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Attendee Traffic Heat Maps Unveils Data for #Events

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Digestive Disease Week® uses the EventPilot® medical meeting app for their annual conferences, where over 14,000 healthcare professionals gather and discuss the latest research. With EventPilot, attendees can navigate the vast expo and poster hall while the organizer receives anonymous traffic visualizations in real-time. This helped the DDW #eventprofs to intervene and adjust staffing to unexpected traffic spikes while improving future expo planning or booth sales.

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Attendee Traffic Heat Maps Unveils Data for #Events

  1. 1. Traffic Heat Maps unlocking behavior analytics © ATIV Software EventPilot® Medical and Scientific Meeting Apps - Digestive Disease Week® Success Story
  2. 2. Top 50 HCEA
  3. 3. 14,000+ Attendees 280+ Exhibitors
  4. 4. Digestive Disease Week 2017 4,200 Posters
  5. 5. Different Venues
  6. 6. Do attendees easily find key areas such as posters in different convention centers?
  7. 7. DDW Tried Different Solutions Flickr Adafruit Industries
  8. 8. RFID RFID was expensive, time- consuming, and created more work for staff. It lacked traffic data from within the exhibitor hall. Flickr Adafruit Industries
  9. 9. Wi-Fi based tracking was not available in real-time and lacked the ability to differentiate between attendees, exhibitors, and staff. Wi-Fi
  10. 10. EventPilot meeting app offers Attendee Traffic Insights
  11. 11. Solution EventPilot allowed DDW to: ● reduce spending by 62% compared to RFID ● analyze data in real-time ● streamline vendors ● collect key insights for future planning Flickr Adafruit Industries
  12. 12. I was really surprised by the data EventPilot’s medical meeting app provided. DDW
  13. 13. Visual Traffic Patterns
  14. 14. Key Insights
  15. 15. Real-Time Data
  16. 16. 62% Cost savings
  17. 17. Real-Time Intervention to manage staff
  18. 18. Planning Booth sales with data for premium locations
  19. 19. EventPilot enables me to make last minute adjustments that I couldn’t make before traffic insights DDW