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Backbase Webinar: Everyday banking

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In this special, exclusive webinar, Jouk Pleiter and Tim Rutten of Backbase will showcase the Finovate Europe’s Best of Show solution, The Everyday Bank - we will show how to create personalised customer journeys hyper targeted to users, resulting in increased customer acquisition and retention.
Instead of simply providing customers with traditional banking products such as account access and payment tools, the new solution will push the boundaries of personalisation to the next level by delivering tailor-made customer journeys based on real-time behavior, interests, location and preferences.

We will look at:
How can banks leverage on AI (artificial intelligence)? How can they harness its power to improve their customer experience?
The impact of the open fintech API ecosystem.
PSD2 - not just compliance but a new sales & origination opportunity
The main strategic directions banks should choose from

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Backbase Webinar: Everyday banking

  1. 1. Webinar: The Everyday Bank 15 March 2017
  2. 2. The Everyday Bank 1. Pursue an Omni-Channel Delivery Model 2. Start with the Customer Experience 3. Leverage PSD2 / Account Aggregation 4. Real-time Targeting and AI driven Journeys
  3. 3. Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model
  4. 4. Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model Customers Expect: Any Device 4
  5. 5. Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model
  6. 6. Omni-Channel Customer Journey Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model 6
  7. 7. From Channel Islands to Omni-Channel 8 MobileInternet Phone / Call CenterOffice / Branch Internal Applications Call Center Applications Internet Applications Mobile Applications data data data data replication data data data Omni-Channel CXP Widget Widget Widget Widget Widget Web SDK | Mobile SDK Customer Experience Services Omni-Channel Services Legacy Apps Legacy Apps Channel Islands Omni-Channel data data Legacy Apps Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model
  8. 8. Pursue Omni-Channel Delivery Model Service Design - Cross Channel Journeys
  9. 9. Start with the Customer Experience
  10. 10. Customers Expect : Instant Services Start with the Customer Experience 11
  11. 11. Customer Behavior Shift : Instant & Seamless 12 The Journey Start Here… Any Time – Any Place Technology Systems Processes Mind Devices Applications Companies Start with the Customer Experience
  12. 12. Start with the Customer Experience Approach : Design for Moments of Truth 13 Identify the mobile moments and context Design the mobile engagement Engineer your platforms, processes, and people for mobile Analyze results to monitor performance and optimize outcomes Start small with a platform to extend Demo
  13. 13. Start with the Customer Experience New Business Technology Strategy 14 Starts Inside out. Starts Outside-in. Classic Approach Channels Legacy Apps Network UX Data Omni-Channel Legacy Apps Network Customer First Channels Channels
  14. 14. 15 Paradigm Shift = Outside-in Approach Customer Oriented Functions Back Office Functions Existing Systems (Silos) Digital Banking Platform Start with the Customer Experience
  15. 15. Leverage PSD2 and Account Aggregation
  16. 16. Customers Expect : One-Stop-Shop Leverage PSD2 and Account Aggregation 17
  17. 17. Customer wants all Finances in one Place 18 Labor intensive task of getting complete overview of financial status across banks. Before PSD2 Leverage PSD2 and Account Aggregation
  18. 18. What is PSD2? Approach : Seamless Account Aggregation 19 ‘Account Information Service Providers’ (AISPs) can offer direct insight in all products and transactions across banks. After PSD2 adoption
  19. 19. Banking API Economy Opportunity: Build Connected Experiences Deposits LoansInvestments Payments Third-party services Other Banks 20 NextGeneration ConsumerExperiences PFM, card linked offers WorkwithFinTechVendors P2P lending, Wallets, New Apps, IoT, etc. Accesscontrol,andrisk management Reduce risk through access control, metering of enterprise assets Outside-inBanking Cross Banking Aggregation, Multiple contextual financial apps Alternativemodelsin Wealthmanagement Robo-advisors for affluent segments API
  20. 20. Banking API Economy Opportunity: Complete Customer View 21 Customer Controlled Account Aggregation & Customer Data Hub Banks Customer First Experience data data data data data data
  21. 21. Banking API Economy Opportunity: Cross- & Up Sell Banks data data data Account Aggregation Cross & Up-Sell
  22. 22. About BACKBASE
  23. 23. The Backbase Vision Mission: We empower Financials to accelerate their Digital Transformation 24
  24. 24. The Backbase Vision Raising the Bar – Superior Experience 25 Empowering the Self-Directed Customer
  25. 25. BACKBASE = Omni-Channel Banking 26 Experience Orchestration Existing Systems Omni-Channel Banking Integration Customer First Invest in Superior Customer Experience Lean CXP Services Integration Customers RM / PM The Backbase Vision
  26. 26. BACKBASE: Omni-Channel Banking Existing Systems PSD2 enabled banks Customer Experience & Digital Banking Services OLB Mobile Seamless Omni-Channel Journeys Retail Banking Business Banking Wealth Management The Backbase Vision Digital Banking API Layer – INTEGRATE & EXPOSE FinTech Providers Open APIs
  27. 27. The Backbase Vision BACKBASE: Build Connected Experiences Open API Layer Omni-Channel Digital Banking Experience Core Banking PSD2 Enabled Banks
  28. 28. info@backbase.com www.backbase.com THANK YOU!