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Global warming and greenhouse effect

  1. Global Warming and Greenhouse effect
  2. What is Global Warming?  Global warming is when heat waves heat up earth through radiation. Global warming heats up the whole planet earth. Some places on earth can function during Global warming, but one place can’t and that’s Antarctica. Antarctica has lots of frozen ice glaciers and salt water so when the glaciers unfreeze it causes the water to overflow and flood some places on earth. Do to research the water flooding can be up to 25ft high.
  3. What happens during Global Warming?  During global warming the earth heats up.  There will be flooding in places closes to big body’s of water.  Buildings and Houses will be destroyed.  People can die from this, but theirs a 50% chance they can survive to.  Polar bears will become extinct.  Animals may die to.
  4. ? What is the Greenhouse Effect?  The greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere that help keep earth warm. Absorbs and traps heat.  Gases, like carbon dioxide that replace oxygen in earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming.
  5. How can we compare Greenhouse Effect to Global Warming?  The greenhouse effect is necessary for life on earth to survive, however some scientists think that an increase in atmospheric gases is causing the earth to absorb too much heat and get over heated.  When we burn fuel we produce carbon dioxide which may contribute to higher global temperatures. This is called global warming and can be dangerous for the future of our earth.
  6. Does the ozone layer cause Global warming?  Ozone layer is a thick layer of oxygen in the stratosphere.  Its in the atmosphere and absorbs heat and keeps from heating up earth so it does cause global warming.
  7. What else can cause Global Warming? Factories and Automobiles  Factories an Automobiles are producing carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are fuel (as coal, oil, or natural gas) that is formed in the earth from plant or animal remains.
  8. Resources that don’t cause Global Warming.  Wind energy, Nuclear energy, and solar energy are all good resources to not cause global warming.  They are better than fossil fuels because it is a source of energy that can be continuously renewed.
  9. What can we do to prevent this from happening?  We can unplug once each week.  Stop leaving electricity chargers on when not using them.  Stop leaving lights and tvs on while gone.  Stop littering  Stop causing pollution
  10. Which country is most responsible for Global warming?  United States is most responsible for global warming cause we have the most citizens, we have the most automobiles, we cause pollution in the atmosphere.