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Manjit Pattria (N)

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Manjit Pattria (N)

  1. 1. Objective : Legal Assistant /Receptionist /Customer Service Representative I am currently seeking a position within your establishment in which my skills can be asset. Multi tasking is must at any job. I want to work as a key player in challenging & creative work environment for achieving organizational goals. Profile Summary • Experienced professional with a successful career in Customer Service Representative/ Cashier and administration. • Excel at interfacing with others at all levels to ensure organizational goals are attained. • Proactive approach has resulted in capturing numerous accounts and expanding client base. • Possess excellent interpersonal, analytical, and organizational skills. • Excel within highly competitive environments where leadership skills are the keys to success KEY SKILLS • Results-oriented with excellent customer service and communication skills • Detail oriented, team work and interpersonal skills • Ability to follow instructions and complete tasks efficiently • Flexible, able and willing to learn new skills • Excellent hand/eye coordination ,problem solver, energetic • Able to work in fast paced , intensive environment smoothly • Hard working, professional, Task oriented ,Motivated • Punctual., Responsible, sociable, considerate, Energetic • Be able to perform well under pressure • Poses outstanding organizational skills • cash handling or balancing • Excellent computer skills • Prior experience • Customer Orientation and Ability to Multi-Task, • Adaptability and presence of mind to handle customer queries and complaints. Certifications/Computer related Training • Certified in General Office Administrative Assistant Course -2014 • Certified in Quick Books and Simply Accounting -2014 • Certified in Advance MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint-2014 • Certified in Customer /Sales Service Representative -2014 • Certified in Business Writing -2014 Education • Post Graduation from India -2004 • TOEFL from KGIC from Surrey Canada-2008 • Graduate from Delview School of Delta Canada-2007 WORK EXPERIENCE  Receptionist /Legal Administrative Assistant at Public Notary office 2014- Till Present ( Full Time) • Drafting correspondence and legal documents such as wills, affidavits, POA, Consent letters ,Preparing applications and forms related to Immigration • Making translation from Hindi, Punjabi, into English and Maintaining databases and files • Greet the customers, Deliver excellent guest service, Answering phones and scheduling courier, making appointments with clients on phone and in person • Document preparation & management of such as formatting, and editing confidential letters, reports and presentations • Handling legal documents, passports, deeds and immigration paperwork Manjit Pattria 11624-74ave,Delta,BC V4C 1E8 (604-805-9713) (604-897-1615) Samrababbi334@gmail.com
  2. 2. • Checking electronic mail and keeping all the records for the office • QuickBooks and handling office bill payments and banking, sending mail, Assist staff with faxing, photocopying. • Maintain the return filing cabinet, Handles return pickups, maintain office appearance • Perform most office administrative requirements. • Assist the Notary with making legal documents. -  Customer Service Rept/ Chevron store 2014-till present( Part Time) o Deliver excellent guest service o Handle money, refunds and exchanges. o Read labels and other product information. o Cross train and work in other areas of store as needed. o Quickly and accurately scan and bag all items and collect Payments  Customer Service Rept/Cashier at Petro Canada 2008-2011  Read labels and other product information.  Deliver excellent guest service  Quickly and accurately scan and bag all items and Collect payments  Handle money, refunds and exchanges  Customer Service Rept/ Receptionist at Paul’s Accounting 2007-2008  Handling Telephone Calls  Paying & Processing Invoices  filling out and Submitting Forms/Documents  Entering Data into Computer Systems  Monitoring and Maintaining Current Inventory  Ordering Parts and Supplies  Coordinating Jobs for Customers and Technicians  Cleaning and Organizing the Office-  Computer SKILLS • Proficient in windows, XP Professional, Windows Vista. Windows7. • Web Technologies. HTML Front page, Publisher • Applications, MS-Office, 2003, 2007, XP. Photoshop, • Sound Knowledge of office equipment & technology • Proficient learning new Software Applications • Internet Proficient • Typing speed 65words per/minute LANGUAGES 1 English (speak, read, and write) 2 Hindi (speak, read, and write) 3. Punjabi (speaks, read, Write) 4 Urdu (speak) Volunteer work Ability to operate at all the levels additionally worked as a volunteer with PICS as ESL assistant teacher and also in different community services in organizing the events STRENGTH Success & Excuses don’t talk each other. If you give excuse, Forget success; if you want success don’t give excuses. This is the principle which I pursue and is my vigor INTEREST AND HOBBIES  Meeting people Photography  Staying healthy going gym or yoga Going outdoor  Reading Book and computer books Leaning more and more G.K  Surfing net Staying healthy going gym
  3. 3. ___________________________________________________________________________________ References Furnished Upon Request