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Responsible Project Management webinar

  1. 17:30 – 18:30 28th April 2021 2021 Responsible Project Management
  2. Save the date 4th November 2021 LONDON & online
  3. Road to COP26 • UK Government mandate ▪ New net zero target: 78% by 2035 ▪ 6th carbon budget incl aviation & shipping ▪ From national to international • Building back better ▪ Lockdown learning ▪ Commitments to ourselves ▪ Commitments made by organisations • Opportunities for ▪ Homeworking ▪ Valuing family & community ▪ Protecting environment
  4. Dr Nigel Williams Reader in Project Management University of Portsmouth Dr Karen Thompson Senior Academic Bournemouth University
  5. Agenda • What is RPM? • Why does responsibility matter? • What can you do?
  7. Poll 1 What is your greatest challenge today? 1. Family or health concerns 2. Lack of work or new opportunities 3. Team communication difficulties 4. Working with suppliers and/or customers 5. Implementing COVID-safe measures
  8. Why Responsible PM? • Agile advanced PM’s conceptualizations of Value from Company to Customer Value • Responsible PM seeks to advance from Customer to Societal Value
  9. Professional (IR)Responsibilities of Project Managers • Political (ir)responsibility Understand of the environment or context of the project. • Intellectual (ir)responsibility Understand and adapt practice • Moral( ir)responsibility Understand difference between right and wrong • Individual (ir) responsibility work/life management
  10. Why Responsible Project Management? OPTIMIZING ADAPTIVE RESPONSIBLE Predict future conditions/end state Embrace uncertainty during delivery Extended life cycle perspective Rationality assumption Learning assumption Values assumption Company Value Customer Value Societal (Environmental and Social) Value
  11. Project Influences on Responsibility • Organizational • Temporary activity for permanent organization • Temporal • Need to synchronize organizational routines across stakeholder network • Time based advantages created by project activities (Emergency response, Time to market, window of opportunity) • Employment, contracts and temporary assignments • Major transitions across stages • Relational • Power relationships (Client/Supplier) • Conflict/Co operation
  12. Responsibility varies by Project Role Zwikael, O., & Meredith, J. R. (2018). Who’s who in the project zoo? The ten core project roles. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 38(2), 474-492. Champion Business Case Project Funder Steering Committee Project Owner Users Funding Entity Performing Entity Program Manager Project Manager Project Management Office Outputs Project Team Sponsor/ Product Owner
  13. What is Responsible PM?
  14. Ethics Social Environmental Sustainability Responsibility Accountability: Responsibility that is subjected to agreed rewards/ penalties Responsible PM is Individual
  15. Ethics Social Environmental Sustainability Minimize Accountability: Responsibility that is subjected to agreed rewards/ penalties Irresponsible PM
  16. When to Act Practices Scope of Action (IR)Responsibility (IR)Responsible PM Domains
  17. (IR) Responsible PM Domains Domains Responsible PM Irresponsible PM Scope of Action Broad Narrow When to Act Public/Societal Interest Personal Interest Practices Learning, Advocacy, Stakeholder inclusion, Social Value, Environmental value Sham Compliance, Selective disclosure, Stakeholder Exclusion
  18. Scope of Action Responsible Irresponsible Broad Narrow
  19. When to Act Responsible Irresponsible Societal Personal
  20. Poll 2 Which description of reporting of environmental & social impacts best fits the arrangements for your project? 1. No monitoring or reporting 2. Report at project closure on environmental impacts only 3. Report at project closure on social & environmental impacts 4. Regular reporting on environmental impacts only 5. Regular reporting on social & environmental impacts
  21. Calls for Action
  22. Join a new workshop Workshops to understand competencies Project scenario - Construction or Technology
  23. Open call for evidence COP26 Nov 2021
  24. Open call for evidence COP26 Nov 2021 Questions 1. What projects are you delivering that will contribute to achieving net zero? 2. How are you changing the way you deliver projects to achieve net zero? 3. What do you see as good practice in projects seeking to meet net zero targets? 4. What help & support is needed?
  25. Open call for evidence COP26 Nov 2021 How to submit 1. Link to existing material e.g. website 2. Create video, podcast or poster 3. Email us for follow up Join us: London 4th November
  26. Contact Nigel Karen
  27. Poll 3 What changes do you anticipate to your project practices over the next 3 years? 1. No change 2. Improved reporting on environmental impacts 3. Improved reporting on social & environmental impacts 4. Stakeholder dialogue on environmental impacts 5. Open public dialogue on social & environmental impacts
  28. What can you do? • Sign the RPM Manifesto • Join one a workshop • Continue the discussion … • Join the Meetup Group and our FaceBook Group • Visit our website • Connect with us on LinkedIn Thank you ☺
  29. Save the date 4th November 2021 LONDON & online COP26