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How to be an effective leader

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How to be an effective leader

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How to be an effective leader

  2. 2. ‹#› Main topics of interest Time Management Contribution Writing Things Down 1 2 5 Building on Your Strengths3 Making Effective Decisions4
  3. 3. ‹#› Module requirements To develop the skills to help you manage your daily life as a family member, friend, student, coach, player, teacher and teammate. Learning the importance of managing yourself will eventually lead to your ability to manage and lead others. Review the follow curriculum with a group or by yourself. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) rate yourself on how well you manage yourself in the following categories of effective leadership. Purpose Instructions
  4. 4. Know where your time goes.1 A leader's’ time is pulled in many directions. Have a purpose for every time segment in your day, one can tell a lot about a person from where he spends his time, spend it wisely.
  5. 5. Focus on how to contribute.2 Evaluate what you are good at and what you “bring to the table”. Make sure focus remains on providing consistent contributions to others.
  6. 6. Build on your strengths.3 Celebrate the differences that each member (including ourselves) adds to the organization. Pick something that you are good at and be better at it than anyone else, to create value for yourself and others.
  7. 7. Focus on areas that will give results.4 What is your most important job? What are the few very important factors (drivers) that most affect the team. Once identified, give them daily attention.
  8. 8. Make effective decisions.5 Leaders make decisions every day, and each one impacts your ability as a leader. You may make a mistake, but making decisions is what leaders do.
  9. 9. Write things down.6 If you don’t have a system of keeping data, get one…your brain can only hold so much information. Leaders who write things down and know what their “to do” list looks like every day are most effective in getting things done and prioritizing work.