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Jurisprudence ch.01 introduction

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Jurisprudence ch.01 introduction

  1. 1. 01Introduction toJurisprudence
  2. 2. Prudentia1 - 3Literal Meaning:JurisJurisprudenceDerived fromTwo Latin Words• Law• Wisdom,• Knowledge• Philosophy, OR• ScienceWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  3. 3. Jurisprudence1 - 4Literal Meaning:meansWhat is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionHenceWisdom ofLawKnowledgeof LawPhilosophyof LawO RO RO RScience of Law
  4. 4. 5What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionKey Terms in Understanding Definition ofJurisprudence:
  5. 5. 1 - 6Science Knowledge gained through asystematic study, is called scienceSystematic Study means, a Studyconsisted of;DeductionExperimentHypothesisObservationWhat is JurisprudenceAn Introduction
  6. 6. 1 - 7Philosophy Derived from two Latin wordsPHILOSOPHYPhiloMeans „love‟SophyMeansWisdom orknowledgeKnowledgegained throughthe application ofmindExamining thebasic conceptssuch as „truth‟,„existence‟ „soul‟,„hereinafter life‟etc.What is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  7. 7. 1 - 8Law A set of rules and regulations thatregulates human behaviour in societies It determines human conduct andregulates it. The subject-matter of Jurisprudence isLaw There are different types of Law andthe jurists are debating as to whichtype is the true subject-matter ofJurisprudenceWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  8. 8. 1 - 9What is Jurisprudence?An Introduction This Typology of Law isbased on the fact thatfrom where Law comesor what is the ultimatesource of its recognition(nature). Hence, it is a broadtypology of lawTYPOLOGY OFLAW
  9. 9. 1 - 10Natural Law. Norms. Reason basedGod-made LawTypes ofLawMan-made LawPhysical Law. Chemistry. Physics etcDivine Law. Religious Law. ScripturesPositive LawMoral/Ethical LawAbstract Law. Fundamental Principles. General NotionsLaw as itOUGHT to bePhilosophicalLawLaw as it isAnalytical LawLaw of NatureConcrete Law. Real Law/ Applicable Law. Statutes, Acts, DecisionsWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  10. 10. 11Definition of Jurisprudence There is no uniform definition of JurisprudenceReason:The subject-matter of Jurisprudenceis LawBut there is no uniform definition oflaw.What is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  11. 11. 1 - 12Definition By Eminent Jurists:Ulpian:Classical Concept“The observation of things human and divine, theknowledge of just and unjust.”A celebrated Roman JuristCriticism: Being meta-physical in nature its value cannot beevaluated.The first formal definition of jurisprudence.In the contemporaneous socio-political setups he had giventhe best definition.What is Jurisprudence?An Introduction(170 AD - 228 AD)
  12. 12. 1 - 13John Austin:“Jurisprudence is the Philosophy ofPositive Law.”Criticism: The terms „Philosophy‟ and „Positive Law‟ aremisleadingHe lived in circumstances when Europe was witnessingchanges especially in Politics.He separated the meta-physical controversy from legalenterpriseDefinition By Eminent Jurists:Classical ConceptWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction(1790 AD - 1859 AD)
  13. 13. 1 - 14Thomas Erskine Holland:“Jurisprudence is the formal science ofPositive Law.”The criticism on the term „Philosophy‟ of Austin definition ledHolland to present this definitionIt substituted „Philosophy‟ in Austin definition by „FormalScience‟.Definition By Eminent Jurists:Classical ConceptWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction„Formal‟ means fundamental legal principles(1835 AD - 1926 AD)
  14. 14. 1 - 15Salmond:“The science of the first principlesof civil law.”Science: A systematic intellectual inquiryCivil law: The whole corpus of law applicable in a StateBy term „Law‟ Salmond means „Positive Law‟„First Principles‟: Fundamental principlesDefinition By Eminent Jurists:Classical ConceptWhat is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionLaw: As Administered by Courts(1862 AD - 1924 AD)
  15. 15. 1 - 16Keeton:“Jurisprudence is the study of the systematicarrangement of the general principles of law.”Definition By Eminent Jurists:Classical ConceptWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  16. 16. 1 - 17Gray:“The science of law, the statement and systematicarrangement of the rules followed by the Courts and theprinciples involved in those rules.”Definition By Eminent Jurists:Classical ConceptWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction
  17. 17. 1 - 18Dean Roscoe pound“The science of social engineering”Definition By Eminent Jurists:Modern ConceptionWhat is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionAn idea of giving the most complete security and effect to thewhole scheme of human demands and desire which arepressing for recognition, with the least sacrifice, least frictionand least waste.
