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Turkey meeting may 2012


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Turkey meeting may 2012

  1. 1. Comenius Project (ensino básico)
  2. 2. Comenius Project Let the Forests Breathe
  3. 3. Comenius Project Let the Forests Breathe
  4. 4. Program of Longlife Learning Comenius – Multilateral partnerships Let the Forests Breathe
  5. 5. Sumário: O nosso projeto pretende consciencializar todos os países participantes para: • Problemas ambientais, causas e consequências. • Importância da floresta no futuro dos nossos alunos. • Responsabilidade de cada um de nós para com o meio ambiente. • Elaboração de um conjunto de medidas a serem seguidas por todos eles. Um dos desastres ambientais causado pelo Homem é a Desflorestação
  6. 6. Sumário: Pretende ainda que os alunos: • Compreendam a importância da prevenção. • Desenvolvam as competências de pesquisa e de comunicação. • Desenvolvam a consciência de outras Culturas Europeias. • Adquiram um maior conhecimento das condições de vida dos seus parceiros.
  7. 7. Sumário: Principais causas da desflorestação: • Os incêndios são a causa mais frequente da desflorestação, sendo 98% provocados pelo Homem. Grande impacto no aquecimento global, nas mudanças climáticas, na biodiversidade, para além de serem responsáveis pela emissão de dióxido de carbono. • Negligência. • Falta de cuidado. • Fogo posto.
  8. 8. Objetivos • Aumentar a motivação dos alunos, oferecendo um meio lúdico para a aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras. • Promover a Educação Intercultural.
  9. 9. Objetivos: • Sensibilizar os alunos para os problemas ambientais, como a desflorestação.
  10. 10. Objetivos: • Sensibilizar os alunos para a relação entre o seu comportamento e o meio ambiente. • Os problemas ambientais e a sua saúde. • Desenvolver as capacidades de discussão, avaliação, interpretação e de síntese.
  11. 11. Objetivos: • Aprender uns com os outros. • Compreender o valor de trabalhar para a Comunidade. • Sentir-se responsável pelo meio ambiente.
  12. 12. Parcerias Polónia Grécia Turquia Espanha Eslovénia Bulgária Itália
  13. 13. Comenius Project Let the Forests Breathe
  14. 14. Comenius Project (ensino básico)
  15. 15. Lamego - Portugal
  16. 16. Escola Básica e Secundária da Sé - Lamego
  17. 17. Before the meeting… Rehearsing the sketch
  18. 18. Cultural Programme
  19. 19. Opening session– 8th November
  20. 20. Sketch – A fire in Serra das Meadas
  21. 21. In the School Centre
  22. 22. Presentations on Deforestation
  23. 23. Comenius Project
  24. 24. Exhibition November/ December
  25. 25. Comenius Project
  26. 26. Opening Session
  27. 27. Science Workshop Art Workshop
  28. 28. Logo Slogan
  29. 29. Some friends…
  30. 30. Rome Meeting – Presentation to 8th graders
  31. 31. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Activities/ Products
  32. 32. Mouse Pads
  33. 33. Writing to Bulgarian friends
  34. 34. Recording the song “Hymn to Mother Earth”
  35. 35. COMENIUS AND SCHOOL LIBRARY Interacting with pre-school children and primary school students Exploring and recreating two books: The Book of Peace The Littel Book of the Environment
  36. 36. Pre-school and Primary school children (1st grade)
  37. 37. Primary School children (2nd, 3rd and 4th grades)
  38. 38. The Little Book of the Environment
  39. 39. Hi!
  40. 40. Because our planet is the only one we’ve got…
  41. 41. Fecha sempre a torneira da água enquanto escovas os dentes Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth
  42. 42. Mantém a porta do frigorífico fechada, para o frio não sair… … e também a da rua, para o frio não entrar! Keep the fridge door closed so that the cold doesn’t get out… … and also the entrance door so that the cold doesn’t get in!
  43. 43. Apaga as luzes quando saíres do teu quarto. Turn off the lights when you leave your room.
  44. 44. Trata bem das árvores. Take care of the trees.
  45. 45. Reutiliza o papel sempre que puderes. Recycle paper whenever you can.
