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How to prepare for a job interview

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After you managed to get through your resume check, you successfully passed all of the aptitude tests (if any), you got an invitation for an interview. Congrats!

If you managed to get that far, you are halfway there. Now, it is important to make sure you are making the right first impression.

How to do this? Here's how.

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How to prepare for a job interview

  1. 1. Arthur Gopak CEO & Editor-in-ChiefBusiness Portal for Millennials How to prepare for a job interview
  2. 2. Who are you again, Arthur? Here’s a short story
  3. 3. Worked abroad I was hired, and I have been hiring people throughout my career
  4. 4. Business Portal for Millennials
  5. 5. You Your job Experienced you
  6. 6. Job interview. But why?
  7. 7. Employer’s side How your dream company is looking at the interview process
  8. 8. Make the judgement about the candidate Can you get the job done?
  9. 9. Understand the commitment See if you are going to stay and grow together for the next 3-5 years
  10. 10. See if you are coachable Important: if you cannot stand being given direct requests, you are going to have a bad time
  11. 11. See if you match the environment Most companies avoid outliers even if they seem to be a good fit
  12. 12. Your side This is what you should do get out of the interview
  13. 13. Sell yourself It works perfectly in a combination with some prior preparation
  14. 14. Learn the company culture
  15. 15. Evaluate the match Company culture The position You Make sure that your profile is aligned with the company culture and the job position Your dream job
  16. 16. Talk about your career goals Say how you see your future as a professional
  17. 17. Your future self will thank you It works perfectly in combination with some prior preparation
  18. 18. How to prepare for a job interview A proven list by Princeton University that I used for my applications. It just works.
  19. 19. 1. Research the organization Check their latest news, learn about the industry trends the company operates in, check the customer and former employees reviews
  20. 20. 2. Compare your skills and qualifications to the job description Identify the overlapping points that are more pronounced
  21. 21. 3. Prepare your responses Think through the potential questions in advance
  22. 22. 4. Plan what to wear Dress to impress; go either neutral or formal, but display class
  23. 23. 5. Plan what to bring Bring a copy of your resume; a notepad and pen; a list of references; a portfolio and list of your participants
  24. 24. 6. Pay attention to non-verbal communication Posture, gestures, voice tone, eye contact, just to name a few
  25. 25. 7. Follow up Many interviews end with “Do you have any questions?” This is your time to shine.
  26. 26. Compiled by the Forbes magazine
  27. 27. My resume template and slides: http://agtm.eu/rsm_icf
  28. 28. Loved the tips? Subscribe! Arthur Gopak CEO & Editor-in-Chief AlphaGamma www.alphagamma.eu @GPacHQ /arthur.gpac /agopak