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Practice questions

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Practice questions

  1. 1. Indiana Academic Super Bowl di d i l Science Round 2011 – S i Di i i Coaches Practice Senior Division C h P tiREVISED –Includes Biology questions as of 11/29/10A Program of the Indiana Association of School Principals
  2. 2. SD-CP-Sc-1Which statement is FALSE about lithium?a. Lithium is the lightest of all metalsb.b Lithium has the greatest reduction potential of the metalsc. Lithi Lithium has the largest energy density for h th l t d it f its weightd. Lithium is stable in air
  3. 3. SD-CP-Sc-2Lithium ion batteries are preferred over lithiummetal batteries because ___________.a.a they are safer to charge and rechargeb. they have a slightly higher energy densityc.c they are more reactived. they are stable over a wider range of temperatures
  4. 4. SD-CP-Sc-3The energy density of lithium-ion batteries istypicallyt picall ____ that of nickel-cadmium batteries nickel cadmi m batteries.a. 10 times ib. 8 timesc. 5 timesd. 2 times
  5. 5. SD-CP-Sc-4A common electrolyte material in a lithium ionbattery is ____________.a. graphiteb.b LiCoO2c. LiPF6d.d H2O
  6. 6. SD-CP-Sc-5Which hydrocarbon has the lowest boilingpoint?a. Hexaneb.b Methanec. Octaned. Pentane
  7. 7. SD-CP-Sc-6Which material obtained from petroleum is anexample of a mixture?a. Heptanesb.b Cyclohexanec. Gasolined.d Octane O
  8. 8. SD-CP-Sc-7When ethane, a component of petroleum, ispolymerized into polyethylene _________.a. smaller molecules combine to form larger onesb. larger molecules break apart to form smaller onesc. the atoms are rearranged to form isomersd. the different molecules are separated into fractions
  9. 9. SD-CP-Sc-8Which statement about crude oil is FALSE?a.a It is made naturally from decaying plants and animalsb. It can vary in color from clear to tar-blackc. It has a constant viscosity yd. It is made of hydrocarbon compounds containing between 1 and 70 carbon atoms
  10. 10. SD-CP-Sc-9How many systems or categories of crystals arethere?a. 5b.b 6c. 7d.d 10
  11. 11. SD-CP-Sc-10Which of the items below is not a factor indetermining a crystal’s habit?a. temperature at which it growsb.b space availablec. chemical environmentd.d atmospheric pressure h i
  12. 12. SD-CP-Sc-11The Mohs scale is used for determining hardnessof a mineral. On that scale, _______ is thehardest and _______ is the softest.a. diamond talcb.b corundum gypsumc. diamond quartzd.d corundum calcite d l i
  13. 13. SD-CP-Sc-12Which is not a use for silver metal?a. microbiocidesb. photographic filmc.c electrical contacts and conductorsd. anti-cancer treatments
  14. 14. SD-CP-Sc-13The reflectivity of polished silver isapproximately ________.a. 95%b.b 90%c. 70%d.d 60%
  15. 15. SD-CP-Sc-14The best conductor of heat and electricityis ______.a. goldb.b copperc. lithiumd.d silver il
  16. 16. SD-CP-Sc-15Which of the following metals is not a transitionmetal?a.a silverb. copperc. lithiumd. g gold
  17. 17. SD-CP-Sc-16Which metal is used in photochromic glasses?a. goldb. silverc.c zincd. lithium
  18. 18. SD-CP-Sc-17The country in South America with the largestsilver deposits is ________.a. Chileb.b Argentinac. Perud.d Bolivia li i
  19. 19. SD-CP-Sc-18Which is not a process for extracting silver fromits ores?a. cupellation processb.b cyanide processc. electrolysisd.d froth fl f h flotation i
  20. 20. SD-CP-Sc-19Which alloy does not contain copper?a. brassb. nickel silverc.c bronzed. inconel
  21. 21. SD-CP-Sc-20Which of the following ores does not containcopper?a. malachiteb. tronac. azurited.d brochantite
  22. 22. SD-CP-Sc-21Which of the following copper ores is alsoknown as basic copper sulfate?a. azuriteb.b borchantitec. malachited.d turquoise i
  23. 23. SD-CP-Sc-22Silver tableware and serving dishes tarnishreadily in air. The black coating on their surfacesis mostly ______.a.a silver oxideb. silver nitridec. silver sulfide il lfidd. silver chloride
  24. 24. SD-CP-Sc-23The only stable cation of silver has _______.a. a negative one charge (1-)b. a positive one charge (1+)c.c a positive two charge (2+)d. no charge
  25. 25. SD-CP-Sc-24The most important cation of copper has _____.a. no chargeb. a negative 2 charge (2-)c. a positive 1 charge (1+) p g (d. a positive 2 charge (2+)
  26. 26. SD-CP-Sc-25Because of its high reflectivity, silver has a usein _________.a. jewelryb.b photographyc. mirrorsd.d electrical contacts l i l
