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Ancient Art History Survey (CSUDH Art 110)—Study Sheet, Week 1Note: This is NOT homework; there is no need to define these...
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Week 1 art 110 11

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Week 1 art 110 11

  1. 1. Ancient Art History Survey (CSUDH Art 110)—Study Sheet, Week 1Note: This is NOT homework; there is no need to define these terms or answer thesequestions and turn them in. This is a study guide for the first lecture, and you candownload a study guide each week afterward. The sheets are available on Blackboard; Icannot photocopy them for you due to budget restraints. These sheets are intended tohelp you take notes and study for exams. The multiple choice questions on the examswill be taken from the “Names and terms” on this sheet; the essay questions on examswill be taken from the “Possible essay questions” here; you will not see any image on atest which is not listed here. Also note: Next week there is a holiday, we do not meetNames and terms: Homo Sapiens, Neanderthal (meanders), (Upper) Paleolithic, sculpturein the round, relief sculpture, engraving, additive and subtractive sculpture, in situ,mobilary, cave painting, Saharan rock art (Africa), “X-ray style” painting (Australia,aborigines), spit painting, Sautolo, Altamira (Spain), Dordogne, Abbe Breuil, “art forart’s sake,” sympathetic magic, shamanism, Lascaux (France), “Hunting Magic,” sexualsymbolism, fertility magic, “Lunar Calendar Theory” (Marshak), entopics, Mesolithic,bogs, "bog people," fibulae, NeolithicSome possible essay questions:--How is the development of image making an important stage in human development?Discuss some of the media and techniques of prehistoric image makers. What are somecharacteristics of prehistoric cave painting?--Who was the Abbe Breuil? Explain his “Hunting Magic” theory of prehistoric art.What are some of the criticisms of it, and what are some alternate theories?Some images from the book:Venus of Willendorf, c.25,000 BC, p. 3Lascaux cave paintings, c.15.000 BC, pp. 7, 9