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you didn’t know
were true!
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8 Strange British Laws You Didn't Know Were True

We detail 8 strange British laws that are still in existence today and what they actually mean. Did you know these laws still existed?


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8 Strange British Laws You Didn't Know Were True

  1. 1. strange BRITISH LAWS you didn’t know were true! Phone: 0330 017 6309 Web: www.bannerjones.co.uk Sources: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8473763.stm http://britainexplorer.com/feature-articles/item/170-curious-british-laws Many strange and somewhat ridiculous laws still exist in the UK. Over the years, many weird laws have been exaggerated, repealed or are out- dated, so we’ve created this handy infographic of 8 bizarre laws, and what they really mean, using information from Britain Explorer to help you out. You might be surprised at the results! Well, not quite. Actually, it’s illegal for the keeper of a place of public resort to permit drunkenness in the house. Basically, you’re allowed to get drunk in the pub – it’s the owner who is breaking the law! Again, this isn’t quite true. An employer may say whatever they like on a reference, but if it’s nega- tive then they must be prepared to defend it in court – an employee can sue for defamation or libel. Therefore, employers usually choose to go with ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say, say nothing at all!’ IT IS employer illegal illegal illegal legally TO BE TO TO BE AN DRUNK DRUNK POLISH POTATOES bad reference IMPORT QUEUE IN A PUB IN CHARGE OF isn’t give a ! This is true, except it also includes horses and steam engines. Don’t drink and herd! In Scotland IT IS & a COW This is apparently to stop the spread of ‘Ring Rot’. It’s illegal, under the terms of the Polish Potatoes (Notification) in England Order, 2004 It’s illegal IN LONDON IT’S illegal TO SOUND YOUR CAR HORN ALLOWED TO into ENGLAND In typical British fashion Any person directed by notice or authorised person to queue must join the back. IT’S illegalIT’S TO TO IN THEJUMP TUBE TICKET HALL In the Metropolitan Police District... by ringing their doorbells or knocking at their doors (i.e. Knock Knock Run). wilfully disturb people - or any other notifiable disease – unless you tell the driver first. In which case, the driver may still agree (as long as they disinfect the taxi afterwards). TO FLAG A TAXI IF YOU (knowingly) HAVE THE PLAGUE A fairly standard yet little abided by law is that... for any other reason than to warn someone of danger. That means NOT beeping at people who cut you up at the roundabout. Are you GUILTY of any of these? Why not let us know on one of our social platforms?