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Cabins at Myakka River State Park in Florida

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See the interior of a cabin, learn what to bring, and get tips for enjoying this wonderful state park.

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Cabins at Myakka River State Park in Florida

  1. 1. Your Stay in a Cabin at Myakka River State Park in Florida by Jean Reynolds
  2. 2. Myakka River State Park was part of an ambitious project begun by President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s: the Civilian Conservation Corps.
  3. 3. The CCC created Myakka River State Park.
  4. 4. They built the cabins that you can still enjoy today.
  5. 5. The wildlife is amazing! Go to www.FloridaStateParks. org to learn more and to make a cabin reservation. Plan ahead! The cabins are popular.
  6. 6. They combine rustic charm with modern conveniences. (Can you see the wooden spool that was used as a doorknob?)
  7. 7.  a draining rack  dish detergent  dishes and silverware  a convertible sofa  air-conditioning and heating  two double beds and linen  a porch  your own picnic area where you can cook outdoors Features include:  a modern bathroom  towels and washcloths  toilet paper  an electric kitchen  a microwave, coffeepot, and toaster  pots and pans  kitchen utensils  a working fireplace
  8. 8. “I wish I’d known!”
  9. 9. There are five cabins. Request Cabin #1 if someone in your group has mobility issues. Note: No pets and no alcohol.
  10. 10. Here’s the floor plan. Note:  the AC/heater is in a different place now.  A bureau and a small closet have been added.
  11. 11. There’s no Wi-Fi in the cabins. But the café in the park has free Wi-Fi. Hours are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  12. 12. You’ll walk into a small eating area.
  13. 13. Both this eating area and great room have ceiling fans.
  14. 14. Notice the sabal logs used to build the cabins. The sabal palm (also called a cabbage palm) is Florida’s state tree.
  15. 15. Here’s the bathroom. Advice: bring an extra towel or two with you!
  16. 16. And be sure to bring soap! You might also want to bring an old bath towel to use as a floor mat for drying off after a shower.
  17. 17. The kitchen includes an electric stove, a coffeemaker, and a toaster. There are coffee filters in the drawer.
  18. 18. The kitchen has detergent, a sponge, a drying rack, and a drain board (stored on top of the refrigerator).
  19. 19. Plan to bring: paper towels salt and pepper other condiments dish towels Also recommended: a pitcher
  20. 20. The convertible sofa sleeps two people.
  21. 21. The table seats six. The ceiling light is bright.
  22. 22. The air conditioner will probably be on a timer when you arrive. The remote is up high on the wall (on the left). Turn on the power.
  23. 23. The switch for the ceiling fan (not shown here) is above the bureau. We gently used a broom handle to get the fan going.
  24. 24. If you have a reservation for two people, you’ll be given bedding for one bed: two flat sheets, two pillowcases, and a thermal blanket.
  25. 25. Here’s a glimpse of the other bed. If you want to use both beds, bring an extra set of sheets and an extra blanket.
  26. 26. The bedside lamp gives very dim light.
  27. 27. Bring your own hangers!
  28. 28. There are three electrical outlets in the great room. You might want to bring an electrical strip.
  29. 29. Let’s review what to bring: bathroom soap a thick towel for each additional person salt and pepper dish towels paper towels hangers
  30. 30. And consider bringing: an old towel for the bathroom floor a hair dryer a razor a pitcher an electrical strip extra sheets and a blanket for the second bed a flashlight binoculars materials to build a fire charcoal for the outdoor grill
  31. 31. Other thoughts: We rented a canoe and took a pontoon ride during our stay – enjoyed both You can rent bicycles (including a tandem bike) The rangers are friendly, informative, and helpful
  32. 32. The café serves:  breakfast  sandwiches  entrees  alcohol coffee  soft drinks  ice cream
  33. 33. You’ll see many deer and alligators at Myakka River State Park.
  34. 34.  The veggie burgers are delicious  We didn’t see groceries or camping equipment for sale  You can buy toiletries  The café is up a flight of stairs  There are plenty of picnic tables
  35. 35. If you drive straight, eventually you’ll come to a fork in the road. Bear to the left for the concession area.
  36. 36. Please drive slowly! People are hiking and biking, and you often seen deer, birds, and other wildlife.
  37. 37. If you bear to the right at the fork, you’ll come to the bird walk. Bring quarters if you want to use the distance viewer there.
  38. 38. Remember that there’s a wildlife exhibit at the Visitor Center near the entrance.
  39. 39. I hope you’ll enjoy your Myakka stay as much as we did! Have fun!