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  1. The Book Of Your Life
  2. Each day, life offers you a blank page in the book of your existence. Your past is already written & you can’t change that; in its pages you can find your history, some pages have soft colors, others darker shades… Beautiful remembrances of happy times or pages you wish you could tear out forever...
  3. Today you have the opportunity to write another page. It’s up to you to choose the colors it will have, for even in adversity you can add soft pastels of serenety to turn it into a beautiful experience. Today... How will you write your day?
  4. It all depends on your will & optimism to transform today’s page in the book of your life into a page that you will treasure as a beautiful remembrance in the future. If you knew you had only one more day to live, what would you do?
  5. No doubt you would make peace with God and with those around you, you’d enjoy the golden sun rays, the gentle breeze, the love and affection of that special person, & the many blessings the Lord has given that we sometimes take for granted.
  6. Enjoy this new day! Take mental inventory of all the good things in your life and live each hour with cheer, giving it your best. Do not harm others & be happy to be alive and able to give a smile & offer others a helping hand. It’s never too late to change course, start anew & write fresh pages of happiness & peace in the book of your life!
  7. Thank God for His gift of Today and the opportunity to turn this day into a beautiful new page in the book of your existence. Remember that in spite of adversities, problems and difficulties it’s up to you how you live today... ... as if it were your first day, as if it were the last ... The ONLY day in the book of your life!
  8. May all your days be full of joy and Peace! Lord, keep everyone happy and bless us all!