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Customer Relationship Management (Airtel)

Insights about CRM & Business Strategy implemented by Airtel.

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Customer Relationship Management (Airtel)

  1. 1. “Think fresh, deliver more” A Presentation Team 3 : Rakesh Arora - 02 Ashish Bansal - 03 Nikhil Doshi - 09 Mayank Sancheti - 22 Pinkesh Shah- 24 Anshul Vyas - 28
  2. 2.  About the company  The Old School  Implementation  Issues faced during implementation  Benefits  Issues faced after implementation  e-CRM initiatives  Concluding remarks
  3. 3. • Empowering People - to do their best • Being Flexible - to adapt to the changing environment and evolving customer needs • Making it Happen - by striving to change the status quo, innovate and energize new ideas with a strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit • Openness and transparency - with an initiate desire to do good • Creating Positive Impact – with a desire to create a meaningful difference in society. 9
  4. 4.  “ We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers and how we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bit more” Source: Mr. Rajvinder Singh ( Sales Head Airtel Ahmedabad) 11
  5. 5. •The Company has ensured that the waiting time in the Airtel world is low. •The Company has made the systems as the Customer wants. Source: Airtel World @ S.G.Highway. 12
  6. 6. “They Communicate what they serve” And make the intangible thing Tangible. 13
  7. 7. A value-added service (VAS) is popular as a telecommunications industry term for non-core services or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions but, it can be used in ANY service industry for the services providers provide for no cost to promote their main service business. In telecommunication industry on a conceptual level, value-added services add value to the standard service offering. Source: Brand Equity (Economic Times) 14
  8. 8. Billing Call Center VAS Communication Hiring Advertising 15
  9. 9. 16
  10. 10. •Airtel brings voice assisted turn-by-turn navigation with Way finder Navigator™ on BlackBerry 8800/8820/8310/Storm •If you enter a destination you will be guided to it, both by voice directions and on the map. All you have to do is choose how to get there, by car, public transportation or by bike. Source: Airtel World @ S.G.Highway. 17
  11. 11. M-Commerce has a distinctive advantages namely flexibility. Through the mobile phone, consumers can conduct business transactions without being fixed at a computer terminal or being physically present at the shop. In essence, M-Commerce offers personalization and real time transactions while on the move. 18
  12. 12. •“Gaana bolo Hello Tune Pao”, Simplest way to find the Hello Tune of your choice •Call 543215 and say the name of your song or movie to search for your favorite Hello Tune. Source: Airtel World @ S.G.Highway. Service Marketing Presentation 19
  13. 13. Problems faced and reasons for implementation
  14. 14.  When Bharti had started out operations (1995), the whole system was manual  Only 40 percent of the customer issues were getting resolved  Were not meeting the customer’s expectations  Customer loyalty was a major concern.
  15. 15.  Had many local players (dealers, vendors etc)  Had huge issues in meeting the demands of the growing customer base.  Were not able to centralize the services and give a common brand experience.  Was hard to service customers across sectors.  The subscriber base was growing at a healthy 15-20%. Airtel crossed the 1
  16. 16.  Not able to recharge amounts anywhere in India. One had to carry scratch cards.  Not able to pay bills anywhere in India  Low customer retention  Hutch’s (now Vodafone) customer service was rated far superior.
  17. 17.  Individual modules for each of the processes  Order processing  Project management  Billing  Customer details  Call center operations  Direct Marketing  Sales Management  Channel Management
  18. 18. A simple thing comes to my mind: How?
  19. 19.  Evaluation:  Technology evaluation  Equipment and technical evaluation was done  GAP analysis • Technology • Internal • Pilot Step evaluation Step restructuring Step program • GAP • Re- • Feed back 1 Analysis 2 engineering 3 cycle
  20. 20. • Internal restructuring and reengineering • Analyze issues surrounding scalability, • Business growth • Market and regulatory environments • Technology • Internal • Pilot Step evaluation Step restructuring Step program • GAP • Re- • Feed back 1 Analysis 2 engineering 3 cycle
  21. 21. • Implementation • Pilot launched • Feedback received with problems and suggestions • After reengineering user validation was sought • All these were rolled into Airtel’s Roadmap for CRM • Technology • Internal • Pilot Step evaluation Step restructuring Step program • GAP • Re- • Feed back 1 Analysis 2 engineering 3 cycle
  22. 22.  "As part of our vision, we intend to provide AirTel services anywhere and at any time. A customer should get the same quality of service no matter which of our call centers he contacts. This has been our vision, and because of that we have gone in for a centralized application like CRM,“ - Amrita Gangotra, Group Chief, IT Solution Engagement