  27. 27. SD-CP-Sc-26Malleability is the property that _____.a. allows metals to be drawn into a wireb. allows metals to be polished to a high sheenc.c allows metals to be hammered into various shapesd.d allows metals to conduct both heat and ll l d b hh d electricity
  28. 28. SD-CP-Sc-27Which South American country has the largestdeposits of lithium compounds?a. Boliviab.b Brazilc. Chiled. Peru
  29. 29. SD-CP-Sc-28Which of the following countries is the largestproducer of copper?a. Chinab.b Boliviac. United Statesd.d Chile Chil
  30. 30. SD-CP-Sc-29Which of the following cities is not in the AndesMountains?a. Santiagob.b Quitoc. Buenor Airesd.d Lima i
  31. 31. SD-CP-Sc-30The tallest mountain in the Andes is found inwhich country?a. Chileb.b Peruc. Argentinad.d Columbia C l bi
  32. 32. SD-CP-Sc-31Which statement about mining in the Andesis FALSE?a. In the 1920’s, tin replaced silver as the most important export from Boliviab. So much silver was mined during a period of 200 years from Bolivia’s Cerro Rico region that a bridge b id could have been built from there to Madrid ld h b b ilt f th t M d idc. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid died in Bolivia Boli ia attempting to rob a mule train carrying m le carr ing silverd.d The silver and tin mining industries provided Bolivian peasants with a way out of poverty
  33. 33. SD-CP-Sc-32Which of the following statements about theAndes is FALSE?a. The Andes Mountains are still growing because one tectonic plate is sliding under an adjacent oneb.b LaPaz is the world’s highest capital city world sc. The Andes Mountains are found in 7 of the 12 independent countries of South Americad. The Atacama Desert is found east of the Andes Mountains
  34. 34. SD-CP-Sc-33The Pampa is found primarily in which country?a. Argentinab. Brazilc.c Boliviad. Venezuela
  35. 35. SD-CP-Sc-34Which statement about the American rhea isFALSE?a. It is a flightless bird with long legs and a long neck gb. Rheas are omnivorousc.c The male is the predominant caregiverd. It is found primarily in the Patagonia region
  36. 36. SD-CP-Sc-35The Geoffroy’s cat of the Pampas ________.a. seeks out human companionshipb. is the most abundant large cat in the pampasc. is easy to catch but hard to tamed.d is i not edible meat for humans dibl f h
  37. 37. SD-CP-Sc-36The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest deserton Earth because ________.a. it is too cold to rainb.b the altitude is too high and humidity too h li d i hi h d h idi low to rainc. moisture is blocked by the Andes to the east and high pressure over the Pacific at a latitude too high to raind.d moisture is blocked by the Andes to the west
  38. 38. SD-CP-Sc-37The very deep blue color of icebergs in thesouthernmost part of Chile indicates ________.a. the high salt content found in that area’s waterb. that they are from very “young” glaciersc. that they are f h h formed mostly from snow d l fd. that nearly all of the oxygen has been squeezed out of them by high compression
  39. 39. SD-CP-Sc-38The Patagonia region is found almost entirelyin _________.a. Argentinab.b Boliviac. Brazild.d Chile Chil
  40. 40. SD-CP-Sc-39Which of the following is not found in Patagonia?a. glaciersb. rain forestsc.c petrified forestsd. ski resorts
  41. 41. SD-CP-Sc-40The type of geologic activity which occurs atconvergent boundaries depends on ________.a. the time of yearb.b the temperature of the crustsc. the previous activityd.d the types of crusts h f
  42. 42. SD-CP-Sc-41The largest earthquake in Chile, magnitude 9.5on the Richter scale, occurred in _______.a. February 2010b.b May 1960c. December 1940d.d July 1920 l
  43. 43. SD-CP-Sc-42The climate of the Andes Mountains is not thesame throughout the biome because ________. thro gho t beca sea. they are separated into three regionsb. it is hotter closest to the equator qc. it is not very populatedd.d some regions receive more rain than others
  44. 44. SD-CP-Sc-43The precipitation in the Argentine pampas ___.a. is only found along rivers and streamsb. decreases from east to westc.c provides sources of drinking waterd. is plentiful only in the fall
  45. 45. SD-CP-Sc-44The forces that act on airplanes in flightinclude _______.a. liftb.b thrustc. dragd.d all of the above ll f h b
  46. 46. SD-CP-Sc-45To increase the lift, a pilot cana. change the aileronsb. decrease the angle of attackc.c increase the forward speedd. decrease the forward speed
  47. 47. SD-CP-Sc-46If a plane is traveling at a constant velocity ___.a. the thrust is greater than the drag and the lift is greater than the weightb.b the net force is zeroc. the thrust is greater than the weight and the lift i lif is greater than the drag h h dd. the thrust is greater than the lift and the drag is greater than the weight
