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K2016: Ultramid® Advanced N: New Polyphthalamide Portfolio

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Sophisticated components in the automotive and electronics industries.

Presentation held at K2016 Preview on June 28th, 2016. Presented by Abdullah Shaikh.

Visit BASF at the K Fair 2016 from October 19th to 26th, Hall 5, C21/D21 in Düsseldorf, Germany. More information at www.basf.com/k2016.

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K2016: Ultramid® Advanced N: New Polyphthalamide Portfolio

  1. 1. Ultramid® Advanced N: New polyphthalamide portfolio for sophisticated components in the automotive and electronics industries Abdullah Shaikh Head of PPA Business, Performance Materials Europe
  2. 2. BASF: a pioneer in the polyamide (PA) and polyphthalamide (PPA) market Major trends across various industries:  Miniaturization  Increased functionality and functional integration  Improved durability, quality and overall performance 2 Ultramid® A&B (PA66 & PA6) registered Today: BASF launches Ultramid® Advanced N, a long-chain PPA, to address customer needs for high performance materials Ultramid® T launched in the market BASF launches Ultramid® Advanced N
  3. 3. BASF offers solutions for challenging applications 3 Automotive Gear wheels Fuel quick connectors Thermostat housings Structural parts E and E Connectors Surface Mount Devices (SMD) Switches & circuit breakers LED lighting Consumer Jacks in mobile devices Appliance components Parts for mobile phones, tablets and laptops
  4. 4. Ultramid® Advanced N: the new long-chain PPA by BASF 4  Stable mechanical properties at elevated temperatures  Excellent dimensional stability  Outstanding chemical resistance for longer performance  Better processing compared to standard PPA  Unreinforced  Different glass fiber reinforcements  Heat stabilizers according to target industry  Flame retardant packages  Special grades Ultramid® Advanced N offers Broad portfolio
  5. 5. Ultramid® Advanced N: stable mechanical properties over a broad temperature range 5 Dynamic-mechanical analysis, ISO 6721-7: tested dry as molded Comparison of Ultramid® Advanced N with a corresponding PA66 100 1000 0 50 100 150 200 Temperature (°C) StorageModulus (MPa) 10³ 102 Ultramid® Advanced N PA66
  6. 6. Ultramid® Advanced N: outstanding chemical resistance 6  Hot oil  Glysantin® in water (up to 135°C!)  Calcium chloride (CaCl2)  Aggressive fuels (e. g. with high methanol contents)  Acids (better than other PPAs) Ultramid® Advanced N is resistant to Ultramid® Advanced N is suitable for applications in contact with aggressive media
  7. 7. Ultramid® Advanced N: very low water uptake, best choice for lead-free soldering 7 Moisture uptake test at 70oC and 62% relative humidity Comparison of Ultramid® Advanced N to PA6T (both 35% GF)  Ultramid® Advanced N demonstrates high dimensional stability due to lower water uptake  Ultramid® Advanced N fulfills up to JEDEC Class 1 – no blistering during lead-free soldering 0 1 2 0 10 20 30 40 Days PA6T 35% GF Ultramid® Advanced N 35% GF Watercontent(%) Test sample made of Ultramid® Advanced N, 35% GF: no blistering Test sample made of PA6T, 35%GF: blistering
  8. 8. Ultramid® Advanced N: outstanding flame retardant grades  Flame retardant free of halogens  “V-0” rating (UL 94 test) at 0.4 mm for miniaturized parts  Excellent electrical properties – highest CTI class  Optimized for less corrosion and low migration  Laser-sensitive grades available 8 Test sample made of Ultramid® Advanced N, laser-marked