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Sasaki practical-linked-data

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This XML Prague 2015 Pre-conference presentations shows practical usage of linked data sources. These sources can help to: enrich content with entities, add link to external data sources, use the enriched content in question answering, machine translation or other scenarios. The aim is to show the practical application of linked data sources in XML tooling. The presentation is an update and provides outcomes of the related session held at XML Prague 2014.

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Sasaki practical-linked-data

  1. 1. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Practical Linked Data and XML Tooling Felix Sasaki DFKI / W3C Fellow 1
  2. 2. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference What is Linked Data? • Give every data item a URI http://example.com/presentations/fsasaki-xmlprague2015 • Linked data statements: use URIs to interrelate data – like links between Web pages 2 http://example.com/presentations/fsasaki-xmlprague2015 http://example.com/locationOfEvent http://example.com/cities/prague subject predicate object
  3. 3. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Linked data format: RDF • One RDF storage syntax: turtle (here abbreviated) 3 http://example.com/presentations/fsasaki-xmlprague2015 http://example.com/locationOfEvent http://example.com/cities/prague expresentations:fsasaki-xmlprague2015 exprop:locationOfEvent excities:prague. subject predicate object subject predicate object
  4. 4. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference The linked data cloud – billions of interlinked triples from interlinked data sets 4
  5. 5. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Linguistic Linked Data (LLD) • Representing linguistic resources as linked data – Lexica, thesauri, corpora, … LLD: topic of the LIDER project http://lider-project.eu “Linked Data as an enabler of cross-media and multilingual content analytics for enterprises across Europe” • One work item: Getting feedback from communities on benefits and challenges of (linguistic) linked data 5
  6. 6. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference XML Prague last year: • LIDER session on XML, Semantic Web and Content Analytics • Outcome: feedback from the XML community – What is needed to deploy linked data and XML together in applications? 6 <myDoc>...</myDoc> ?
  7. 7. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Feedback from last year (examples) • Potential users of linked data in the XML community, usability of linked data tools, integration into (XML) content workflows, relation between data formats (XML – RDF), domain and language of (linguistic) linked data, … • More in W3C LD4LT group wiki documenting the XML Prague session 7 https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/wiki/Lider_roadmapping_activities
  8. 8. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference PRACTICAL PART – DEMO: DEPLOYING LINKED DATA IN OXYGEN 8
  9. 9. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Scenario and user types • Author wants to write a travel guide • Content architect with knowledge on linked data sets: setup of oXygenxml editor – On the fly enrichment of content with linked data sources – Author can choose subset of sources – Author uses WYSIWYG author mode – Demo video: http://youtu.be/2dZQ2BWnGDc 9
  10. 10. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Current state: deployment of linked data requires XML + RDF coding 10 • XSLT Stylesheet fetching linked data from the Web • Encompasses linked data SPARQL query
  11. 11. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Future via FREME project 11 • Easy to use APIs and GUIs, among others for working with (linguistic) linked data • Linked data tooling integration in the background • Content architect will benefit from simple interfaces • More soon at http://www.freme-project.eu getLinkedData (‘place-type’,’dbpedia-data-source’)
  12. 12. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Want to know more? • Join the LD4LT group • https://www.w3.org/community/ld4lt/ • Provide feedback – Your needs on linguistic linked data sets – Your visions on LLD applications – Your input on how easy to use interfaces (both APIs and GUIs) should look like in your usage scenario 12
  13. 13. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference And now: it‘s time for your feedback  • What type of data (domain, language, format, …) is relevant for your applications? • What type of software or graphical interfaces do you need? • And: what application do you have in mind? 13
  14. 14. Sasaki – XML Prague 2015 preconference Practical Linked Data and XML Tooling Felix Sasaki DFKI / W3C Fellow 14