach proposed measurement and reporting case studies of similar projects success client testimonials
  10. 10. free resources eBook PDF and podcast tipsfortravellers.com/traverse