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Sleep well

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Sleep is a must. Do you sleep well? If not go through this presentation. You will not only get sleep but peace as well. Presentation by Dr. Balasandilyan CEO www.visionunlimited.in.
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Sleep well

  1. 1. Sleep well…Live long Some insights for your wellness Dr. Balasandilyan, Psychotherapist, Thought Leader CEO, www.visionunlimited.in M 9840027810
  2. 2. Can'tFallAsleep? NotStayingAsleep? FeelingTiredAllDay?……Never againplease.
  3. 3. Ask yourself… • When was the last time you went through your day feeling exceptionally alert and refreshed?
  4. 4. What makes you energetic? • You know...when everything clicked, you were on your game, you had energy to tackle anything life threw in your way and the attitude that anything is possible? Was it yesterday… the day before… or was it so long ago that you don’t remember. The point here is: • YOUR WAKING LIFE LITERALLY DEPENDS ON YOUR SLEEPING LIFE... AND VICE VERSA!
  5. 5. Be Aware • “Your sleep tonight is influenced not just by what you did today, but by what you did in the past week or two weeks or the last month.”
  6. 6. 1 Day Of Missed Sleep Deconstructed • Let’s look at what missing just 1 night of sleep does to your mind, your looks and your health.. It’s not pretty. • Eyes get puffy with dark circles. • You will make poor decisions because your prefrontal cortex shuts down which controls logical reasoning and fight-or- flight response. • Lowered motivation prevents you from doing important things throughout the day • insulin production increases which signals the body to store fat • Throughout the day your memory declines… you may forget where you put things, miss meetings.. etc. • Cognitive decline and trouble focusing reduces productivity • You are on edge and moody and People you care about have a hard time being around you. • This is just ONE day… this gets compounded with multiple days, weeks, or months of poor sleep.
  7. 7. WHATEXACTLYIS CAUSING POORSLEEP? • A set of 11 emotional, environmenta l and lifestyle influences that sabotage your sleep, and program your body to become sleep deprived no matter how much shut- eye you get.
  8. 8. Ayurveda says • “Plants have intelligence that awaken the intelligence inside of your own cells and remind them how to do what they already know how to do.”
  9. 9. What if your body is secretly programming itself to sleep poorly? • It can all be a vicious cycle… • Not getting enough sleep is a stressor, and being stressed makes it harder to sleep. • If those sleep loss triggers are on for long enough you are literally sending signals to your brain to turn sleep off. • We hope you’re starting to understand how important sleep is, but to drive it home further let’s look at all the possible issues surrounding poor sleep.
  10. 10. What Are the Consequences& Symptomsof Sleep Deprivation? • “If you’re not sleeping, you’re getting dumber.” — SHAWN STEVENSON, Author of Key to Quantum Health and The Fat Loss Code
  11. 11. STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION… • 1. Healing Power Within: Your body is designed to heal itself and can reprogram itself to ignite its inherent healing power • 2. “Band-Aid” vs. Real Change: Diet and lifestyle adjustments can be life long - but sleep aids and herbal treatments are just short-term • 3. Case by Case: Your individual body has its own unique strengths & weaknesses and needs; learn how to give your body what it uniquely needs • 4. Investigate the Root Cause: The first task is to discover what’s causing your sleep issues.
  12. 12. Benefits of good sleep • How to eliminate chronic stress • Achieve Physical, Mental, Emotional Health & Vitality • Improved fat loss and muscle development • Have glowing, radiant skin • Get and stay at your Peak Performance • Have Constant Energy Flow Through the Day • Balanced Emotions
  13. 13. Much more… • Imagine how an increase in energy and productivity can spark creativity, fat loss, (even an increase in sexual energy!) • Imagine uncovering opportunities that have been literally right under your nose but you’ve been too tired to see them • Imagine improved relationships because you’re more THERE with the people you care about in your life • Imagine having the clarity of mind and more confidence to make better decisions in your life
  14. 14. Howmuchisitworthtoyoutohaveagreat night’ssleepeverynightandfeellikeamillion buckseveryday? • You can't put a price tag on that feeling of waking up refreshed, ready to take on the day. But if you don't, you and I know the cost of going through the day starving for sleep. But all that's about to change.... • You see, it’s 100- times easier to live a happier, more productive life if you’re getting great sleep. All of us who sleep well know this. And what ‘The Sleep Well ’ will do is help you learn how to literally reprogram your body to sleep better.
  15. 15. Let us be clear • Maintaining a good night’s sleep is your #1 asset— some people may think it’s other stuff— like designer sheets, expensive cars and the latest high-tech gadget, etc.