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Question 4

  1. 1. Demographics Demographics • Name: Ashley Robinsons • Gender: Female • Age : 16 • ABCDE : E • Religion : Christian • Occupation : Student • Income : None • Nationality
  2. 2. Psychographics Ashley is a hardworking and dedicated person. She loves to interact with different kind of people and some of her hobbies include, listening music and playing the guitar. She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures; world music; catching up with friends; waking up each day with a workout, and winding down each night with yoga. She has spent the better part of her life focusing on her education towards achieving her career goals. Ashley is extremely responsible and grounded for her age. During leisure time she likes to engage in many outdoor activities such as bicycling, kayaking and snowboarding. Often performs these activities to relax from the stresses of life which focus primarily around work. Loves listening to all sorts of musical except classical and also aspires to be a musician one day. Spends extra time shopping, going on outing with mates and overall like any other teenager loves her social networking sites.
  3. 3. Likes;  Shopping  Socialising with family and friends  Listening to music  Going on adventures  Chocolates  make up  Being informed about latest celebrity gossips Dislikes  Public speaking  Racist people  Vegetables  Obesity  Spiders
  4. 4. We had conducted a little survey in order to find out what it is our audience are eagerly wanting and looking for in their perfect radio newscast. The following are some of the results we had collected.
  5. 5. • As it can clearly be seen The main thing our target audience who are teenagers are looking for is good quality music, along with some interesting news. Believe it or not, they also wanted good presenters who are appealing for the audience, and want a newscast that is also interactive. • We felt from the responses that the teenagers feel that they are not given an opportunity to speak within the media in order to get their point of views across.
  6. 6. In order to target our audience it was necessary that we took on board what our respondents had to say and include a newscast that is interactive, with good presenters as well as including the views of the youth and discuss matters that are relevant to them specifically.
  7. 7. I think that overall our media product was very effective at targeting the youth, as they personally felt that it is the type of newscast that they will listen to. We took on board our audiences’ suggestions such as placing good music, presenters that engage with the audience, a good sense of interactivity and presenting the voice of youths’.