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Nitin Gursahani

  1. EVENT EVENT EVENT PRODUCER PRODUCER PRODUCER Business Entrepreneur & a Marketing specialist Business Entrepreneur & a Marketing specialist Business Entrepreneur & a Marketing specialist earned more than 14 years of experience, Efficiently earned more than 14 years of experience, Efficiently earned more than 14 years of experience, Efficiently able to develop a module that supports companies able to develop a module that supports companies able to develop a module that supports companies to connect together. to connect together. to connect together.
  2. Business Entrepreneur & a Marketing specialist earned more than 14 years of experience, Efficiently able to develop a module that supports companies to connect together. With the passion I Created a complete & powerful networking platform consequently and also keep representing Famous Indian A-list celebrities in various events and Businesses. I am an ardent promoter who is deeply invested to set long term connections with the Australian Government & prestigious Business Entrepreneurs. About Nitin Gursahani
  3. These Wonderful Stats explains all about me EVENTS MANAGED/ HOSTED OUR SPONSORS CELEBRITY TIE-UPS COUNTRIES 36+ 30+ 50+ 2+
  4. My Knots With Celebrities Empowering things to grow when you integrate with enthusiastic personalities. Mention of the connections of some sort is with celebrities and business leaders. Social connections regard integrating multiple affections and admiration. My longtime friendships are bonded by the affinities of the trusteeship and their firm belief in just advancing the worth of developments. Over time, I felt a close connection with them. Such interactions had increased trust. Powerfully benefiting & coherent with the worldwide influencers to extract the best from the rest standards.
  5. Suniel Shetty Bollywood icon "Suniel Shetty" has a close connection with me. As he was the first ever Bollywood superstar to unveil the ICC world cup trophies at "Melbourne Cricket Ground"(MCG). From representing to facilitating I stayed accompanied him on every promotion, conference, and company visit in Australia. He is a super inspirational and Enthusiastic personality. Forever be a privilege to earn a supporting arm from him, which comprises representing him in various corporations events in Australia, and also our created bonds of friendship will forever stay stronger.
  6. Lakshaya Raj Singh Mewar Our brotherhood goes all the way back to early from my college days. We both had initiated their sensational career together but the two always stayed grounded in the root of their friendship. We have a strong fondness and adoration for each other. Representing him on his first official visit to Australia, to the Victoria Parliament in Melbourne, in order to discuss mutual initiatives. We both completed our degrees in Hotel Management from the prestigious Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School and presently we have an immensely valuable friendship and it's absolutely precious.
  7. Dr. Jai Madaan With Dr. Jai Madaan (The lady of Fortune) I have a firm connection as I have come a long way with her since 2018. We are always together on every event work in Australia, and it's incredible to see her still being supportive of us. I accompanied her on several super successful events and company visits. She has a wonderful aura that is lubricating the essence of enlightenment which delivered the surges of wisdom and fundamentalism.
  8. Gagan Kokri My friendship with Gagan Kokri is as legendary as his versatile voice and magnificent career (Punjabi Singer and Businessman). I hope our bond continues firm friendship over the years. Elated that both of us are signified and keep up the honor of our Heritage to inspire globally.
  9. Sanjay Dalmia Sanjay Dalmia has constantly shared an amazing bond like a family with us. It's been blessed to stay connected with him as pitching for parallel inspiring Indian businesses to promote globally. Our bonds are closely aligned with family relations and cooperation. His intellectual approaches are admired all over the globe and endorsed to upgrade and guide the formulation of market needs.
  10. DJ Rink We have a really good friendship in the sense that we have diverse career pathways, Our bond all began in the year 2011 for our first trip to Australia. After that, she became more like a family to us. She had attended all are family weddings which reflects her generosity and humbleness. Time has flown by since we first met and yet this meeting continues.
  11. TM Dilshan Friendly ties bind us together. The creator of DILSCOOP and the First ever cricketer to score centuries in all formats as a captain. Feeling proud to share a friendly bond with a Srilankan cricketer T.M. Dilshan, He is a very down-to-earth personality. I am happy to work with a man who inspires leadership and dedication in his followers.
  12. Govinda We have had a burgeoning bond since when I hosted an event "Bollywood vibration 2014", in Melbourne. Gladdened to share our relations are bustling stronger and better with Govinda, Even though he chose me to take care of all his Melbourne affairs. Am enjoying his company and hoping to strengthen our bond with a long way to go.
