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2007 mobility solutions by hp and cisco

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2007 mobility solutions by hp and cisco

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2007 mobility solutions by hp and cisco

  1. 1. © 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco ConfidentialPresentation_ID 1 Mobility Solutions from HP and Cisco Partnering to Deliver Optimal Business Outcomes November 2007 Partnering to Deliver Optimal Business Outcomes
  2. 2. 2www.ciscohp.com Today’s Objectives Mobility Trends HP and Cisco Mobility Solutions Why HP and Cisco
  3. 3. 3www.ciscohp.com Why should I put a mobility strategy in place?
  4. 4. 4www.ciscohp.com Global capability Worldwide telephone support Security upgrades Image deployment, pre-production trials, migration paths Single source deployment service Replacement and Auto-rebuild user support 24/7 OTA Application Ghosting & Recovery Build it right the first time infrastructure Device lifecycle ‘Zero-Touch’ device deployment platform Remote asset management capability Services & Carriers downtime Cost control coverage working from home Applications
  5. 5. 5www.ciscohp.com 32% 41% 45% 53% 74% Respond to customer needs more quickly Reduce employee downtime Drive continuous collaboration Speed up sales cycles Need for better cost controls 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% % of respondentsSource: Aberdeen Group, October 2006 The Top Five Factors Driving a Mobile Business Strategy. Why Business Mobility
  6. 6. 6www.ciscohp.com IT Managers Mobile Workers When it’s about the work, not just the mobility. Taking control of mobility to drive business outcomes. Making Business Mobile for…
  7. 7. 7www.ciscohp.com It takes more than a mobile device to make a business mobile.
  8. 8. 8www.ciscohp.com Mobility Solutions fromHPand Cisco Working together to deliver jointly architected and tested mobility solutions that span from end user devices and infrastructure to lifecycle services Services Infrastructure Devices Enable any time, anywhere access to enterprise data and applications Create end-to-end, scalable, secure supported enterprise mobility solutions Services expertise to help enterprise customers improve business results with mobility SERVICES INFRASTRUCTURE DEVICES
  9. 9. 9www.ciscohp.com HP& Cisco Mobility Portfolio Infrastructure Servers Storage Network Software Management Mobility Services Strategy & Design Planning & Implementation Managed Services Technology Management Services Mobility Solutions OSS & Billing Location & Messaging Services Services Delivery Platform Services Marketplace Mobile Devices Notebooks Tablets Handhelds Mobile Printing Wireless printing Mobile printers Mobile printing Wireless Networking Secure Access Controllers Access Points Mobility Infrastructure Solutions Industry Leading Partnerships
  10. 10. 10www.ciscohp.com Mobile Business Solutions from Cisco and HP Enabling Mobile Communications using HP iPAQ 600  Features: – Dual mode iPAQ 600 device that can access corporate data over the cellular network as well as the Corporate Cisco Wireless LAN network – Windows Mobile based device with the ability to run business-class mobile applications such as email, contacts and calendar including turn-by-turn directions using GPS  Benefits: – Improve workforce reach-ability and response time – Improve workforce efficiency by running business-class mobile applications – Lower costs and complexity through device consolidation Access Device
  11. 11. 11www.ciscohp.com  This 2-in-1 3G technology mobile phone with GPS navigation and personal organizer helps you run your business single handedly.  Undergoing certification as part of the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) Program Version 4 for operation on the Cisco Unified Wireless Network  Able to run business-critical applications, and with Wi-Fi connectivity you can access the Internet and your email when you need it. iPAQ600 Series Business Navigator Improve Business Communication and Collaboration
  12. 12. 12www.ciscohp.com  Add the VTGO client software and the iPAQ 600 becomes a mobile handset compatible with the Cisco Unified Communications system  Undergoing certification for operation with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager  Features include SCCP protocol support, shared line, extension mobility, transfer/conference, park/pickup, push to talk and more  For more information, visit http://www.ipblue.com/products_vtgo_ppc.asp iPAQ600 Series Business Navigator Plus IPblue Software Solutions VTGO client
  13. 13. 13www.ciscohp.com Enabling a Mobile Workforce Using HP Business Notebooks  HP offers a range of Business Notebooks to improve mobile worker connectivity and productivity  Leader in Innovation –Leader in Security, Ease of Use and Reliability –Broadest portfolio of Centrino Pro  Industry leading run times  Industry leading portfolio –17” to 12”, workstations, tablets, AMD and Intel, WWAN on almost all products –Docking stations, travel battery, ultra capacity battery  Industry leading quality –Competitive advantage in hardware quality Certified on the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Certified on the Cisco Unified Wireless Network HP Compaq 2710p convertible tablet
  14. 14. 14www.ciscohp.com HP Commercial Notebooks Design is the basis of a full product portfolio • 12.1” widescreen • Convertible tablet • Intel ® CentrinoPro • Wireless WAN • 12.1” widescreen • 1 or 2 spindle • Intel ® CentrinoPro • Wireless WAN HP Compaq 6510 / 6515b series • 14.1” wide • Intel® and AMD • Wireless WAN Business Traveler/ Smart Commuter HP Compaq 6910p series Corporate Elite HP Compaq 2710p series Productivity with a twist • 14.1” widescreen • Intel ® Centrino Pro • Wireless WAN HP Compaq 2510p series Lighten your workload HP Compaq 8510p/w series Powerplus Portability • 15.4” widescreen • Intel ® Centrino Pro • Wireless WAN • Mobile Workstation Ultra-Light Balanced Mobility Performance HP Compaq 6710 / 6715s/b series • 15.4” wide • Intel® and AMD • Wireless WAN Tailored for Business /Challenge the Status Quo HP Compaq 8710p/w series Feel the Power/ Enjoy the View • 17” widescreen • Intel ® Centrino Pro • Mobile Workstation
