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10 Superpowers of the World's Greatest Social Media Marketer

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How do you leap tall buildings in a single bound? You don't. But if you master these vital 10 skills you're on your way to becoming a superman or woman of social media marketing.

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10 Superpowers of the World's Greatest Social Media Marketer

  1. 1. . 3 1 ; -‘ we 1 xx us. fins r ~ j ‘w gs, rm: 1: . r- wx :1 _ _ , .. , _ w‘ _ _ . . _ . _ ‘J '1' 4." 1 ‘ 1 j ‘K. A, 1 .1 A l I I I RESPOli~lS| VEi~FESS [ . She's a relationship builder, a friend. She aims to engage. Ask a She listens. She asks questions. question or make a comment Then she listens some more. and she's right on it. She doesn't try so hard to sell She's never pushy. She stuff. She's a nurturer and aims knows the path to social to be relentlessly helpful. media marketing success takes time. She's humble, generous and always eager to recognize and Her prose is pmvocau-Va She share the work of experts. writes with confidence and humility. She's humorous, but taken seriously. Your social media superstar empowers | ,|E; ,(S~ * people and builds a tribe of uke-n-“nded She makes news. but also acts profeSSj0na| S_ as 8 curator. She's always topical and never predictable. '. IDnr: ",r: .I'‘ P Sheknowswhatitmeans U' ' "“"" HOUD to network online and off. No veils. No BS. She's who she she actually connects by is. Sincere. Genuine. Honest. phone and mail. (5 L . ENGAGES WITH EDUCATIONAL AND ii ”ll: lfl VT 7 = 71? VTET VT CONCISE BUT PROVOCATIVE BOLD BUT HUMBLE CONFIDENT BUT OPEN-iVi| NDED ALVJAYS BUT OCCASIONALLY PROFESSIONAL HUMOROUS Resources http/ /www. parature. comfl-d-power-report-social-marketing-social-customer-service»increased-purchase-intent/ fimore1 0459 http/ /Www. businessZcommunitytom/ facebook/ facebook-marketing~statistics-you-need-to-know~0289953 htrp/ /thesocialskinny. com/99-new-social-media~stats-for-201 2/ http/ /rhenounproject. com/ noun/ flame/ dicon-N025 18 htfp/ /thenounproject. com/ noun/ speed/ #icon-N01 21 93 http/ /thenounproject. com/ no un/ key/ »‘Iicon-No 401 0 http/ /rhenounprojecr. com/ noun/ pencil/ Iiicon-N03 47 http/ /rhenounpro/ ecr. com/ noun/ leaf/ #icon—No1825 infographic presentedby Cre‘é)Jf‘| "'7e PIQCQ ~'MarketingProfs” http/ /Www. marketiriqproficoni hrtp/ /fe(dman(reative. com/ htrps V/ placester, com/ real-estate-marketing-academy/ 9 2o13_ A" Rights Rese~ed_