  46. 46. Respect all creatures, the big and the small ones.
  47. 47. Não deites o lixo para o chão. É sujo e pode ser perigoso. Don’t throw garbage on the floor. It can be dangerous.
  48. 48. Se possível, … e quando fores vai a pé para às compras! a escola… If possible go to … and when you go school on foot… shopping…
  49. 49. Aproveita o sol… … e a chuva! Make the most of the sun… … and of the rain!
  50. 50. A maior parte do lixo… … deve ser colocada em contentores próprios para reciclagem. Most of the garbage… …. should be placed in proper containers for recycling.
  51. 51. Do you like trees and animals? Do you like rain and sunshine? What can you do to help the planet?  recycle;  save water;  respect nature;  and protec the animals. And all of this starts at home!
  52. 52. Working on the species, climate and culture of our partners
  53. 53. F WORLD O R E S T DAY
  54. 54. Poems Competition
  56. 56. I'm a tree and I want to be free , because I give you oxygen , and make your life better I'm a friend and I hope you treat me better Without me you are nothing really nothing. Believe it... Carolina Costa
  57. 57. João Marques, 8.º B Trees are beautiful The fire is their enemy Trees are green And the human greed They are the most amazing Let´s protect them things That´s what we need I’ve ever seen They are the birds´ house To plant a tree Squirrels and bees Is an act of love So let’s protect them God will bless you And happy you will be From the skies above João Marques
  58. 58. João Marques, 8.º B We need forests to live Because they give us The oxygen We need to breathe. Animals can’t live without forests, Forests are their heaven When animals live in their homes, They are on cloud seven. Not only forests are beautiful, But also flowers, They give beauty to our world And even landscape is wonderful. Some people just think about evolution, Don’t care about deforestation Or pollution. Telma Fabiana
  59. 59. João Marques, 8.º B Nature is beautiful The trees are free The birds are cool The honey comes from the bee. The forest is a family It must be preserved Men are destroying biodiversity They have to be stopped. Nature is pacific All trees are unique And also their fruits With many colours. Francisco Brás Marta Frade
  60. 60. The Forest is so useful, There’s a lot of fresh air, Please pay attention to my call And don’t destroy our tress, It’s unfair. Raquel Lobão
  61. 61. A tree is a friend That we should take care A really truthful friend No one likes That we should preserve. Untidy houses Don’t hurt the forests, They’re animals’ habitat. Carina cardoso
  62. 62. Pictures/Drawings Competition
  63. 63. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Lecture on “The importance of the Forest: causes of deforestation, consequences and solutions”
  64. 64. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Some Portuguese Tree Species
  65. 65. Pine Tree TREE
  66. 66. Oak
  67. 67. Cherry Tree
  68. 68. Almond Tree
  69. 69. Chestnut Tree
  70. 70. Olive Tree
  71. 71. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Portuguese legends
  72. 72. A long time ago, before Portugal independence, when the Algarve belonged to the Moors, there was a Moorish king who married a girl from northern Europe, named Gilda. Gilda was a lovely creature, to whom everyone called the "Northern Beauty", and so no wonder that such a brave and daring king wanted Gilda to be his queen. Despite the celebrations on this occasion, Gilda was very sad. Not even the richest gifts of her bridegroom made her smile: the "Northern Beauty" was homesick. One day, the king finally knew what was wrong with her: in tears and sobs, she confessed that her sorrow was due to the snow-covered fields that she couldn’t see there, as it happens in her hometown.
  73. 73. With the fear of losing his beloved wife, he came up with a great idea. He ordered almond trees to be planted in the Algarve, which in early spring would be covered with flowers. The good king, anticipating Gilda’s joy, said to her: - Gilda, come with me to the tallest balcony of the castle and contemplate a lovely show! Once she reached the top of the tower, the Queen clapped and shouted with joy seeing all the lands covered by a white cloak, which he thought was snow. - See – he told her smiling - how Allah is kind to you. Your desires are fulfilled!
  74. 74. The queen was so happy that was soon completely cured. The sorrow that was killing her slowly disappeared, and Gilda felt happy and satisfied with the king, who adored her. Every year in early spring, she saw from the tower, the almond covered with white flowers, which reminded her of the snow-covered fields, as in her hometown.
