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BA and Beyond 19 - Irina Rogojina - How to be successful in a cross-cultural context

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In the present, the ongoing globalization process has brought nations closer and borderless economies have emerged. It is essential for a BA to understand not only the economic and political but also the cultural conditions of the stakeholders, users and the team they are collaborating with. Culture is hard to define or measure, but we will try to do it together.

So please, join my session in order to discover the cultural dimensions, strategies and tips on how to build bridges, develop a cross-cultural understanding and the necessary skills in order to collaborate better.

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BA and Beyond 19 - Irina Rogojina - How to be successful in a cross-cultural context

  1. 1. Irina ROGOJINA How to be successful in a cross-cultural context Study Case: IT Outsourcing Company
  2. 2. Globalization
  3. 3. Challenges and problems
  4. 4. Behavior Beliefs Values Cultural Iceberg Low impact High impact
  5. 5. ➢Communication and Context ➢Power Distance ➢Uncertainty avoidance ➢Individualism vs Collectivism ➢Masculinity vs Femininity ➢Concept of Time Cultural dimensions
  6. 6. Guadalajara New York Hanoi Chisinau HQ (Orleans, France) Frankfurt Orleans Paris Iasi Brasov Bucharest Boston Study Case
  7. 7. Cultural strategies ➢Cultural Minimization ➢ Cultural Adaptation ➢ Cultural Integration
  8. 8. Minimization Company Level Agile Mindset Key figures as Agile Coach, PO, SM COPs Trainings HR: Global talent pool Skills evaluation: Dreyfus model Performance system: Feedback 360 and Portfolio Tools Project Level Product Discovery Missions Validate assumptions/ MVP Scrum Ceremonies One-on-one sessions KPIs and OKRs Communication Tools Project Management Tools
  9. 9. Integration Company Level COPs Cross Country Coaching, Mentorship Cultural events and teambuilding Lean Coffee Project Level Co- creation with the customer Team Canvas Integration Roadmaps
  10. 10. Customer Level Key figures as PD and Sales Training and consultancy for the client by the PD Collaboration Framework Expectation Alignment Pre-sales department Adaptation User Level Growth Hacking, UI/UX professionals Persona workshop Empathy mapping workshop Customer journey map workshop User Acceptance Testing sessions Language curses
  11. 11. Why to go for it?
  12. 12. Secrets for an effective Cross-cultural interaction