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MSc learning and technology

Brief description of the MSc Learning and Technology at Glyndwr University

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MSc learning and technology

  1. 1. • What do you see as the main drivers for your decision to incorporate e- learning within your practice? • What are the institutional drivers? • What are your personal drivers? MSc Learning and Technology Online, part-time Clive Buckley Glyndwr University
  2. 2. ‘This PG Cert in eLearning is of a higher standard than many others offered in the UK’ (2011-12 External Examiner Report) A little bit of history….. Postgraduate Certificate in E-learning launched 2009
  3. 3. MSc Learning and Technology – launched 2013 Three exit awards: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Technology (1 year) Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Technology (2 years) MSc Learning and Technology (3 years)
  4. 4. Key Facts Part-time Fully on-line (study from anywhere in the world) Continuous Assessment Pedagogy
  5. 5. Postgraduate Certificate Pedagogy and Practice Technology and Design Implementation and Management SEDA Accredited
  6. 6. Postgraduate Diploma Innovation and Practice Accessibility and Assessment in the Digital Age E-research and Digital Scholarship
  7. 7. MSc Learning and Technology Dissertation (60 credits)
  8. 8. Why you should study the course To acquire the skills and knowledge to apply technologies to support your learners.
  9. 9. Who studies on the course? HE Lecturers FE Lecturers School Teachers Local Authority Trainers NHS Trainers Commercial Trainers British Racing School Royal Mail For the period 2009 – 2012 100% of students who responded to an end of course (PGC) survey said they would recommend the course to a friend.
  10. 10. Key Facts Study time – 6 to 8 hours per week Study calendar: September to June Most modules have two assignments Fees: MSc £5 650 (two instalments of £2, 825) (Postgraduate Certificate £2 250) [Fees for 2016-17]
  11. 11. Further Information Visit the web site: http://www.glyndwr.ac.uk/en/Postgraduatecourses/ MScLearningandTechnology/ Or try our free taster http://www.glyndwr.ac.uk/forms/Learningandtechnolog y.html Registration required – this may take a few days
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