  18. 18. 1 - 19Classification of JurisprudenceWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction Jurisprudence was classified by:JeremyBenthamJohnAustinSalmond
  19. 19. 1 - 20What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionClassification of JurisprudenceBenthamCensorialJurisprudenceExpositorialJurisprudenceAustinGeneralJurisprudenceParticularJurisprudenceSalmondAnalyticalJurisprudenceHistoricalJurisprudenceEthicalJurisprudencePhilosophical
  20. 20. 1 - 21What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionClassification of JurisprudenceCensorialJurisprudenceExpositorialJurisprudenceStudy of Law „asit ought to be‟Study of Law „asit is‟Bentham’sClassification
  21. 21. 1 - 22What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionClassification of JurisprudenceGeneralJurisprudenceParticularJurisprudenceStudy of EthicalLaw(Law „as it ought to be)The study ofPositive Law(Law „as it is)Austin’sClassification
  22. 22. 1 - 23What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionClassification of JurisprudenceAnalyticalJurisprudenceStudy ofPositive Law(Law „as it is)The study ofEthical Law(Law „as it ought to be)SalmondClassificationHistoricalJurisprudencePhilosophicalJurisprudenceThe study ofHistoricalDevelopment of Law
  23. 23. 1 - 24Scope of Jurisprudence According to the most celebratedview:What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionJurisprudence studies LawStudy is analytical/scientificLaw is man-made/positiveIt is not discussing the content butthe essence of lawBut recently again the jurists like Roscoe Pound and JuliusStone seem to enhance the scope of Jurisprudence
  24. 24. 1 - 25Significance or Utility of JurisprudenceWhat is Jurisprudence?An Introduction Being an abstract and theoreticalscience, jurisprudence has a little practical valuePractical value: Master of a Legal SystemThe eye of LawThe key to legal understandingSharpens argumentative capacityEducational value
  25. 25. 1 - 26What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionPsychologyEconomicsPoliticsSocialScienceHistoryEthicsSociologyJurisprudenceRelation of Jurisprudence with otherSocial Science
  26. 26. 1 - 27What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– Law is the set ofrules regulatingthe conduct ofhuman beingsliving in a societyPolitics– Study of theGovernment– Government meansthe institution toadminister theaffairs of the societyBoth arecontemplatingon the societyRelation
  27. 27. 1 - 28What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Law is regulatingthe externalconduct of humanbeingsPsychology– Study of internalconduct of humanbeings– In other words itanalyses the mentalstate of a person ata given movementRelationBoth arecontemplatingthe mentalstate of humanbeings– But external conductis depending oninternal conduct (e.g.intention, malice etc.)
  28. 28. 1 - 29What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– Deals with framedrulesEconomics– Study of wealth– Concentration ofwealth in a societybrings prosperity forits membersRelationBoth arecontemplatingon the socialand economicwell-being ofpeople– All legal conceptsare social oriented– Not possiblewithout havingsound legal system
  29. 29. 1 - 30What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– Legal Conceptshas arisen in aparticular periodand thendeveloped throughagesHistory– Study of the pastevents– Provides historicalbackground behindlegal conceptsRelationBothcontemplateshistory fromdifferentperspectivesHistoricalJurisprudence
  30. 30. 1 - 31What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– All legal conceptsare social orientedSociology– Study of society– Looks into thesocial significanceof law in societyRelationBothcontemplateson socialstructure fromdifferent anglesSociologicalJurisprudence
  31. 31. 1 - 32What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– Law aims atupgrading thesocial conditionsSocial Work– The study as towelfare of thesociety– Through counselingservices, healthclinics, recreationhalls etc.RelationBothcontemplateson up gradationof socialconditions ofthe community
  32. 32. 1 - 33What is Jurisprudence?An IntroductionRelation of Jurisprudencewith other Social ScienceJurisprudence– Studies Law– Law aims at thepositive behaviourof human beingsEthics– Science of humanconduct– What should behuman behaviourand an ideal humanbehaviourRelationBothcontemplateson humanconduct fromdifferent anglesEthicalJurisprudence– „Is‟ conduct– „Ought‟ conduct
  33. 33. End of chapter # 01
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