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QAAgility Technologies Company Profile 1.7

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QAAgility Technologies Company Profile

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QAAgility Technologies Company Profile 1.7

  1. 1. Confidential | Copyright © QA Agility Technologies Our Testing DNA  Book published on Selenium by McGraw Hill  Certified Trainers on Agile Testing (ATA – CP-MAT, CP-BAT, CP-AAT)  Set up Testing Lab for a University of Malaysia  People behind ITB Mumbai chapter and TeStride Mumbai Conference  Strong leadership experience in setting up Testing CoE’s for Investment Banks, Exchanges and IT Service organisations  Expertise in leveraging Open Source and right fit testing tools  Expertise in Non-UI Test Automation Committed, Collaborative and Passionate Agile Testing Partners
  2. 2. QAASSQAASSQAASS Our Delivery Model - Shift Testing Left Test Strategy RAIDs Stakeholder Mgmt Test Management Program Efforts Schedule ReportingQuality Domain Experience Retail Commercial Insurance LendingPayments Cards Risks Channels ExchangesBI Right Resourcing Right Delivery Estimation Test Planning Risk Management Dependencies Entry Controls Exit Controls Testing Scorecards Metrics Reporting Centre of Excellence (CoE’s) Automation AgilePerformance Domain Testing Controls Risk Controls Ops Controls OUR EDGE INCREASED REDUCED Agile Approach: “Shift Testing Left” TDD and ATDD Tools based Static Analysis Model based Testing Knowledge & Expertise Orthogonal Array Automation & Performance Testing Frameworks  ROI  Reusability  Productivity & Efficiency  Early Defect Detection  Standard Tool Set  Controlled Governance  Cost of defect  Cycle time Reduction  Defect Leakage  Downtime  Resource lean time  Risks and Rework Security & Data Privacy Confidential | Copyright © QA Agility Technologies
  3. 3. Our Service Offerings Independent Verification & Validation  Test Strategy, Estimation & Management  Functional Testing  Systems Integration Testing  Usability & UI Testing  User Acceptance Testing  Regression Testing  Cross Browser Testing Domain-rich Testing Services  Trading House/Exchange  Corporate banking  Investment Banking  Insurance & Mortgages  Payments  Retail Banking  Model based testing  Specialised Testing & Test Automation  Performance Testing & Engineering  Test Consulting & Operational Excellence  Building Tools Capabilities & Landscaping Niche Testing Services Talent Acquisition & Niche Training  Agile Trainings  Selenium Training  Fresher Learning Programmes  Cloud workforce: Industry Ready Graduate Workforce  Agile Transformations Test Management Domain Experience Centre of Excellence Controls QAASS Confidential | Copyright © QA Agility Technologies
  4. 4. Inception:  Initiated as a partnership firm  Focussed on Quality and Testing  Key areas initiated: Consulting, Assessment and Coaching 2010 2011 2013 2009 2012 Journey So Far… Building Strong Footprints:  Standardised testing framework and practises  Building Automation and Performance capabilities:  Automation: Selenium, QTP  Performance: Jmeter, LoadRunner, WebLoad Testing Expansion:  Registered as private limited firm  Global clients across Denmark  CAT Certified Trainings: Only one of the few certified trainers on Certified Agile Testing (CAT) by iSQI Expanding Further:  Expansion of services to global clients: Malaysia, Dubai  Book on Selenium by McGraw Hill  Further expanded Test Automation and Performance Testing services  Automation: Squish  Performance: NeoLoad, BadBoy And Maturing:  Coaching and mentoring for some of the top organisations on Agile Transformation Testing  Centre of Excellence – cloud workforce, Mobile/Device testing, specialised testing & performance engineering Confidential | Copyright © QA Agility Technologies
  5. 5. USA Office 90, Hamilton Street, Cambridge, MA – 02139. USA. +1-339-707 2552 Contact Please contact us at info@QAAgility.com India Office B-114 Kailash Complex, Vikhroli (W) Mumbai, India – 400076 : +91-22-4026 1540