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AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Program

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AquaHealth's healthy beverage program is designed to offer healthy beverage alternatives to those that have high calories and high amounts of sugar. AquaHealth offers a variety of sugar-free, caffeine free and vitamin-enhanced flavors. Lemon-Lime, Kiwi-Strawberry are sweetened with sucralose. Our Aqua-Xcel flavors are vitamin-enhanced and sweetened with sucralose Raspberry, Citrus-Berry, Cran-Grape and Green Tea. Our NEW Aqua-Xcel flavors are vitamin-enhanced and sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract and Cane Sugar; AQUA-XXX and Orange-Mango.

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AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Program

  2. 2. 2 AquaHealth’s Healthy Beverage Program Benefits
  3. 3. 3 AquaHealth’s Healthy Beverage Program Benefits (Continued)
  4. 4. Gfsg 4  2 great flavors  Zero Calories  Zero Sodium  Sweetened with Sucralose  Each 3 gallon box yields 36 gallons of product  11 to 1 Brix Ratio AquaHealth’s All Natural Sugar-Free Flavored Waters Nutritional Facts & Ingredients
  5. 5.  Fruit extracts  Added vitamins  Made with honey and ginseng  Natural antioxidants  2 of our most popular selections  3 gallon BIB yields 36 gallons of product 5 AquaXcel Enhanced Flavors Under 2 Cents Per Ounce
  6. 6. 6 AquaHealth AquaXcel Vitamin Enhanced Fortified Flavored Waters Nutritional Facts & Ingredients
  7. 7. 7 AquaHealth AquaXcel Vitamin Enhanced Flavored Water Nutritional Facts & Ingredients
  8. 8.  Fruit extracts  Added vitamins  Made with stevia & cane sugar  Natural antioxidants  3 gallon BIB yields 36 gallons of product 8 AquaXcel Enhanced Flavors with Stevia & Cane Sugar Under 2 Cents Per Ounce
  9. 9.  4 great flavors  The original sports drink  For over 40 years, Gatorade has proven again and again to keep athletes hydrated and performing at their best Gatorade Sports Drinks Performance Hydration
  10. 10.  Less sodium than Gatorade  More affordable isotonic  4 refreshing flavors  Great tasting, cost effective hydrations source with all of the flavor and energy in the best sport drinks on the market Sqwincher Sports Drinks The Activity Drink
  11. 11. 11 QuickFill 560 QuickFill 540 QuickFill 530 AquaHealth Healthy Beverage Dispenser Options
  12. 12. 12 Smart Bottletm Program Free Amenity  Provide complimentary Smart Bottle for unlimited refills  Set goal to minimize or eliminate one-time use plastic bottles
  13. 13. AquaHealth® Service Provider Network  Over 85 service providers  Strategically located around North America  All have inventory of parts to provide timely service  800 number for trouble shooting and initiating a service call  Proactive scheduled preventative maintenance
  14. 14. Ggsgsgs sgsd AquaHealth Premium Water is the Sustainable Solution to Bottled Water. By delivering an Earth Friendly option to fine dining establishments, hotel venues, schools, corporations and other sites, AquaHealth enables patrons to enjoy clean, delicious bottled water without the waste associated with traditional bottled waters. AquaHealth is committed to providing a top quality product at an affordable price giving customers and food service providers a new choice for healthy beverages while helping protect the environment 14 Mission Statement
  15. 15. Thank you Contact: Dave Flanders Phone: 860-604-5051 dflanders@aquahealth.com Contact: Steve Donaghy Phone: 702-813-0586 sdonaghy@aquahealth.com