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Australian poker

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Australian poker

  1. 1. How To Play the Australian(and New Zealand Poker League)The Australian and New Zealand Poker League is a new tournament for players betting in thelower stakes. PokerStars, one of the most trusted online poker rooms set up the game that isonly accessible to the Aussies and the Kiwis. The game, also known as the ANZPL, entails threelevels of buy-ins including 2000 chips free, and a cost of AUS $5.The series of tournaments will play for standard prizes and will gain points that are countedtoward leader boards for each month. At the month’s end, the players who attain the top 100points will be rewarded a handsome payout by PokerStars.At the AUS $5 stake level, the major prize is a clean $300. All players with 100 points willreceive up to $10 each every month. The playing chip level earns players up to $2 in hard cash.All the nightly games will contribute to the prize pool and the monthly leader boards grow invalue, courtesy of PokerStars.The ANZPL tournament is essentially a daily game that entails low buy ins. The highest finisherswith certain league points are awarded. There are also attractive cash prizes to be won at theend of each month, thanks to PokerStars.While the new tournaments will take place during the Australian primetime, they are generallysoft ones and could be great for the fresh faces. For the more experienced player, it could offera great opportunity to pad your bankroll. Every division of the tournament has a dailytournament of its own.Players can look up the ranking of all three divisions at the main PokerStars website. PokerStarsawards up to AUS $300, $100 and $40 to all monthly winners in all the three divisions in thetournament, respectively. PokerStars gives away an estimated $4,000 every month.The Australian and New Zealand Poker League takes place at almost concurring times of theday. How can an Aussie player increase their winning chances? It is possible to play all the threedivisions at the same time. PokerStars does not place any prohibition on playing and winning inall three divisions.A good strategy for players would be to aim for higher points so they can attain the top 100 inthe three divisions. These means you will receive the monthly payout for all the three levels. Itis also a good idea to aim at reaching the final table in each game; this is where you can garnerthe most league points.
  2. 2. Aussie players looking to get started with this exclusive league can simply head to thePokerStars website, download the client and insert the provided bonus code. Players canreceive an estimated AUS$600 in welcome bonuses. To register for the tournament, head tothe lobby at PokerStars, select the ‘Tourney’ button and click ‘Regional’ to start winning. Otherthan this, you can also find great poker games at www.pokerstars.com/poker/games/.