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  • I wanted to let everyone know that comments that are pro program will be deleted because I will not risk a child be in danger because of an article which I posted online. If your comment has been removed and you are upset about that I am sorry please find your own journalist who can have the wool pulled over their eyes on how positive these places are.
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  • There are so many families devastated by the disease of addiction. I believe there are organizations out there that do take advantage of families in their most desperate time of need. Taking my children to a treatment facility to only find out later they had been abused would be horrible for me to live with. Today I am so very grateful that I made the right decision. In fact, my kids have been given a second chance because of AARC. AARC is not one of those organizations that set out to destroy people and should not be included in the same list. I put three children through AARC, two of which signed themselves in as they were over 18. If there was any kind of abuse at all they would have never stayed, they would have been gone at the first sign. It is an intensive treatment program for the entire family and it definitely worked for mine. My kids are alive today because of the treatment they received from Dr. Vause and all of his staff. They are very knowledgeable and so incredibly passionate about what they do. Making the decision to enter in this program was a big decision to make and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My family is whole again. I’m proud of the people my kids have become, they can struggle and they can persevere because they know how. They have been given the knowledge and tools to live a substance-abuse free life if they choose. They have opportunities now and we all have lives that I never dreamed possible. There are so many families out there that will never know what that's like. To Ann’s point, it is so important to have all the facts in place before ever publishing such damaging information. The damage is caused to the families out there that so desperately need help. They could be provided help and support from the staff at AARC yet will choose not to get it because they have been misinformed and have been filled with fear based on lies and incorrect information. That’s sad! As a parent of addicts, today I can celebrate all the little successes with my kids instead of living in fear of where they will end up! Today my kids know what it's like to live.
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  • These places need to be monitored, at the very least. There should be a licensed professional psychologist on staff 24/7, a nursing staff and a doctor on call. But they do not do this. These are hideous cultish behavioral modification prisons. Many of the staff are sadistic.
    There are thousands of us who were at these places, and we are damaged.
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