  13. Nitin Gursahani has been a phenomenal business intellectual whose passion is to build a network of entrepreneurs' personalities supporting each other. And it is their nature to make their partner a truly loyal friend. On the journey to destiny, you meet so many people, some walk with you, and some just leave, so here are some constant people working with Nitin Gursahani. We are partnered with the Aussizz Group since 2015, It is a group of registered migration agents, who does educational and entertainment migrations and recently I have done more than fifty visas only in 2022. Our next affiliate partner is Cricket victoria and Manhari Metals: The king of recycling metals, which partnered with NG in 2020. Nitin Gursahani sponsored them into boxing test matches, BBL(Big Bash League) cricket, and (WBBL) the Women Big Bash League in 2022, and recently with the victorian women's cricket team. Nitin Gursahani maintains his business relations more like friends with Dj Rink the Indian disc jockey, and Dr. Jai Madaan the Lady of fortune, astrologer & Vastu shastra (the science of architecture) expert. Nitin Gursahani made Dr. Jai Madaan a brand ambassador of Nanche Homes, the group of experts to build and design your home in Australia. Gursahani's journey of strong beliefs and hard work is remarkable and continuing today, and this journey will remain continuous... My Affiliated Partners
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  16. In Melbourne, two young Indian entrepreneurs have developed a unique profession that is regarded as one of the most prominent inspirations in the country. Since 2020, Sponsoring the king of recycling, Mahari metals. At this time, their corporations utilize the route to enhance their specialized capabilities, enhance the value ecosystem, and boost operating capabilities in order to enhance the efficiency of the multi-sector in India and Australia and expand its global operations. These partners belong to the same community culture Nitin Gursahani (Director of Kiren Australia Pty Ltd) and Maddy Gupta (CEO and Founder of Manhari Metals) both had commenced their similar pitch for ambitions respectively, with a rapidly expanding business worldwide. Manhari Metals, the pioneer in promotion, has been associated with the BBL (Big Bash League) from the very beginning. The Special Ties With Manhari
  17. In 2021, an opportunity was received by Nitin Gursahani to advertise the Brand Manhari Metals Horsham on the Stage Of The Big Bash League. Especially at the end of 2021, Where Manhari Metals had on Boxing Day Test. Mr. Nitin has constantly been introduced and proven as the quick promotion arm for the community to come forward with the Manhari metal. Starting from the season of BBL(Big Bash League) cricket in victoria hosted an event of past players to (WBBL) the Women Big Bash League of 2022 giving a huge chance to association presented by Manhari Metals. In November 2022, Manhari metals extended its Partnership With the Victorian Cricket Team Women. This relationship integrates to convey their commitments to the magnification of business in Australia & continues to expand as an inspiration for millions of young entrepreneurs. The Special Ties With Manhari
  18. Nitin Gursahani has been associated with Nanche Group for more than three years. He has a firm relation with Sachin Nanche (Director of Nanche Group). Nanche Group is one of the biggest real estate companies in Melbourne (Australia). A home is a keystone of wealth for both financial affluence and emotional security. Every person at one stage in their life dreams to build their own house. For good fortune and a prosperous future, everyone likes to have a home with Vastu compliant design. Dr. Jai Madaan - Brand Ambassador of Nanche Group
  19. In the present times, Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui) is popular across the world. The reason behind this is the universal need for peace and harmony, which the application of Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui) in home construction and design is supposed to bring along with promises of good health, wealth, and happiness in life. Nitin Gursahani's visionary mind caught this idea and the needs of the people. Hence he played a vital role in onboarding Dr. Jai Madaan - as the Brand Ambassador of Nanche Group. Dr. Jai Madaan needs no introduction. She is a globally renowned lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, astrologer & Vaastu expert. Nitin Gursahani and Dr. Jai Madaan have firm relations. They have come a long way since 2018. They both accompanied on several super successful events and company visits. Nitin proposed the idea of collaboration between Dr. Madaan and Nanche Group. Dr. Madaan as a brand ambassador will help Nanche Group to convey its message to the people. This collaboration will surely help to expand the reach and business worldwide Dr. Jai Madaan - Brand Ambassador of Nanche Group
  20. In today's world, it is becoming more and more difficult to know who to trust when you need a service. Having been recognized on Facebook & Instagram, Now you can just blindly trust us, for any sort of service no matter if it's for hosting and managing events or selling wholesale liquor. It is a moment when we can look back and remember what we have accomplished through hard work. Kiren is a company that was established in 2010. They provide event management, liquor wholesalers, logistics, and hosting for events, and most importantly they provide brand recognition. Verified On Facebook & Instagram
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