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How to be a good friend

Key ingredients of good friendship

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How to be a good friend

  1. 1. How to be A Good Friend
  2. 2. Friendship is a great thing to experience at any phase of life. Friends make life easier and better for us in many ways. A good and understanding friend is not only hard to find but a treasure to cherish. However, what we often forget or don’t realize is that friendship is a two way street. It is always easy to expect or even demand someone else to be good friend to us. However, we seldom look inside and ask ourselves if we are good friends to others as well. Do some soul- searching and think of some of the qualities that are required to be a good friend to someone. Write points about some of the ways in which you believe one can prove to be an ideal friend.
  3. 3. A bottle of kindness A good friend should be very kind to you .
  4. 4. Few table of good listening….. A good friend should listen to you and give attention to your view and thoughts. One large tube of Trust……. A good friend should be the person you can trust upon to share your feelings and problems with.
  5. 5. One can of Honesty…….. This is a very key ingredient of good friendship. Good friends should be honest in all dealings and matters with each other. This will help your friendship to last long.
  6. 6. Sufficient load of forgiveness………. Without this ingredient your friendship can become spicy and pinching……..Its good to forget all the bitter things and mistakes of each others.
  7. 7. One box of Encouragement……. We all need encouragement to grow and progress…….good friends encourage each other not only in times of hardships but in times of success as well. One good word or compliment can make your friend’s day beautiful.
  8. 8. Few pints of patience………. This is an ingredient which will strengthen your friendship and will make it stand for you in your hard times. Without this your friendship will be vulnerable and weak.
  9. 9. A huge pot of Respect for each other……… Good friends respect each other. They also respect each other’s family, social background, culture and their faith and belief also.
  10. 10. A handsome bag of loyalty……….. Good friends keep each other’s secrets. They remains loyal to each other. They do not cheat each other. They don not speak bad words or do something bad to you behind your back.
  11. 11. Millions of gallons of FUN……. The salt and sugar of every good friendship is having fun. Good friends enjoy each other’s company. They like spending more time together.
  12. 12. 1-What are the basic characteristics that you feel a good friend should have? 2- In what manner should a good friend behave? 3- What should a good friend do in an argument or a fight? 4- Should a good friend always be helpful and supportive no matter what choices you make? 5- Should a good friend be caring and always be there for you? 6- Should a good friend continue to sacrifice forever? 7- Is it acceptable for a friend to like you only for your appearance or social status? 8- Should a good friend love unconditionally without any prejudice or personal benefit? 9- Is it necessary in your opinion for a good friend to respect you, your family, your choices and your faith? 10- what other traits do you think a good friend must have? Prompts
  13. 13. Write a paragraph of 70 to 80 words on “ How to be a Good Friend” on your grammar notebooks.