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~ Jay Baer, Convince and Convert, author of “Youtility”
The better online marketers:
93. Expand their digital footprint: While a responsible brand refrains from diving blind into every media that
emerges, most will look for opportunities to extend their reach with new and relevant channels.
94. Maintain brand consistency: More touch points, more challenges. Great brands don’t lose sight of this and
create programs to ensure brand consistency.
95. Have a brand personality: Smart marketers understand the role of brand personality and strive to increase
brand equity and foster relationships by staying true to a set of traits.
96. Quality check everything: Smart brands exercise relentless quality control on every web page, tweet, and
all points between.
97. Create and kill programs every year: Not every effort pays off. While many brands are more experimental
than ever, responsible marketers review their efforts often and deep-six the losers.
98. Have a strong point of view: Memorable brands seldom aim down the middle of the road or strive to please
everyone. Instead, they express a point of view thereby rallying people around their cause.
99. Entertain: I often say, “You either get remembered or forgotten.” Creating fun and entertaining marketing
makes all the difference.
100. Have purpose: Your marketing should align with your company’s mission. Always.
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