  23. 23.  Business approach that understands, anticipates and manages the need of current and potential customer of an organization.  Integrating People, Processes and Technology of an organization  Effective use of Information about customer to maximize customer satisfaction as well as cost reduction and increased profitability for an organization
  24. 24.  Installed a WAN  Mutiple Leased lines on all major locations  Initiated the process of setting up an extranet to reach out to vendors and dealers  Storage Area Network (SAN) was put in place  The main data center is located at Gurgaon
  25. 25.  Oracle CRM went live in the first quarter of 2004  Managed to overcome many technical problems  Technology partners include Oracle, SUN Microsystems, IBM and HP.  Voice services (IVR) are provided by Nortel which was integrated with Oracle CRM.
  26. 26.  Operational CRM  Workflow  Day-to-day activities  Analytical CRM  Customer information  Business development
  27. 27.  Marketing  Planning  Campaign Management  Lead Management  Sales  Activity Management  Knowledge Management (FAQs, How to guides)  Call Center Support  Opportunity Management
  28. 28. Issues and solutions, always go hand in hand
  29. 29.  Problem getting user community (employees) to accept it  Users forced to work harder to create processes and re-engineer systems around the new implementation  CRM Training for all related employees  Even best in class products are known to fail because of poor training
  30. 30.  Integration of services across all 23 circles and upgrading the organization to provide newer services like up selling of relevant schemes, customized SMS burst etc.  Maintaining the service levels at the same time enabling transition to CRM implementation.
  31. 31.  Airtel had many independent systems, which had to be integrated.  This also involved porting data from each system which totally went to terabytes.  Had to design a proper workflow automation  Facilitation of knowledge sharing.
  32. 32. ORACLE adds Magic to AirTel
  33. 33.  Customer segmentation  Cross selling and up selling of relevant schemes  Market analytics like records of customer profiles, profile, payment history etc  Generation of accurate leads and SMS bursts that target only the right customers based on their segmentation is possible  First time resolution has increased from 40 % to more than 90 %.
  34. 34.  Customized and simplified bill formats, payment collection centers, network deployments, and the activation process was enabled  Better value added services were provided  “Why shouldn’t a person from Pune, holidaying in Kashmir, be able to make payments?”
  35. 35.  It facilitated knowledge sharing amongst employees.  Started e-billing  Customized offers based on usage profiles.  Discounts on reaching threshold  Recharge offers to low worth users  Invitations to movie screenings and events  Up selling of services to select customers  Online customer support on new system
  36. 36.  The customer gets the same level of service across India especially from call centers.  Reduced cost of customer or customer acquisition cost  System is highly scalable as the number of subscribers increase.  Airtel reached the 50 million subscriber mark recently.
  37. 37.  Automatic escalation of problem to superior authority on breaching pre-set time limit.  CRM automatically suggests products to customer when they announce to leave Airtel.  Has resulted in savings because of fewer calls.
  38. 38. Thou shalt perfect the art of perfection
  39. 39.  Functional  Monitoring how the customers interact with the organization using the various modules of the CRM  Visibility of business transactions across India  Operational  Monitor SLAs  Maintenance and modification  Data flow
  40. 40.  Change Management  Oversee enhancement  Constantly improve customer experience  Aligning CRM to Airtel’s vision and growth objectives  Finding the right CRM Managers has been a burning issue in India.
  41. 41. The way forward
  42. 42.  After implementation of the Oracle CRM, Airtel now implementing e-CRM.  e-CRM implementation partner is IBM  Would provide a host of services now running on Oracle CRM  Online customer support  Customer profiling  Web interface  Sales management for vendors and partners
  43. 43. 51
  44. 44. 52
  45. 45. Creating Perception & Delivering Value as per Gap Analysis 53
  46. 46. Service Recovery @ Airtel  Retention plans  Loyalty Plans  100% bill accuracy guarantee.(Key driver)  Offer of the day.  World on finger tips Service Marketing Presentation 54
  47. 47.  Ensuring Feed Back from all in Airtel World.  Ensuring Feedback on all calls from 121.  Feedback survey done every week.  Feedback from vendors. Service Marketing Presentation 55
  48. 48.  Word of mouth Service Marketing Presentation 56
  49. 49. Lets talk global
  50. 50. “With such a narrow window, we have to make sure we score every time. We use CRM analytics to generate accurate leads from a customer database. We’re going to try and capitalize on information.” — Anurag Parashar, Head, Customer Service Delivery, Bharti Televentures
  51. 51.  The results so far have been promising  Airtel has been presently riding on the telecom boom.  CRM’s effectiveness would be put to test during slump.  Airtel chose the right implementation partners  This model would be implemented across all group companies.
  52. 52.  The call centre should be more equipped to divulge more information.  Increase in advertisement to compete against Vodafone. Service Marketing Presentation 62
  53. 53. Please dial 121 for answers