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Damas - market management system for TSO

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Damas - market management system for TSO

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Damas - market management system for TSO

  1. 1. DAMAS M ar ke t Manage m e nt System > Comprehensive support of trading processes > Guaranteed reliability and high availability of transmission system operators and other > Unique configuration capabilities market players and flexibility > Support of ETSO standards and full > Built-in MS Office integration compatibility with UCTE operation guides > Ready to integrate by standard Web Services and EU legislature interface using universal XML format > Automated operation and business process management
  2. 2. Damas is a complex market management system, primarily designed and developed for needs of Transmission System Operators (TSOs) working in an open electricity market environment. Business drivers for Damas design were to cover all key mar ket-related processes of system and ancillary services, transmission services, and nomination management, as well as the evaluation and financial settlement. From the time perspective, Damas supports all phases of the TSO‘s business, from the predictions, long-term operational planning and procurement, through the day-ahead and intra-day operation, to the ex-post evaluation, settlement, and invoicing. The following technological requirements were the main design drivers for the Damas platform: high flexibility, extensive user configuration options, high reliability and availability, transparency and security, and standardized interfaces to external environment. Damas in the TSOs Ancillary Services Damas is designed to fully support market-related > Comprehensive suppor t for procurement processes of the transmission system operators: of Ancillar y Ser vices. Defining plans of needs, > System Services specifying demands, purchasing in long-term and > Transmission Services short-term tenders and , evidence of the contracts > Settlement Services concluded with providers. > Certification and administration of technical para- System Services meters of generation and consumption units pro- TSOs employ system services to ensure quality and viding ancillary services. reliability of the electricity supply on the transmis- > Preparation of transmission system operation sion system level and to fulfill their international based on the generation scheduling at the power obligations and conditions of the interconnection unit level. of electrification systems. The quality is understood > Evaluation of provided ancillary services in terms namely in ter ms of frequency and voltage para- of technical quality. meters, defined by the Grid Codes according to UCTE standards. Balancing Energy > Purchasing the balancing energy in the day-ahead and intra-day markets. > Evaluation of the balancing energy resulting from the activation of ancillar y ser vices and from other sources (e. g. abroad). > Communication with SCADA system and other supporting applications.
  3. 3. Transmissions Services This subsystem of Damas provides support for all activi- ties concerning the cross-border transmission of electric- ity and congestion management, namely capacity alloca- tion and nomination. Settlement Services This subsystem of Damas covers all processes and activities connected with the responsibility of the TSO to physically and financially evaluate and settle the market transactions. The main functional domains covered are: > Receiving and processing of bilateral schedules between Balance Responsible Par ties (BRPs) using ETSO ESS Standard. > Checking the scheduled volumes against the available financial security (risk management), > Aggregation of metered values and balancing energy data, > Calculation of total system imbalance, imbalance volumes and prices for every BRP. The main functional domains of Transmissions Services are: > Long-term, daily and intra-day allocation of transmis- sion capacities in both explicit and implicit auctions > Administration of capacity rights > Secondary market (capacity transfers and resales) > Nomination management including international match- ing (on the control area, block, and zone levels) > Special nominations (SO–SO trades, compensations, etc.) > Capacity curtailment and real-time reduction > Risk management and financial security > Automatic data exchange with market participants and authorities (TSOs, ENTSO-E) Damas is fully compatible with established industrial standards (EU legislation, ENTSO-E guidelines and hand- books, ETSO ESS and ECAN data standards). Legal Besides, this subsystem provides the settlement issues have also been carefully studied to provide the ser vices for all other subsystems and their commodi- highest security level and to comply with the EU legisla- ties (ancillary services, balancing energy, transmission tion while keeping the system simple enough for users capacity rights, fees, penalties etc.), resulting in regular and for third-party integrators. The communication with aggregated payments (daily, monthly, yearly) transferred neighboring TSOs via the Electronic Highway is supported, to the accounting and invoicing systems. All relevant as well as the integration with ETSOVista platform. data can be published as reports.
