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Boss plastic industory

the detail description of boss industry products and also calculate the swot analysis of this industry for the help of people.... to make easy for work in assignment and make report on BOSS plastic industry

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Boss plastic industory

  1. 1. Boss Moulded Furniture PAKSON INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Project Report Furniture to live with… UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB (Gujranwala Campus) Presented to: Prof. M. Yousaf Bajwa Submitted by: Mian Faisal Iqbal BC-11004 M. Naveed BC-11010 Kafeel Ahmad BC-11011 M. Awais Khan BC-11039 Arfan M. Afzal BC-11043 Aitizaz Cheema BC-11044
  2. 2. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 1 Acknowledgement We are extremely thankful to almighty ALLAHwho gave us the power, courage and spirit to complete this project. All the credit goes to our parents it is only due to their prayers and good wishes that led to the completion of project, We are also thankful to my teachers they supported us throughout the course it would not be possible without their sincere guidance, We are also thankful to the whole team of “BOSS” Pakson international plastic industry) and Koh-I -Noor High-Tech (PVT) Ltd. Gujranwala for their great support during our Project.
  3. 3. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 2 List of contents Chairman Message--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03 Our 5 Principle-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04 What we are? (History) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05 Furniture Profile company------------------------------------------------------------------------ 07 Contact us ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 08 Management Hierarchy---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09 Product Range--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Competitions------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Problems and Suggestions------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Koh-I-Noor Hi-Tech (PVT) LTD-------------------------------------------------------- 16 Our Vision & Mission-------------------------------------------------------- -- 17 Transfer Technology& Joint Ventures----------------------------------------- 18 BOSS Home Appliances Company Profile--------------------------------------------------- 19 Certification---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Products Related Home Appliances------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Kitchens Appliances----------------------------------------------------------------- 23 Other Appliances---------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 Service & Supports------------------------------------------------------------------- 27 SWOT BOSS company analysis---------------------------------------------------------------- 28 Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30
  4. 4. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 3 Dearclients and customers, Hereby I am so proud to introduce PAKSON international plastic and Koh-I-Noor Hi-Tech (PVT) LTD as a leading manufacturer of Boss Plastic Chairs, Washing Machines and Boss Home Appliances in this region. Due to the extensive knowledge and experience of its management, we always have a positive feedback from our customers and clients. We habitually use supreme quality materials while manufacturing our products, according to our customer’s requirements. The company’s business policy has been based on establishing and maintaining long lasting favorable relations with the customers. PAKSON plastic international and Koh-I- Noor Hi-Tech (PVT) LTD have been well known nationwide for their reliability, credibility, top of the line products availability through their largest Show Rooms in their regions, lowest possible prices, and excellent services warranty. Such unparalleled advantages over our competitors gave our company a leading position in this business industry. Thanks for our customers and distributors alike and we are really grateful for their contribution in our growth. Muhammad Arif Mughal Director Marketing
  5. 5. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 4 Our 5 Principles 1. Develop products that fill the needs of customers. 2. Deliver products of unfailing consistency and high standards. 3. Reach material to customer however distant they may be. 4. Get close to customers and consumers. 5. Give customers and consumers the best value for their money. . Furnituretolive with… An Economical and Durable Furnishing Solution
  6. 6. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 5 All Product's Designs are Registered& Patented Products Specifications shown are subjected to change What we are? Pakson International Plastic Industry was founded in 1991, and has been working to produce high quality Moulded Furniture, Plastic Chairs (public chairs, garden furniture) Revolving Chairs (computer revolving chairs, executive chairs, office furniture) Steel Plastic (steel plastic furniture, steel plastic chairs & tables) Public Sofa (waiting room furniture) Snack Tables (plastic tables, folding tables, computer tables) School Furniture (study chairs, study desks, study furniture) Baby furniture (kid furniture, children furniture) Household (plastic tubs, plastic stools, flower pots, house hold plastic furniture) etc. with the brand name “BOSS” in Pakistan. With these years of experience, “BOSS” has earned good business reputation. “BOSS” always insists on principles of honesty and clear cut target as the ultimate goal & has the best merchandise, distribution system to all the countries in the world. Let the wide selection of our products & our professional services bring you a lot of pleasure in working with us Pakson Int Plastic Ind.s (BOSS) services, policies of competitive prices, strict quality control and regular delivery is the cause of its success. Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., (BOSS) did it, thanks to the brand name (BOSS) which consistently kept capturing our nerves for designing and producing only the best. Credit goes to its valued customers who appreciated BOSS products and opted to buy value for their money. Dedication to our initial commitment of giving complete Moulded furniture, plastic steel furniture, households &Moulded flower pots, added which the overwhelming reception of the quality in the market has today brought to the level of presenting a comprehensive range of Moulded furniture. While spending our wings the only factor which has been kept a constant concern and consideration is the name (BOSS). We had to do everything living up to the name.