  75. 75. Once upon a time, many many years ago, when the magic was real, in the time of knights and princesses, there was a war in Portugal among Christians and Muslims. Due to frequent fights, the land changed hands very often, too often, indeed. When the armies crossed the region, the civilian populations ran away to seek for a shelter to avoid any violence from the warriors against the old, the women and the children.
  76. 76. Despite being Christians or Muslims, all of them, civilians, lived with fear of being killed, injured or of suffering any kind of violence all the time. Even the warriors of both sides sometimes got sick of violence and looked for some peace and tenderness, feelings they had left behind in their lands, with their families which had been almost forgotten.
  77. 77. Once, during these “come and go”, a young Christian knight, after a fight with the Muslims, by a river called Varosa, found a beautiful Arab girl dressed with a golden veil, who had been left behind during the Muslim escape. He asked her not to be afraid of him since he would never harm such a beautiful and undefended girl. Accordingly to the Christian’s Chivalry Code of Honour, he could never harm women, orphans or elder people; on the contrary, he was obliged to protect them.
  78. 78. On the other hand, she told him she was a princess left alone by her father, relatives or friends who went to the war and she couldn’t see them any more. She had no news from her people and had to live hidden with fear of Christians. Both felt in love with each other. Unfortunately, their people, Christians from one side and Muslims from the other, would never accept this love.
  79. 79. So, the princess had to remain hidden and the young knight would have to keep his love secret, at least while the war lasted. Both promised each other they would keep their love and when the peace came, they would get married, despite all the criticism. One day, the young Christian warrior had to join his army and leave for another campaign.
  80. 80. Then, she told him that, every year, she would put on that particular day her veil over a beautiful tree where they met for the first time. That would be the sign for him that she was hidden in the place he knew waiting for her beloved. The time passed by and the young Christian knight never came. Nevertheless, every year, in that place, everyone could see in the middle of June, a chestnut tree covered by a golden veil.
  81. 81. The princess never left her refuge and couldn’t be seen anymore. This is the reason why all the chestnut trees covered of golden flowers can be seen during the St John’s day, 24 th June, in this region of Lamego and Tarouca, by the river Varosa. Unfortunately, the Chestnut tree of this legend was cut in mid 20th century. Nevertheless, the legend remains and a small village kept its name forever, the Chestnut Tree of Gold, in Portuguese, Castanheiro do Ouro.
  82. 82. Penajóia is one of the most beautiful parishes of Lamego and it’s known as a land of good cherry tree. The legend says that, one day, a beautiful Moorish princess, to whom the king had given a fabulous diamond ring, passed through Penajóia. As the princess was riding her horse, she was enchanted with such beautiful landscape and she was amazed with the great number of cherries she saw all around. The moment she pointed to a cherry tree, she realized she had lost the ring.
  83. 83. She was very sad with the thought of not getting it back. Then the princess’s companions saw she had her foot on the jewel. The inhabitants of that land decided to give it the name of Penajóia, to remember the way the ring was found. According to other people, when the princess discovered that she had lost the ring, she said: Oh, I’m very sorry (pena) about the jewel (jóia). To remember such unfortunate loss, the inhabitants named their land Penajóia.
  84. 84. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Comenius Week - 2011
  85. 85. Postcards Competition – Comenius Week
  86. 86. Closing Session
  87. 87. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” World Environment Day
  88. 88. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Slovenia Meeting - Presentation to 9 th graders
  89. 89. Roleplay – Portuguese Students’ mobility to Slovenia
  90. 90. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Planting Trees
  91. 91. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Digital dictionary
  92. 92. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Digital stories
  93. 93. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Recycling is living – Interaction with 5th and 6th graders
  94. 94. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Culture Trees
  95. 95. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Comenius Project in III Montra de Oportunidades in Lamego
  96. 96. COMENIUS PROJECT “Let the Forest Breathe” Local Newspaper Articles
  97. 97. School Newspaper Articles
  98. 98. Each country fought for the same cause...
  99. 99. ... And all together made a difference!
  100. 100. Comenius Project