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Now That Your Products Can Talk, What Will They Tell You? | A.T. Kearney

  1. Now That Your Products Can Talk, What Will They Tell You?
  2. The old world of “dumb” products Doesn’t listen Can’t adapt or learn
  3. In this world, direct feedback is the only way to know what customers want Social media Online reviews Unreliable Biased Slow Costly Surveys Focus groups Customer feedback
  4. Products are evolving— and listening Where am I being used? How am I being used? Who is using me?
  5. Now that products are listening, here’s what they’re telling you Product and service innovation Process innovation Proactive customer service New customer experiences
  6. A shift is under way From product-centric… …to experience- centric
  7. Your choice may be the flavor of the future Example
  8. Connected tractors sense the environment Example
  9. Smart products enhance our experience at home and beyond Example Top smart home categories: Security and control Energy and lighting Smart entertainment and connectivity Smart appliances
  10. Cars that listen and respond will get us there happy and safe Example
  11. Example Even your food may have had a conversation or two on its way to your plate
  12. More than a product… …a platform Example
  13. When asked what their business appetite for products that talk is 63% of people said important or extremely important, yet only 5% said it's already part of their core capabilities.* *Survey results from MIT Sloan Management Review Webinar, Now That Your Products Can Talk, What Will they Tell You?, April 15, 2016
  14. Ways of thinking and working need to evolve Today Pricing based on initial cost… Design focus on physical products… Innovation = new product… Technology as an afterthought… The way forward …to lifetime value …to data-driven products and experiences …to adaptive products …to technology core to design
  15. A new kind of team will shape the future Product officer Design innovative products Data equity officer Monetize data Experience officer Design innovative experiences
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