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oops, How's That Again..

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This will help u guys to understand the chapter "oops, How's that again" more than you had understood before. Enjoy

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oops, How's That Again..

  1. 1. OOPS, How’s That Again Done by: Group D1 Members: Arvin Suditi Rati Suraz Prabesh Shisir Aashish Sanraj Krishna
  2. 2. Mistakes are made by everyone. • Being a human being making mistakes are normal. • Everyone makes mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. • It’s like in our genes, make few mistakes in our life. • Mistakes are like part of our life.
  3. 3. Types of mistakes • Bloopers • Public blunders • Mistranslation • Spoonerism
  4. 4. Public Blunder (Foux Pas) • Mistakes made by public people(politician) In the text book there are given few examples and some of them are given below: a. Nancy regan “The beautiful white people”. b. Businessman Peter Balfour “Lady jane”. c. Raymond Barre “Bombing was targeted at jews not frenchmen”
  5. 5. Mistranslation • Errors while translating sentences or slogans. Few examples of mistranslation are given below: a. Slogan “Come alive with Pepsi” translated as “Come alive out of the grave with pepsi” b. Indian President was asked “Who are you” instead of “How are you”.
  6. 6. Bloopers • Mistakes made by stupidity or foolishness. Few examples are given below: a. President Herbert Hoover “Hoobert Heever” b. Jimmy carter “ Hubert Horatio Hornblower”
  7. 7. Spoonerism • Mistakes made while pronouncing words Few examples are given below: a. Archibald spooner one chided to his students saying “You have hissed all my mystery lectures. In fact, you have tasted the whole worm and must leave by the first town drain”.
  8. 8. Thank-you for your co-operation with us in our small presentation.