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FinTech Startup Investor Pitch - FinTech Forum Think tank

In the past 7 years we have seen over 3,500 pitches and given a lot of feedback. More than 350 FinTech startups presented their business models in 7 minutes each.

From this we developed a template. We recommend that all founders cover at least the following eight topics in their presentation.

1. Elevator pitch: the ability to explain the service clearly in 60 seconds
2. The customer: value and benefit
3. The market potential
4. How do you stay ahead of the competition?
5. Marketing and sales approach
6. The core team
7. Key figures, KPIs & finance
8. Roadmap & current status

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FinTech Startup Investor Pitch - FinTech Forum Think tank

  1. 1. FinTech Startup Investor Pitch - 7 min, Template Your service – elevator pitch in 60 seconds Your customer – benefits and value The market potential The competition – how to stay ahead Your marketing & sales approach Your startup - the core team Key figures, KPIs & financials Roadmap & current status Think tankFinTechForum.de
  2. 2. Your service – elevator pitch in 60 seconds Simple description of your service 1word * in three words * Your service in 1 sentence. What problem does your service solve? What makes the service different? What makes your service unique? (Unique selling proposition / USP) Does the service make things 10 times better? Does the service reduce costs by 90%? Does the service automate existing manual processes? If applicable: a screenshot of user interface / web or mobile or API Think tankFinTechForum.de Elevator Pitch explain your service clearly in 60 seconds
  3. 3. Your customer – value and benefits How does the typical customer look like? How does the customer use the service? What customer value and benefits do you deliver? Your customer acquisition costs (CaC)? The customer lifetime value (CLTV)? Think tankFinTechForum.de
  4. 4. The market potential Market potential today and in the next 10 years Market segmentation The market size that you intend to address The market share you want to win Your share Other Other 123123 492 Visualize your statements Think tankFinTechForum.de
  5. 5. Competition – how to stay ahead Who are your competitors? Do you have a role model? How do you differ from competition? Why and how will you stay ahead of competition? Think tankFinTechForum.de
  6. 6. Your marketing & sales approach What is your story? Why will customers love you and your service? How do you attract and win customers? How do you sell? Why do customers buy your service? Sales channels? Your brand NAME LOGO IDENTITY QUALITY STRATEGY Think tankFinTechForum.de
  7. 7. The core team Short description of core team members with pictures CEO COO / CIO CFO Marketing / Sales Service Technology Think tankFinTechForum.de
  8. 8. Key figures, KPIs & financials What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? E.g. # of customers, # of transactions, usage, volume, interest rate, fees per user, CAC, CLTV, … Outline expected high level v revenues v costs v profit for the next 3 years (per quarter). Be prepared for: how much money do you ask and at what evaluation? Think tankFinTechForum.de
  9. 9. What have you achieved so far? v Number of customers v Revenues Where are you now? What are your next major milestones to achieve? v New services v New target groups v New markets Roadmap & current status Think tankFinTechForum.de
  10. 10. FinTech Forum - Advisory Since 2013 – award-winning insights and connections into the European FinTech startup and investment landscape Dr. Michael Rundshagen v Business Development v Strategy and Innovation v Venture Capital Michael@FinTechForum.de Samarth Shekhar v Early Stage VC v Enterprise FinTech/ InsurTech v GTM, Sales & Fund-raising Samarth@FinTechForum.de Spiros Margaris v Venture Capital v M&A v Innovation Spiros@FinTechForum.de Frank Schwab v Business Development v Technology v Creativity & Innovation Frank@FinTechForum.de