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Cloud Computing a close look with Office 365

This are the session slides from European SharePoint Conference 2013 in Copenhagen. In this session, I will give a brief overview about Office 365 and show real-life scenarios from my daily Business. We will discuss questions about security and privacy and also about how Office 365 can help businesses to focus on their real business needs.

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Cloud Computing a close look with Office 365

  1. 1. Cloud ComputingA close look at the public cloud with Office 365 Martina Grom, MVP Office 365, atwork @magrom
  2. 2. AgendaWhat is Cloud ComputingDefinitions and a look behindOffice 365 OverviewDemoGo Social in your enterpriseReal world scenarios AgendaSecurity, PrivacyWhat it is and what it isn’tCost’s and TCODemo Example
  3. 3. Understanding Cloud ComputingOn Prem Private CloudPublic Cloud Hybrid
  4. 4. Top five advantages of cloud computing Source: IDC’s Enterprise Panel, Q3/2009 78% 76% 74% 72% 70% 68% 66% 64% 62% 60% Pay only for what Easy/fast Monthly payments Encourages Requires less in- you use deployment to end standard systems house staff, costs users
  5. 5. Cloud Solutions are corporate strategyCloud StrategyDecision making is strategic, not technicalCIO‘s define the needsMore than 50% of T op100 companies worldwide willuse Cloud services for their sensitive DataIT becomes a value centerEcological Footprint 35% of all IT expenses areResponsibility, energy, shared ressources budgeted outside IT by 2015
  6. 6. What we don´t want….own infrastructureown hardwarehosting
  7. 7. Office 365 | What is it?Latest productivity services running in Microsoft’s cloud
  8. 8. Office as a Service
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. Agenda
  11. 11. Security, Privacy
  12. 12. The trust questions… HC2Privacy TransparencyWhat does privacy at Microsoft mean? Where is my data?Are you using my data to build advertisingproducts? Who has access to my data ? Compliance SecurityWhat certifications and capabilities doesMicrosoft hold?How does Microsoft support customercompliance needs? Is cloud computing secure?Do I have the right to audit Microsoft? Are Microsoft Online Services secure?
  13. 13. Folie 20HC2 I swapped out old icons with the new ones Hilary Colloff; 01.10.2012
  14. 14. World-Class Data Centers
  15. 15. Office 365 | Continuous innovation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Larger update Larger UpdateQuarterly service updates View attachments with Office Web Apps directly from Outlook Web AppLarger updates on a more frequent cadence Added support for PDFs in SharePointProvide customers options for updates Added support for 2 new languages
  16. 16. Costs, TCO
  17. 17. Enterprise Suites
  18. 18. Enterprise Suites Update!
  19. 19. CIO TCO Perspective
  20. 20. 500 User TCO calculation (Exchange Only)
  21. 21. Next steps Test Office 365 Office365.com Analyze costs Analyse Risks POC and Implementation
  22. 22. About me Publications Martina Grom CEO atwork Blogger Consulting mg@atwork.atblogs.technet.com/austriaMicrosoft Office365 Blog cloudusergroup.at @magrom