  15. 15. 15www.ciscohp.com Benefits of the Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) Program  HP develops WLAN client devices that – Support the latest Cisco standards and innovations including enhanced security, mobility, QoS, and network management – Solutions tested as interoperable with Cisco infrastructure  Benefits of CCX Certification include: – Support of Wireless LAN innovations ahead of standards development – Ensure a positive customer experience through interoperability between HP devices and the Cisco Unified Wireless Network – Allowing customers to identify compatible clients  HP iPAQ 600 is being certified against CCX version 4 which ensures: – Secure fast roaming – Enhanced quality of service – Intelligent power management
  16. 16. 16www.ciscohp.com Cisco Self-Defending Network Cisco Unified Wireless Network Unified cellular and Wi-Fi VoIP. Advanced threat detection, identity networking, location-based security, asset tracking and guest access. Mobility Services Same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management for wireless LAN s as wired LANs. World-Class Network Management Integration into all major switching and routing platforms. Secure innovative WLAN controllers. Network Unification Access Points Ubiquitous network access in all environments. Enhanced productivity. Proven platform with large install base and leading market share. 95% of Wi-Fi silicon is Cisco Compatible Certified. “Out-of-the- Box” wireless security. Client Devices SiSi SiSi
  17. 17. 17www.ciscohp.com Reduce complexity, minimize productivity loss and financial riskof deploying mobility solutions Mobile Device Management Services Secure enterprise class life cycle management solutions for mobile end users Mobility Server Monitoring and Management HP manages and monitors mobility servers and applications at the customer site or at an HP Data Center Mobility Application Access Service Custom Service that enables secure access to enterprise applications from mobile devices HP Service Desk Single point of contact helpdesk for repair and support of devices, applications and connectivity 3 Total Care-Care Packs Accidental Damage Protection, Next Business Day Exchange, Warranty Extensions HP Enterprise iPAQ Total Care Services
  18. 18. 18www.ciscohp.com HP Enterprise Mobility Suite Mobilize your workforce. Painlessly.  Over The Air (OTA) Device Setup Configuration of settings and software  Application Management Push new applications and updates over the air. Promote relevant new applications  Security Protect corporate data through remote lock and wipe, and password enforcement  Device Diagnostics Validate Device Settings, Detect device faults and Push fixes over the air (OTA) A series of processes and capabilities that enable an enterprise to manage, secure and support mobile devices to ensure maximum device performance and access to applications, data and networks
  19. 19. 19www.ciscohp.com HP Enterprise Mobility Suite Overview My mobile experience is complicated Why did my mobile device stop working? My device does not have the apps that I need My device and data is not as safe as I need Customer Needs • Device Diagnostics Validate Device Settings Detect device faults Push fixes OTA • OTA Device Setup Configuration of settings and software • Application Management Push new applications and updates OTA Promote relevant new applications • Security Remote lock and wipe Password enforcement Seamless Out-of-Box Experience Efficient Deployment of Mission-Critical Applications Lower TCO Secure Enterprise Data
  20. 20. 20www.ciscohp.com HP and Cisco Global Services and Support HP Services Holds Cisco Certifications in 52 Countries, with Gold Partner Status in 38 HP Provides Global Support Offerings for Cisco in 170 Countries Delivery of Collaborative Services 1600 HP Engineers Hold Over 6000 Cisco Certifications and Specializations HP Is First to Earn Cisco Global Gold Certified Partner Status and First to Receive Cisco Global Commerce Specialization As of September 2007
  21. 21. 21www.ciscohp.com Why HP and Cisco  Complete lifecycle solutions and services. A comprehensive services portfolio is delivered by HP together with Cisco, with extensive knowledge in wireless mobility solutions deployment.  Open, scalable, jointly tested architectures. With access to a broad portfolio from Unified Communications, to wireless networking to a broad range of mobile devices, HP and Cisco take an open approach, recognizing that the mobile user is in charge, without being tethered to a specific operating system, application or device.  Global coverage. 17-year global strategic alliance of world-class companies with unmatched resources
  22. 22. 22www.ciscohp.com Demonstrated Cost Savings “HP and Cisco designed and implemented our new, wireless campus which will provide us with significant cost savings over a five-year period. Meanwhile, we are enjoying added flexibility and vast improvements to our operating efficiency. Now staff members don’t have to travel five hours for meetings at other campuses or incur expensive long-distance charges for conference calls. They press a four-digit code and go right to someone’s wireless phone at another location. They can also listen to email messages on their phones or pick up voice messages on their computers. What was most surprising was that it all came together in just four weeks without any disruption in service.” Yvon Fontaine, President Université de Moncton, NB, Canada Read Full Success Story
  23. 23. 23www.ciscohp.com Partnering to Deliver Optimal Business Outcomes in the New World of Business Technology