  4. 4. Damas Platform In order to efficiently meet the requirements of the business, we have designed and developed Damas platform as an enterprise solution based on many years of experience in building information systems for the power industr y, especially for TSOs, and responding to the ever-increasing demand for highly flexible, vendor-independent solutions. Damas platform includes, among others, the follow- ing components: > Damas Time Series Engine > Damas Computation Scripting Engine > Damas MS Office Integration > Damas Visual Workflow Engine > Damas View Configurator > Damas Messaging Engine > Damas Data Bridge Damas Time Series Engine Damas Computation Scripting Engine Damas system ker nel is based on time series Damas platform incorporates powerful computation which are used as the primary data storage. A time capabilities. There can be any number of defined unit assigned to each time series determines the computing operations between time series using granularity of its values. The system suppor ts any a wide range of common computing operators time units from minutes up. Time series are widely and functions. The computations themselves are configurable in the system by both its adminis- performed either immediately (when any input value trators and the end users, who can use intuitive changes) or can be invoked manually or from the wizards to create custom time series and define workflow engine. Complex algorithms can be easily all their proper ties. The time series are classified programmed specifically and then plugged into the hierarchically, to provide for easy orientation within system. the system, as there are thousands of times series in typical Damas implementations.
  5. 5. Damas MS Office Integration Damas MS Office Integration allows the user to export and import data into MS Office applications. The user can easily edit the data offline e. g. in MS Excel environment and upload them back later. Damas Visual Workflow Engine Damas V isual Workflow Engine allows to define process diagrams using the system configuration tools. The process diagram is later tied to a particular business component, as a tool ensuring possibly fully automatic operation of the entire system. The user is notified of the state of each component at the lowest level or can monitor the system state based on the high-level process indicators. Process diagrams are used to control all operations which should be executed automatically at speci- fied times, such as data transfers, calculations, etc. Process management is also used to define user access permissions to data, which may differ accord- ing to the particular business process states. Damas Messaging Engine Most of the users usually want to be informed Damas View Configurator about the activities in the system. In Damas, Damas View Configurator defines all the data views. t h e d i s t r i b u t i o n o f ev e n t s i s r e a l i z e d t h r o u g h The first step in the definition of a view is an assign- Messaging Engine. For any event (e. g. data entering, ment of filtering components, allowing you to find opening/closing a gate, generating of repor t), the data matching a number of criteria. Then you can authorized user can define if and through which com- add a list or matrix of items matching the filter- munication channel they want to be informed about ing criteria, which is used to select a specific item the event. Supported channels are internal message to view or edit. in the system, e-mail, SMS, and web service. The data view itself is presented to the user as a widely configurable data grid. Define time series Damas Data Bridge data displayed on the X axis and on the Y axis to A general web service interface is available in Damas, build different views of the same data. It is not neces- based on ETSO XML standards on the logical level, sar y to show the displayed data of time series allowing the easy transfer of any data between using the basic time unit of the time series; the Damas and external systems at the time series systems performs necessary aggregations and dis- level. With this interface, it is possible to connect aggregations automatically, allowing to define even Damas to another SW application without develop- truly statistical data views. ment, just by means of configuration. In addition View administration is designed to be performed to web ser vices, e-mail and FTP communication is by a trained user, without any programming. also supported.
  6. 6. ABOUT UNICORN SYSTEMS 10 YEARS IN POWER INDUSTRY Unicorn Systems ranks among the most significant Unicor n Systems is a key software leader in the European information systems providers. Since 1990 we European Energy segment. During the past 10 years, have been delivering high value added and competitive Unicorn Systems has delivered many successful projects advantages to our clients. Our broad knowledge and to power companies throughout Europe. Its unique experience enables us to design optimum ICT solutions. know how in the Energy sector and rich experience We implement these complex solutions successfully allows Unicorn Systems to deliver high quality solutions into the client’s background according to their specified for competitive prices. quality, scope, time and budget. Damas at TSO Trading in Damas Transmission Services Settlement Services System Services Cross-border Interconnection DC Interconnector Benefits References > Easy process setup – set-up and manage your business processes with our Damas Visual Workflow Engine. > Information on hand – be always up-to-date with the Damas Messaging Engine. > Be interconnected – with Damas Data Bridge you will be always connected to your internal systems or trading partners. > See what you want – create your own or modify view with the Damas Time Series View Configurator. > Customize your system – modify the system to your needs with Damas Time Series Engine. > Your business is changing? – modify the algorithms with Damas Computation Scripting Engine. > Excel sheets allowed! – with our MS Office Integration component you can connect to MS Office documents. Unicorn Systems a. s. Executive Briefing Centre – Classic 7, Jankovcova 1037/49 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic Tel.: (+420) 221 400 111, www.unicornsystems.eu All names, firms, business signs etc. are protected symbols or registered trademarks belonging to respective owners. Graphic layout: VIG Design. Par t No. USY09031/v003 26/11/2009. Copyright © 2009 Unicorn Systems.