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Finding your PMO mojo following lockdown webinar, 18 August 2020

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Finding your PMO mojo following lockdown webinar
Tuesday 18 August 2020

presented by
Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

The link to the write up page and resources of this webinar:

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Finding your PMO mojo following lockdown webinar, 18 August 2020

  1. 1. Finding Your PMO Mojo Following lockdown
  2. 2. Today ▪ PMO Stats from industry ▪ Insight into the realities of PMO right now ▪ Tactics to make PMOs strong for the future ▪ Next steps for PMOs
  3. 3. About… • Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton is the Chair of the APM PMO SIG • Fellow of the APM • NLP Master Practitioner • Axelos P3M3 Assessor • PMO specialist with a focus on people and collaboration
  4. 4. PMO Stats Would consider a change to more flexible working in the future Minutesdailyspenttalkingabouttopicsnot relatedtowork Saythattheirmentalwellbeingandwork-life balancehasimproved 74% 75%BC*:66 AC:9 * Coronavirus Wrike.com-es WeForum.org Wrike.com-es
  5. 5. PMO Challenges Disconnection versus over connection ‘Experts’ are created through experience How do we deliver with ‘remote governance’? Influx of technology internally and externally Dealing with inconsistent working hours Connectivity Flexibility Technology LearningStructure Job Security
  6. 6. ObjectivesAccounting CommunityRoadmapLessons Learned Tactics Now
  7. 7. Reflect Identify Value Roots MedicineProfileFactorsMaturity Metrics Planning Refine Maturity Review your PMO www.pmoninjas.com
  8. 8. Do a PMO MOT TheMOTtoolisfreetodownloadeitheratWellingtone.co.uk(English)orWellingtone.es(Spanish) Youcanpersonaliseit,ithasnocodeanditprovidesaviewonyourCurrentPMOperformance Youcanwatchthewebinarbackthatexplainshowtousethetoolonourwebsite https://wellingtone.co.uk/give-your-pmo-an-mot-test/
  9. 9. Thank you Any questions?