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Summer School 2012 English

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Summer School 2012 English

  1. 1. S U M M E R 2 0 1 2 Bilingual Summer School CASTELAR COLLEGE, San Pedro del Pinatar Dates & Times: 2nd –13th and 16th – 27 July Bilingual Summer School with from Monday to Friday. 9 am – 2 pm Summer School the best facilities in the area! 2 pm – 3 pm Lunch, optional This year, Castelar College is pleased to offer an entertaining, fun and very stimulating alternative Summer holiday for the children Ages during the Summer break. The days consist of lots of activities 1-3 years old: DOLPHINS group including games, crafts, stories, songs, drawing and painting. 4-6 years old: SHARKS group There will also be various sports, workshops and bilingual classes in both English and Spanish, all with highly qualified native 7-9 years old: WHALES group English and Spanish speaking teachers. All the activities will take place in our excellent facilities, with classes tailored to each group. 10-12 years old: SEAHORSES There is also a separate play area for the younger children, fully equipped dining room with menus created by nutritionists who Important specialise in children´s diet requirements. An ideal environment to = Early morning and afternoon help make the most of your Summer Holidays!! services available from 8am-9am & 3pm-4pm. Price 5 euros/hour. Each group will take part in activities according to their age e.g. = Summer school uniform is 25 mask making, bilingual workshops, euros. games, handcrafts, tales, songs, drawing and painting, sports and = Discounts for schools with many more surprises!! Come and join previous agreement with Castelar us! College or groups from 15 children. Inscription now open.Prices with lunch: = Discounts for brothers/sisters.(9 am - 3 pm) Information & reservations: = Inscription closes 15th June . 230 € info@castelar.orgPrices without lunch: 968 178276(9 am – 2 pm) www.castelar.org www.castelarcollege.com 160 €