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Living by the water xisca y demelsa

  1. Ports of Mallorca Xisca Ramon, Demelsa Menorca and Margalida Garriga
  2. Index I. Port of Sóller II. Port of Palma III. Port of Alcúdia
  3. Port of Sóller It's a natural port situated in the Tramuntana mountains and it is an important population center located in the tourist town of Sóller.
  4. Port of Sóller It was built in the sixteenth century to protect from pirates.
  5. Port of Sóller It is now used for landing and embarking passengers, as Sóller is a tourist destination.
  6. Port of Sóller When there was a civil war in Spain, people migrated to France through the port of Soller, while the rest of the Majorcans migrated to America.
  7. Port of Sóller Right after the French revolution there were many French immigrants interested in organizing trade fruits to their homeland. They traded with lemons and oranges, nuts and olives.
  8. Port of Sóller
  9. Port of Sóller
  10. Port of Palma Located on west of the island. It is most important port in Majorca.
  11. Port of Palma It was built when King James I arrived in Mallorca, after defeating the Muslims.
  12. Port of Palma It is used to transport goods, fishing boats, pleasure boats, passenger and military vessels.
  13. Port of Palma The port of Palma is a commercial port and port with smalls recreational yachts and big cruise ships where celebrities go to have fun and rent yachts for a trip along the coast.
  14. Port of Palma
  15. Port of Palma
  16. Port of Alcúdia   Is a town and port  located in the town of  Alcúdia, and situated in  the northeast of Mallorca
  17. Port of Alcúdia It was built by the  Romans.It was used to  deliver slaves from Rome  to Majorca. At that time it  was called Pollentia. 
  18. Port of Alcúdia In the past, the port of  Alcudia traded products like  fruits and especially olives. 
  19. Port of Alcúdia We also used the port of Alcudia to carry coal from South Africa to the Murterar.
  20. Port of Alcúdia It's the natural connection between Mallorca and Menorca by sea. Many ferries also travel to Barcelona every week from this port.
  21. Port of Alcúdia