  48. 48. SD-CP-Sc-47To roll the plane to one side or the other thepilot adjusts the ________.a. aileronsb.b elevatorc. rudderd.d all of the above ll f h b
  49. 49. SD-CP-Sc-48If the speed of the aircraft doubles, the drag force_________.a. increases by a factor of fourb.b doublesc. remains constantd.d decreases by a factor of two d b f f
  50. 50. SD-CP-Sc-49The pilot can change the direction of the plane’smotion by changing the __________.a. pitchb.b rollc. yawd.d all of the above ll f h b
  51. 51. SD-CP-Sc-50To control the pitch of the plane, the pilotadjusts the _________.a. aileronsb.b elevatorc. rudderd.d all of the above ll f h b
  52. 52. SD-CP-Sc-51Compared to a single battery, two identicalbatteries connected in parallel provide ____.a. less voltage across the circuitb.b more voltage across the circuitc. more power to the circuitd.d less l power to the circuit h i i
  53. 53. SD-CP-Sc-52A certain 3 volt battery has a capacity of 2000milliamp hours. If the battery is connected to acircuit that draws 10 milliamps, how long willthe battery be able to power the circuit?a.a 200 hoursb. 600 hoursc. 66 hhoursd. 20 hours
  54. 54. SD-CP-Sc-53Compared to a single battery, two identicalbatteries connected in series provide _____.a. less power to the circuitb.b more power to the circuitc. less voltage to the circuitd.d more voltage to the circuit l h i i
  55. 55. SD-CP-Sc-54A single 1.5 volt “C” cell battery can supplyaboutabo t 10 Watt* hours of energy. How long could ho rs energ Ho co ldthe battery be used to operate a 0.5 Watt LEDflashlight?a. 30 hoursb. 13 hoursc. 20 hoursd. ½ hour
  56. 56. SD-CP-Sc-55What is the resistance of the light bulb that draws100 milliamps of po er from a 5 volt battery? power olt batter ?a. 50 ohmsb. 20 ohmsc. 0.05 ohmsd.d 2 ohms
  57. 57. SD-CP-Sc-56The starter on a car draws 24 amperes of currentfrom the 12 volt battery. What is the resistance of olt batterthe starter?a. 2 ohmsb. 0.5 ohmsc.c 2 kiloohmsd. 5 kiloohms
  58. 58. SD-CP-Sc-57You need 20 Watt* hours of energy at 3 volts andone 1.5 volt “C” cell can supply 10 Watt* hours pp yof energy. How do you connect a set of “C” cellsto provide the energy? p gya. four “C” cells in seriesb.b four “C” cells in parallel Cc. three “C” cells in parallel connected in series to a fourth “C” cell i f h lld. two “C” cells in parallel connected in series to another two “C” cells in parallel
  59. 59. SD-CP-Sc-58Which of the following biomes is not found inSouth America?a.a desertb. grasslandsc. rainforest i fd. tundra
  60. 60. SD-CP-Sc-59The annual rainfall in tropical rainforests istypically ________.a.a more than 150 inches per yearb. between 100 and 150 inches per yearc. between 90 and 100 i h per year b d inchesd. more than 70 inches per year
  61. 61. SD-CP-Sc-60Which of the following human activity is NOT athreat to the Panatal?a.a Deforestationb. Mercury pollution from gold mining operationsc. Cattle-ranchingd. Movie industry
  62. 62. SD-CP-Sc-61The greatest negative impact from gold mining inthe Amazon region is probably _________.a.a the removal of layers of rich topsoilb. the extraction of potable water from the riversc. sediments suspended in the river water from the mining activity h i i i id. from mercury released during amalgamation of the ore
  63. 63. SD-CP-Sc-62Risk factors for heart attack include all of thefollowing EXCEPT __________.a.a family history of heart diseaseb. smokingc. low bl d l blood pressured. diabetes
  64. 64. SD-CP-Sc-63All of the following blood vessels are composedof three tunics EXCEPT __________.a.a arteriesb. veinsc. capillaries ill id. arterioles
  65. 65. SD-CP-Sc-64Coronary artery disease is associated with all ofthe following EXCEPT _________.a.a smokingb. diabetesc. alcoholism l h lid. hypertension
  66. 66. SD-CP-Sc-65Dr. Rene Favaloro became the first surgeon toperform a coronary bypass surgery in _______.a.a 1947b. 1957c. 1967d. 1977
  67. 67. End of Science Round2011 Senior Super Bowl Area Contest April 19, 2011
  68. 68. SD Science Coaches Practice Answer Key1. D 14. D 27. A 40. D 53. D2. A 15. C 28. D 41. B 54. C3. D 16. B 29. C 42. B 55. A4. C 17. C 30. B 43. B 56. B5.5 B 18. 18 C 31. 31 D 44. 44 D 57. 57 D6. C 19. D 32. D 45. C 58. D7.7 A 20. 20 B 33. 33 A 46. 46 B 59. D8. C 21. B 34. D 47. A 60. D9. C 22. C 35. A 48. A 61. D10. D 23. B 36. C 49. D 62. C11. A 24. D 37. D 50. B 63. C12. D 25. C 38. A 51. C 64. C13. A 26. C 39. B 52. A 65. C