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America at 250 | A.T. Kearney

  1. #america250
  2. On July 4th, 2026 our nation will celebrate its 250th birthday. What kind of nation will it be? What can we do to shape that future? #america250
  3. America@250 is a multiyear initiative to engage leaders in an active exploration of the near-term future and its implications. #america250
  4. Today, we face some inspiring possibilities… #america250
  5. #america250 Innovation U.S. technology leads the world Higher Education 17 of the world’s top 25 universities Energy America again the world’s largest oil and gas producer Business Home to 209 of the world’s largest 500 companies Demographics Greatest population growth of advanced economies
  6. And we face some sobering truths… #america250
  7. Government Historically low public confidence Infrastructure Requires at least $3.6 trillion investment by 2020 Climate Change Facing a ‘megadrought’ this century Wealth Income inequality highest in nearly 100 years K-12 Education U.S. students lagging behind global competitors #america250
  8. What could our nation look like in 2o26? #america250
  9. Four possible futures represent a $5.1 trillion swing in U.S. GDP between the best and worst outcomes. #america250
  10. Dawn’s Early Light Millennials’ social values redefine the national agenda, but consumer spending and GDP growth is low. #america250
  11. Twilight’s Last Gleaming The economy spirals downward and U.S. competitiveness plummets in a dysfunctional polarized America. #america250
  12. The Perilous Fight Technology powers growth, keeping America strong, but also eliminates jobs, resulting in a divided and unequal society. #america250
  13. So Gallantly Streaming America charges forward, fueled by shared purpose, powerful new technologies, and a vibrant economy. #america250
  14. Discover your future for America in 2026. #america250