  7. 7. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 6 The way of attempt and creation with firm and steady management made (BOSS) is famous all over the country as well as other countries of the world. From the choice of raw materials 100% Pure Furniture Grade Resin production system to a rigorous quality control procedure and in accord to international standard, so that (BOSS) products has achieved the quality that fulfill the high stated standards. Consequently, BOSS has become the largest Moulded furniture manufacturing company in its class at a production on 15 plants and rate of production 3.6 million units per year. BOSS is listed as the leading Moulded furniture manufacturer in her class. BOSS products are regarded as being of the highest quality. Moulded furniture manufactured by Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., dominated Pakistani domestic market.Since 1998, Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., (BOSS) has been exporting internationally and is continuing to export high quality products. Presently Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., (BOSS) has its technical production and marketing networks all overthecountry. One of many details that Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., (BOSS) pays attention to be uniformity in production this helps us to maintaining a consistency in all its products. We are using the highest quality 100% Pure Furniture Grade Resinwhich is internationally recommended for only quality Moulded furniture. The choice of materials is adjusted for various types of environments to allow Pakson Intl Plastic Ind., (BOSS) products to be adopted for various uses garden environments, conferences, seminars, health clubs, restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, swimming pools and marriage halls for wedding receptions etc.
  8. 8. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 7 Boss Furniture Company Profile Nature of the organization Boss is privately owned company and based on partnership of two brothers Mr.Azam and Mr. Asif and know a day’s their children are working with them and all of them have their own shares in the business and their business consist on two companies Koh-i-nor and boss plastics. The Koh-i-nor industries deals with home appliances and boss plastics deal with the plastic furniture. Company Name: Pakson International Plastic Industries Private Limited. Country/Territory: Pakistan Business Type: Manufacturer RegistrationDate: 2002/11/17 Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller Keyword Boss, Furniture, Chair, School Furniture, Tables, Flower Pots, Molded Chair, Molded Furniture, House Holds, public Sofa etc. Year established 1991 Employees total 501 – 1000 Annual revenue US $ 2,000,001 - 5,000,000 www.bossplas.com
  9. 9. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 8 Contact us Boss Plastic Furniture 49-A, S.I.E # 1, Gujranwala, Pakistan, Gujranwala 52250, Punjab, Pakistan Phone: +92-55-3842891-7 Fax: +92-55-3250167 Email:sales@bossplas.com URL:http://www.bossplas.com Contact Person ZainulAbideen Phone: +92-55-3842891-7 Cell: 0321-7420115 Email:sales@bossplas.com
  10. 10. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 9 BOSS Furniture Management Hierarchy
  11. 11. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 10 Products Range 1. Boss Puro: This brand is for elite class and consist of pure plastic and no chock involve in it and due to its cost nobody prepare in the Pakistan except boss that why they have no competitors in local market in that class and most of this brand is exported in different international markets like Afghanistan ,Sibilance etc. Only international competitors are present due to high level of cost on the material for producing the plastic furniture and less market demand than other type of material they produce domestic competition is absent because the machinery they are using is very high cost and no one wanton bear that much high fixed cost in the domestic market. 2. Boss: This is the second class brand and this brand is to reach middle class of Pakistan and to compete in the local market this brand is not pure in have chock involvement but not in extreme level only to reach to compete in local market High level of domestic and international competition. 3. VIP: This brand is for low class people in the market in the cheapest brand of the boss and almost 25% chock is involved in this class and only for domestic low level competition and they are running it quite well Due to three levels of brands they have three levels of competitors.
