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What Content Types Should You Create?

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All content is not created equal. What are the benefits of the most popular content types? Where are their sweet spots in the digital marketing world? What will it cost to outsource production? How difficult is it to produce the content? What can you do to make your content type perform more powerfully? (Designed by Venngage.com)

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What Content Types Should You Create?

  1. 1. o o o o . o . . . . . . . . . . . . . o o o o . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I: w». E employ an average of 13 CONTENT MARKETING TACTICS. When asked to rate them by effectiveness, their TOP 5 were: 03. O4. 05. C Ol. lllfli: l~‘lIlll : *.'l= .”-. .Il'~‘ V filllllllllt €I: I~"I? ~"il| I|II§~‘ VIIIIIE -": lFI7.iI-‘ average 12 TACTICS. Their TOP 5 effectiveness ratings were: O1. O2. O3. O4. O5. . 'II, |IlI| I~‘i _: ' I| ;". 'l'I~‘I! I:” IEIIR II: «'I_llI~‘lIIII E‘. 'I; ".II: %‘ IA IAN}? illlcllllljllilllllr II| llIll‘IlI; I~"IIItl»2 What should you create? How much time and money will it take? How can you make your efforts pay? Start smart by understanding your options. Following is an overview of 11 popular content types. Most content marketers think of their blog (or content hub) as the cornerstone of their content marketing. A company blog allows for a subjective point of view. Articles address issues your audience faces with an objective writing style. INFOGRAPHICS Most people love infographics. Video has become a dominant force in content marketing. Podcasts are booming in popularity, but remain under-utilized. CASE STUDIES Case studies are a powerful sales enablement tool. eBooks are versatile. powerful and can serve many purposes over a long period of time. WHITE PAPERS White papers are a good fit for complex product categories. E-I~! EWSLE'| TERS eNewsletters package timely and topical content for prospects and customers who have granted you permission to send them email. Quizzes have proven to be immensely popular, especially with younger demographics. VISUAL CONTEIIT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA Visual content may be an illustration, photograph, or collage created or chosen to attract social media users. . . C| ‘°gTlV€ fe| dmancreative. com IIIIIIITI 3I_llII_IlIl. ‘; ~‘l'l'I_lI; "!l"~‘IF’| lL‘; clIl. ‘il:7‘i| l-illllmlllilcli-i _| I|II. IlIlI. I§l". -" F’ IIIIIIIFT‘ I II''‘; _3I_llII_lll_Il. ‘; ~‘IVI3I: ".‘ I"~’I F’ II F31 | 'IlI~“iR‘T‘lllIIIIII-‘IIIIIIIHE JIIIIII-l| I.ILl"I F’ IIIIIIJN‘ I IN} VII'I: ll' EIEIIIEIIIL‘; ~‘l'l'I1I£! l"~‘IF’| ll»‘; l'I| I~‘IF. ‘T‘lllIlI| lI>-‘illllllllif JIIIIII-I| I.IJl". -” llIlVI_lIll‘l| ?i. ‘; 'l'I'll: ll' EIJIIJIIR; ~’I'l'II-I_? !l"~7I; "Ill. ‘; : lIl. '1i: r'lIuilIll. ‘lilll, :{cl: ~j ! I|lIICIlI, I§l". -" r'I'IIlII, N,I‘IIII, I1:‘I IIIIIIIN I slilllllllll; ~‘VlII. A:". I“~‘I IIII F-‘1 CllltlF3T‘llhlIIIRIII| I.iI€IE JI ITIIIIIIIILPI-" F’ IIVIEI ifilil F13; Vllllll EIEIIIEIIIR; ’: AIlII, IL'II~': I,I'I"E~‘I l'IlI3L‘. "llllllll-7I| I|IiIlI£'I _| IIlII: IlI_ILl"r" F’ IIVIEI iI‘IIF'*~‘$ IIIIIILTI 3I_lI| _IlIl. ‘; ~‘I'IIEIE'l l"~‘I F’ ll I-‘i IlIl. ‘ii: r‘iIuillllmlllilriil JIIIIII-I| I.ILl"r" FlIlIl'I. l.ll‘I| .."~. ‘; VI I Ill l" ill I Ll I I L‘; ¢I'l'I1-lE€l'~‘IF*'lll~‘; EIlI3F2'T‘[lIIIIII-‘IlI| I,iIII£f r1Il'l'l, lI»f‘IIri: ; Vllllll SIJIIJIIL‘; : il'l. Il£'. l‘, ‘lr1Ill: ; clIl. *ii: r‘lIuillllmllliltlii rV'IIlII, N,I‘rVI, I,IAs‘I VI} II‘ I SI! i I! T I L‘; ~‘l'II_lI_? !l"~'I. l’Ill. ‘: till-? il~‘T‘iIri1lll: lIlIl_: l=l£~I ! I|IIIlIlIILP'l" FIlIIl'I. lI. il‘l| .F*-‘1 Elilllilllls‘; ~‘l'lll_: l5sl‘~‘lr1|Ii: ; CIIISF¢T‘[llIlIIIF-‘IIIIIIICIE , II, I,: NI'IlI, I‘IE‘l'I F IIVIJ i~. 'iI| l"*~‘i ® VENNGAGE An online hub for opinion pieces, advice, listicles, checklists and more __ __ Search rankings, thought . ... .. leadership, community building, subscription growth Company website Low to moderate Easy to start; a challenge to maintain - Marry keyword strategy and storytelling Write magnetic headlines o Feature interesting images Helpful, informative lessons Search rankings, thought leadership Company website, guest posts Low to moderate (often priced per length) - Solicit ideas and drafts from subject matter experts - Address common problems - Feature interesting images Visual representation of data, lists, ideas and stories Great potential to be shared; communicate a lot of information in a small space‘, ----- flit: High; requires design expertise Secure guest posts with infographics Keep it simple Offer code to embed the infographic Video styles include how-to, animation, documentary, demonstrations, and more High engagement and conversion; appeals to mobile users YouTube, Vimeo, blog Usually high Ranges from easy to demanding Make them fun and human Ensure audio quality is high Publish full or partial transcripts for SEO Audio program, like radio segments Appeals to mobile users Blog, iTunes and other podcast networks Moderate to high Time-intensive Establish a regular schedule Hire for voice skills Invest in quality recording equipment True story of client success; usually text Credibility booster Website, blog Moderate Time-intensive include specific information Conduct interviews for quotes Repurpose for other formats (i. e. podcast and video) Multi-page documents with generous use of graphics Thought leadership, lead magnet Offers on key pages; often gated (form fill required) Plan to extract key elements and repurpose Think visual Include call to action for leads Deep educational content Thought leadership Offers on key pages; often gated (form fill required): print Time- and research-intensive Plan in advance to extract key elements and repurpose Include research Include insights of industry leaders Email with consolidated stories and links Lead nurturing Applicable to all devices and receptive audiences Moderate Easy; usually based on existing content -Promote other content -Be brief Fun. interactive tests, assessments, etc. High engagement Blog, social media Moderate Can be demanding Use simple formats, e. g. multiple choice Deliver scores/ conclusions Make highly visual Images with captions/ quotes/ headlines Highly shared by avid social media users Format separately per social channel Choose images with stopping power Experiment with writing styles Data source: Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, North America, B2B & B2C version (Content Marketing Institute. MarketingProfs, Brightcove, TrackMaven)