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Hypertext system

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Hypertext system

  1. 1. OVERVIEW
  2. 2. CONCEPT OF HYPERTEXT BUSH Memex ( Memory Extender) A sort of mechanized private file and library Massive scientific information was increasing more & more rapidly fast It is more difficult to follow the information ( information overloaded)
  3. 3. WHAT IS HYPERTEXT ? Hypertext means Non-Sequential Reading and Writing Allows a user to link information together. Hypertext system Enable users to explore or open any information available in any document without starting from the first document sequentially;however, users can still do it sequentially if they want.
  4. 4. Content A B CSCREEN F E D
  5. 5.  Thereis a possibility of connecting hypertext with other medias such as graphics, animation or sound. Theonly content distinction between hypertext and hypermedia is just text.
  6. 6.  Ease of tracing references Ease of creating new references Information structuring Global view Customized documents Modularity of information Consistency of information Task stacking Collaboration
  7. 7.  The orientation problems are :1. Where is the user in the network?2. What information is available?3. How can the user get to it? Smith (1988:39) and Conklin
  8. 8.  Enables users to navigate and brows information.1. Businessa. Product catalogues and Advertisements.b. Newsletters and new magazines.2. Information Resourcesa. College catalogues and departement guides.b. Scientific journals, abstract, and indexes.3. Personal Learninga. On-Line help and technical documentation.b. Hypernovels and hyperpoems.
  9. 9.  A hypertext system gives individual attention to a learner or user, at the console and replies to the system. The hypertext can be utilized for educational purposes, such as for creating a personal learning tutorial which is commonly known as the Computer Assisted Learning (CAL).
  10. 10. Hypertext in Language Learning The capability of hypertext Interactive capability and flexibility as a computer medium It can be implemented in learning all language skills: Listening (e.g. Listening to News), Speaking (e.g. The Language of Discussion), Reading (e.g. Reading A Circle Graph), Writing (e.g Developing A Good Thesis Statement)
  11. 11. References Hartoyo, 2008, Individual Differences. English For Academic Purposes, University of Indonesia www.freetechexams.com/computer-tips/what-is- hypertext.html www.technorhetoric.net/2.2features/paralogic/unp redictable.html www.w3.org/WhatIs.html www.mason.gmu.edu/~montecin/hypertext.htm