  12. 12. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 11 LUXURYSET The artofElegance PLASTIC CHAIRS Range for selection. Our Innovative Designs are elegant, durable & Luxurious Our Mission TheartofComfort REVOLVING CHAIRS We are confident of achieving Market leadership through progressive Initiatives directed towards our customers, Consumers and suppliers. Our Customers VALUE Initiatives Steel Plastic The art of Durability
  13. 13. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 12 Work as business associate with integrity and ethical practices. Work aggressively in new designs, products and capacity. Respond with sensitivity to their changing requirements. Tie their growth into the financial growth of the company Our Customers VALUE Initiatives Public Sofa TheartofElegance Closely understand their changing preferences. Directing solutions and conveniences towards the changing preferences. Increasing the value delivered to consumers. Manufacturing products of high quality which emerge as the industry benchmark. Improving lifestyles and enhancing the standard of living. Our Society VALUE Initiatives Snack Tables TheartofServing To contribute to the society through direct support and indirectly through safe environmental practices in tandem with our business growth. "Customers" refers to dealers and distributor. "Consumers" refers to those who eventually buy our products. These VALUE factors are critical to our success
  14. 14. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 13 School Furniture The art of Revolution  Customer and consumer focus  Quality assurance  Cost control  Capacity addition  Market Penetration  Quick Decision making and implementation  Hands-on management approach Baby Furniture TheartofCare BOSS Plastic Pvt Limited. Is one of the fastest growing companies in the Moulded plastic industry in Pakistan? The company enjoys a national leadership position in its product line that is Moulded furniture, as demand for these has exploded over the last few years. BOSS has successfully leveraged the opportunity by growing its capacity faster than the industry average. This has been combined with a track record for quality products and the launch of innovative designs at quick intervals to suit customer preference. The result: BOSS has stood out from the competitive clutter of the market place. Quality Policy
  15. 15. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 14 House Hold The art of Economy Boss Quality Policy is committed to total Consumer Satisfaction by establishing, implementing and maintaining quality systems of conforming to international standards. The company's quality policy strives for a continuous improvement in systems, processes, products and service by training the people and ensuring team work. The successful implementation of this policy has already resulted in BOSS achieving the ISO 9002. Competitors There are the following Major competitors of this Company.
  16. 16. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 15 Problems During the preparation of this project examined the following Problems in the company and make their solutions.  No proper information system.  Low wages rate.  No formal planning.  Problems of Electricity and Gassupply.  Lake of Management Skills.
  17. 17. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 16  TechnologicalProblems.  HighTaxes rates.  High cost of Raw material Purchase.  Transportation charges.  Lake of technological information. Suggestions  Establishment of Proper information system.  Wages rate should be increased according to Govt. Ordinance.  Formal plan should be well established.  Electricity and Gas supply should be improved.  Workshop/ Seminars should be held to encourage Management Skills.  Technological Problems should be solved in a proper way.  Taxes rate should be managed.  Take the raw material from the place where transportation, freight,raw material and commission charges are Minimum but Quality should be of higher performance. KOH-I-NOOR HI-TECH (Pvt) Ltd “BOSS” is also a leading manufacturer of washing and dryer machine in the region and dominating the local market due to its high precision products and now capturing international market especially USA, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia due to its innovative designs and quality. “BOSS” has 18 Years’ experience in the manufacturing field of electric motors and spin dryer machines. The company is having a highly qualified, skilled, research and development team. A highly motivated and technically sound management, production staff,
  18. 18. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 17 efficient workers followed by a technical and efficient team providing after sale service throughout the Pakistan and in foreign countries as well. We have countrywide network of 300 dealers. Koh-I-Noor Engineering Works has a separate quality control unit, a well equipped with latest technology/machinery. The company is also maintaining the international export quality standard, like ISO 9001. That’s why the company has also won an international “American Award of Quality”, and the "Export Trophy Award 2006" from FPCCI on account of best exporter for the year 2006 in manufacturing filed of washing machines. The company maintains its specialty in the manufacturing field of spin dryer machine with 1400 rpm and tumble dryer with 2800 rpm to 3500 rpm. Also specialist in the manufacturing of single tub full plastic body washing machine (manual control & the semi- automatic) with the capacity range from 2 kg to 14 kg small to large. The company desires to work as a team and co-operate with importers & exporters and ready to get/transfer the technology all-together as a team and joint venture workshops throughout the Pakistan and in foreign countries as well. The company also offers dealership of our products and furthermore, is ready to accept dealership from any organization.
  19. 19. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 18 “We provide our customers with value added Electronics goods; we present excellent customer services and are enhancing people’s lives.” Our Mission  To provide quality products & services to the complete satisfaction of our customers and maximize results for all stakeholder through optimal use of resources.  To focus on personal development of our Human Resources to meet future challenges.  To promote good governance, corporate values and social responsibility. TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY We are ready to transfer and get technology with our valuable team and will plan.
