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What is WeChat?

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A question facing anyone wanting to do marketing in China. WeChat is the marketer's tool of choice in the Middle Kingdom. But what is it? And how do you use it for marketing? This simple presentation takes you through the basics, and shows which New Zealand organisations are already using WeChat for marketing to China.

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What is WeChat?

  1. 1. What is WeChat? And how can it benefit your business?
  2. 2. In this presentation ● What is WeChat? ● How do organisations use WeChat? ● WeChat user experience ● How do you know if it's working? ● Which NZ organisations are using it, and how? ● How do you promote an official WeChat account?
  3. 3. What is WeChat? Not just another "China copy", WeChat is China's answer to...
  4. 4. A few WeChat facts 706.7 million users worldwide 36% of users access WeChat more than THIRTY TIMES PER DAY US$630B sales volume 18-35 years old the dominant age of WeChat users 80%of Chinese MILLIONAIRES use WeChat
  5. 5. How do organisations use WeChat? Service Accounts: PRO: stand out in the inbox CON: Only 4 updates/month A WeChat OA (Official Account) is like * Social Media Marketing *Email Marketing *Blogging *SMS marketing Subscription accounts: PRO: One update per day CON: "Hidden" in subscription folder
  6. 6. WeChat User Experience On WeChat, User scans the QR code, which brings her to your OA. User then presses "FOLLOW" Then user receives a (customisable) thank you message. 1 2 3
  7. 7. The business end of Wechat Customer Service: Users can chat with the account admin through WeChat. Admins can reply from the backend, BUT they must reply within 48 hours. (One of WeChat's special features…) Analytics The WeChat backend offers a wealth of analytics - in Chinese - including: ● Number of followers ● Growth rate of followers over time ● Each article's views, likes, shares and comments ● Subscriber data: gender, location, devices used to access WeChat ● Discovery sources: How people found your content
  8. 8. What other notable New Zealand organisations are actively using a WeChat OA? Service Accounts Subscription Accounts
  9. 9. How do you promote a WeChat official account? ● Promoting the QR code on packaging, in store and at events (banners, promotional channels, etc.) ● Advertising or content partnerships with other wechat accounts (media or KOL - key opinion leader - channels) ● In WeChat groups (a method best saved for experienced active users)
  10. 10. How can syENGAGE help you with WeChat? 1. Help you set up your own WeChat OA 2. Promote your organisation, product or WeChat channel on our "My New Zealand" WeChat Channel 3. Promote your organisation, product or WeChat channel through partnerships with other WeChat channels Get in touch! Add us on WeChat -> (on your phone, open WeChat, click + on the top right hand corner, and "Scan QR Code")