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Estermann LOD Ecosystem for the Performing Arts 20191115

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Building a World Wide Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts. Presentation held at the occasion of the Saint Petersburg Cultural Forum 2019 within the track "Cultural Bridges in the Theatre World", 15 November 2019.

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Estermann LOD Ecosystem for the Performing Arts 20191115

  1. 1. Building a Worldwide Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts: How to Foster Collaboration on a Global Scale Prof. Beat Estermann, Bern University of Applied Sciences Cultural Bridges in the Theatre World, St. Petersburg, Russia, 15 November 2019 Photo: Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petesburg, by Alex ‘Florstein’ Fedorov, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.
  2. 2. Many reports – one call to action • Over the past five years, the topic of performing arts metadata has emerged as one of the most pressing issues for the performing arts sector.
  3. 3. The Vision: Many Stakeholders – One Knowledge Base Performing Arts Value Network International Knowledge Base for the Performing Arts Distributed Architecture Key Stakeholders Usage Scenarios
  4. 4. The Journey So Far... (from a personal point of view) Swiss Theatre Collection Asterio Linked Data Platform (Project Application) 2013 2014 2017 2015 2016 Conceptual Work (Students’ Assignments) 2019 SPA 3.0 Platform (Requirements) Thymele (Project Application)SPA Data Model Wikidata: Performing Arts Ehrenreich Collection CAPACOA: Linked Digital Future Initiative ? © © 2018
  5. 5. Many Trajectories – Similar Visions... From Different Perspectives... Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts
  6. 6. Production market Based on: Bonet, L., & Schargorodsky, H. (2018). “Theatre management: models and strategies for cultural venues”. Policy, 23(2), 159-173. Performing Arts Value Network
  7. 7. Stakeholder Requirements Regarding Data Coverage
  8. 8. Architecture of Platforms
  9. 9. Swiss Performing Arts Database Wikidata / Wikimedia Commons Culture Creates concerts State of Implementation
  10. 10. Databases • ISNI • VIAF • MusicBrainz • Discogs • IMDb • Songkick • Wikidata Relevant Base Registers / Authority Files Entities • Works (literary, musical, choreographic) • Editions/Translations of Works • Character Roles • Performing Arts Buildings • Humans (writers, composers, performing arts professionals) • Organizations (presenting organizations, musical ensembles, theatre troupes, dance troupes) Base registers and authority files play a key role in interlinking datasets from various sources. Some statistics (Wikidata, April 2019) • 420’000 musical works • 21’000 plays • 820 choreographic works • 11’000 character roles • 20’000 performing arts buildings • 260’000 musicians • 250’000 actors/actresses • 87’000 musical ensembles • 5’000 theatre troupes • 340 dance troupes and steadily growing... Databases • ISNI • VIAF • MusicBrainz • Discogs • IMDb • Songkick • Wikidata
  11. 11. RIDEAU – Scène Pro Scène Pro is a centralized information system for the performing arts production market. Scène Pro enables re-use of the same core data across a number of business processes: showcase application, event registration, and block-booking. Processes database OpenAPI Primary users / contributors Third parties Core data database Metadata Metadata Metadata
  12. 12. Culture Creates – Footlight Source: Saumier-Finch (2019)
  13. 13. Artsdata.ca Canadian Knowledge Graph for the Performing Arts
  14. 14. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data linkeddigitalfuture.ca
  15. 15. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data
  16. 16. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data
  17. 17. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data
  18. 18. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data "2019-09-15"
  19. 19. LDFI Conceptual Model / Sample Data
  20. 20. 1. Immediate focus should be placed on populating a Canadian performing arts knowledge graph. 2. Wikidata is complementary to Artsdata.ca; efforts should therefore be undertaken to contribute to its population with performing arts related data. 3. A data governance framework needs to be developed in cooperation with representatives from across the arts sector to establish who is able to share what type of data with whom, and who will have authority over which data/information. 4. Further research is needed to better understand user requirements with regard to the adoption of linked open data practices in existing and emerging service offerings. 5. Further effort is required to develop and describe novel business models that leverage and maintain a well-functioning linked open data ecosystem for the performing arts. Advisory Committee – Recommendations
  21. 21. Next steps • CAPACOA, prototyping partners and advisory committee will be acting immediately upon these recommendations with a focus on populating a Canadian knowledge graph. • Digital literacy and communication activities will be undertaken to raise awareness of linked open data and to foster digital collaboration. • Further efforts are required to ensure the international coordination of the data model and its further development.
  22. 22. COST Action: Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts (LODEPA) Topics to be covered • Coordination of data modelling & ontology development (including controlled vocabularies) • Base registers, authority data • Federation (Wikidata, classical LOD approaches) • Implementation of international campaigns to supplement data on Wikidata • Sharing of infrastructure components • Exchange of best practices regarding governance, skills development and organizational capacity building • Development of business models, international exchange/transfer of services • further topics to be collected through interviews with key stakeholders
  23. 23. Acknowledgements Advisory Committee • Jean-Robert Bisaillon, President and Founder, iconoclaste musique inc. - metaD - TGiT • Clément Laberge, independent consultant, education, culture and technology • Margaret Lam, Founder, BeMused Network • Tammy Lee, CEO, Culture Creates • Mariel Marshall, Co-Founder, StagePage • Marie-Pier Pilote, Responsable des projets et du développement numérique, RIDEAU Other key contributors • Gregory Saumier- Finch, CTO, Culture Creates • Adrian Gschwend, Zazuko GmbH • And many contributors to specific sections of the report. Funding partners Main Authors of the Report • Prof. Beat Estermann, Bern University of Applied Sciences • Frédéric Julien, Canadian Arts Presenting Association
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention ! Prof. Beat Estermann Bern University of Applied Sciences Institute for Public Sector Transformation beat.estermann@bfh.ch +41 31 848 34 38 https://linkeddigitalfuture.ca/