  20. 20. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 19 Joint workshop in Pakistan as well as internationally. JOINT VENTURES We want to work as a team with importers & exporters and ready for all kinds of cooperation with our clients. BOSS Home Appliances CompanyProfile Basic Information Company Name: KOH-I-NOORHI-TECH (Pvt) Ltd. Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company Washing Machine, Kitchen Appliances
  21. 21. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 20 Product/Service (We Sell): Tumble Dryer, and Home Appliances, GAS- Appliances Product/Service (We Buy): Distributors, Whole Sellers Brands: Boss Number of Employees: 101 - 200 People Ownership & Capital Year Established: 1991 Ownership Type: Corporation/Limited Liability Company Legal Representative/Business Owner: Mr. Muhammad Arif Mughal (Managing Director), Mr. Muhammad Tariq Mughal (CEO) Trade & Market Main Markets: North America South America Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Africa Oceania Mid East Eastern Asia Western Europe Total Annual Sales Volume: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million Export Percentage: 61% - 70% www.bosshome.com
  22. 22. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 21 Certification “Boss International” is maintaining a world standard, and gained Certification from ISO 9001, Moody International OHSAS 18001 and from CE Germany‘” Products Related Home Appliances We are one of the leading Home Appliances Manufacturer & Exporter companies of Pakistan (ISO 9001 and CE certified). We manufacture our products by the brand name of "BOSS". We are specialized in manufacturing of Single Tub Washing Machines, Twin Tub Washing Machines, Tumble Spin Dryers & Spin Dryers, and GAS Water Heater. ELECTRIC Water Heater & Instant Water Heaters and FLOUR KNEADING / Pizza Base Processing Machine.
  23. 23. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 22 Washing Machine Dryer Machine GAS Water Heater Juicer Machine Automatic Washing Product Details: Brand Name Boss Model Number KE-AWT-6200 Power Source Electric
  24. 24. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 23 Automatic Type Automatic Loading Type Top Loading BOSS SPIN DRYER KE 400 & KE 400 + Product Details: Power Source Electric Dryer Type Spin Dryer Certification CE Place of Origin Pakistan Certification ISO 9001, CE Model Number KE400+ Brand Name Boss Kitchen Appliances Boss is a reputation for timeless, stylish kitchen appliances. From kettles and toasters, to coffee maker, cooking & baking and food preparation products, each product has been designed with the consumer in mind and offers the ultimate in performance. One in every
  25. 25. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 24 three households own a Boss product in the Pakistan* and Boss today is now a leading Home Appliances brand. Today, we put the consumer at the heart of everything Boss stands for as a leading kitchen brand; our products are designed and developed with today’s busy lifestyles in mind, making life in the kitchen and home easier, simpler and more enjoyable. We recognize that the kitchen is at the heart of every home up and down the country. “BOSS” has 16 Years experience in the field of electric motor and spin dryer machine manufacturing. We have a highly skilled and qualified research and development team. A highly motivated and technically sound middle management and production staff & a very efficient after sale service throughout Pakistan as well as in foreign countries. We have countrywide network of 300 dealers ELECTRIC SANDWICH MAKER Products Details: Brand Name: BOSS Model Number: K.E-SM-668 Electric Toaster
  26. 26. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 25 Product Details: Brand Name: BOSS Model Number: K.E-ST-888 Microwave Oven Product Details: Model Number K.E-MWO-23-TG Brand Name BOSS Flour Kneading Machine Product Detail: Place of Origin Pakistan Brand Name Boss Model Number 2.2 and 2.5 Type Grain Processing Equipment Certification CE Processing Mixer Processing Types Flour processing machine Packaging Details: Export Quality Carton Other Appliances
  27. 27. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 26
  28. 28. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 27 SERVICE & SUPPORTS  We delivered services in all major cities of Pakistan through our branches and authorized services centers. All our services centers and spare parts warehouse are connected with modern WAN (wide area network) technology, which enable us to quick and best services our customers.  We reach our customer within 48 hours.  Qualified, technical staff, trained with modern technology and as per manufacturing company requirements. Spare parts available in our warehouse.  We have customer relationship section, welcoming your suggestion and listens your complaints.
  29. 29. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 28 SWOT analysis of BOSS Company STRENGTH WEAKNESS • Weak corporate culture (lack of communication among the departments). • Employees are under stress by the management. • Non participative management. • Lack of fully functional and authorized HR department.
  30. 30. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 29 OPPORTUNITY • Large foreign markets can be capture • Large domestic markets (lack of customers on Chinese products). • Company has good market image so they can add new product to Home Appliances list. • If audit is conducted then risk of loss and fraud can be minimized. • Services of expert analyst can be hired. • Company has good market image so they can add new product lines THREATS • Large foreign markets can be capture • Large domestic markets (lack of customers on Chinese products). • Company has good market image so they can add new product to Home Appliances list. • If audit is conducted then risk of loss and fraud can be minimized. • Services of expert analyst can be hired. • Company has good market image so they can add new product lines
  31. 31. Boss Moulded Furniture University of the Punjab (Gujranwala Campus) 30 Conclusion BOSS a well known industry for manufacturing of plastic furniture and other home appliances. BOSS has strong organizational culture. Management of BOSS has framed many rules and regulations for proper operation of different departments and utilizing its human resource effectively but lack of formal planning is the major problems faced by BOSS hence there is a need to synchronize different departmental activities by developing efficient informational system and following the recommendations aforementioned.